1964 Hillman Super Minx - Convertible

" Lightweight summer suits, silk ties and Panama hats should be de rigueur in this colonial-style boulevardier, which oozes luxury"


The Hillman Super Minx convertible was an unusual car when new and a very rare one now - a perfect arrival for a wedding day that whispers great charm and sophistication.


The Rootes built 1964 Hillman Super Minx Convertible is the epitome of summertime holiday touring.  Offering comfort and oozing style, this particular example has been in the family for almost 30 years and captures the Rootes desire of the time to draw from American style but with British restraint.
The seats are wonderfully comfortable and the car is easy to get in and out of (roof up or down) with the front seat folding out of the way with no fiddly catch.  If you want plenty of air then the windows roll right down leaving an uninterrupted view of you in the car.  If the wind is more of an issue (a complicated hairstyle perhaps?!) then the side windows can be left up for added protection whilst retaining the open-top motoring feel.  The body is a beautiful fiesta blue with a darker blue hood and is set off wonderfully with white wall tyres.

Rootes always paid great attention to their interiors and this car is far from an exception with the interior details being provided by one of the best coachbuilders of the time - Thrupp & Maberly.  The engine is a reliable and relaxed 1600cc that powers through a sophisticated gearbox giving a wonderfully pleasant drive.