• Title: Богат, беден
  • Author: Irwin Shaw Иванка Томова
  • ISBN: 9789546550071
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
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    • UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Богат, беден - by Irwin Shaw Иванка Томова
      313 Irwin Shaw Иванка Томова
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    About "Irwin Shaw Иванка Томова"

    1. Irwin Shaw Иванка Томова

      Shaw was born Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff in the South Bronx, New York City, to Russian Jewish immigrants Shaw was a prolific American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and short story author whose written works have sold than 14 million copies He is best known for his novels, The Young Lions 1948 and Rich Man Poor Man 1970 His parents were Rose and Will His younger brother, David Shaw died 2007 , became a noted Hollywood producer Shortly after Irwin s birth, the Shamforoffs moved to Brooklyn Irwin changed his surname upon entering college He spent most of his youth in Brooklyn, where he graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1934 Shaw began screenwriting in 1935 at the age of 21, and scripted for several radio shows, including Dick Tracy, The Gumps and Studio One Shaw s first play, Bury the Dead 1936 was an expressionist drama about a group of soldiers killed in a battle who refuse to be buried During the 1940s, Shaw wrote for a number of films, including Talk of the Town a comedy about civil liberties , The Commandos Strike at Dawn based on a C.S Forester story about commandos in occupied Norway and Easy Living about a football player unable to enter the game due to a medical condition Shaw married Marian Edwards They had one son, Adam Shaw, born in 1950, himself a writer of magazine articles and non fiction.Shaw enlisted in the U.S Army and was a warrant officer during World War II.He served with an Army documentary film unit The Young Lions, Shaw s first novel, was published in 1949 Based on his experiences in Europe during the war, the novel was very successful and was adapted into a 1958 film Shaw s second novel, The Troubled Air, chronicling the rise of McCarthyism, was published in 1951 He was among those who signed a petition asking the U.S Supreme Court to review the John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo convictions for contempt of Congress, resulting from hearings by the House Committee on Un American Activities Falsely accused of being a communist by the Red Channels publication, Shaw was placed on the Hollywood blacklist by the movie studio bosses In 1951 he left the United States and went to Europe, where he lived for 25 years, mostly in Paris and Switzerland He later claimed that the blacklist only glancingly bruised his career During the 1950s he wrote several screenplays, including Desire Under the Elms based on Eugene O Neill s play and Fire Down Below about a tramp boat in the Caribbean.While living in Europe, Shaw wrote bestselling books, notably Lucy Crown 1956 , Two Weeks in Another Town 1960 , Rich Man, Poor Man 1970 for which he would later write a less successful sequel entitled Beggarman, Thief and Evening in Byzantium made into a 1978 TV movie Rich Man, Poor Man was adapted into a highly successful ABC television miniseries in 1976.His novel Top of the Hill, about the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid in 1980, was made into a TV movie, starring Wayne Rogers, Adrienne Barbeau, and Sonny Bono.His last two novels were Bread Upon the Waters 1981 and Acceptable Losses 1982.Shaw died in Davos, Switzerland on May 16, 1984, aged 71, after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

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    1. At the time that I read this, way back in high school days, I m sure I would ve given it the full five stars I hadn t thought much about it since Then, a few weeks ago, as I was reminiscing about it with my culturally astute wife, her comment was something like, Oh yea, wasn t that a night time soap Thinking back, I suppose it was They made a mini series out of it that featured a young Nick Nolte as the black sheep brother the edgier one, quick with his fists I recall getting caught up in the ep [...]

    2. This is the fourth, and best, book I ve read by Irwin Shaw, and having completed it, I feel that it will be a good idea for me to read everything else he ever wrote There are many ideas and themes related throughout the course of its 600 or so pages that made me stop and think before continuing reading, and that made me think later on in the day, or the next day.The story follows two brothers and a sister, all very different, and how their lives affect each other throughout the course of a quart [...]

    3. If only all books were this good.The story of three siblings who started life in a dysfunctional family, each with their own personality, striving for a better life.The eldest, Gretchen, who accepted help from a wealthy man and willingly paid his price, ends up becoming an independent woman but only after many years have passed.Rudolph, the golden child not just to his mother but also to other people as he climbs the ladder of success with hardwork and honesty which can t save him from great dis [...]

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    6. Like so many Americans in the 70s, I fell into Shaw s grasp after seeing the mini series version of Rich Man, Poor Man As I understand it, this was the first mini series It was soon followed by Roots, Winds of War, about a dozen Sidney Sheldon stories, and .After seeing the mini series I read the book and found fell in love with it This is the story of two brothers, one is a good student, a natural leader, and destined for the good life The other is a trouble maker and a gifted fighter.Hyperbole [...]

    7. Here s another book that turned up on my newsfeed and I was reminded of how much I enjoyed this novel when I read it decades ago Even if the writing didn t blow me away, I couldn t help being swept up by the story and the characters It s just plain great storytelling.

    8. So sad I didn t read it when it was a huge success back in the 90 s because now, even when I really enjoyed, it seemed to me a little old fashioned It s catchy and you get involved in it, but the style and the story itself seems so 90 s The typical american story of success, with the dark side of poverty and failure, portrayed in the poor man This last one, Thomas, ended up being, in my opinion, the most wonderful character Not only because of his final sacrifice, but because he seemed to me a [...]

    9. I read the book in Russian, and span through its 500 pages in a couple of days it is such an easy, vivid read, and the characters really drew me in I kept on expecting drama, though, of conclusion I guess, the genius of the book is in the characters, who, with their strengths and weaknesses are just people They are not archetypes but simple people, traumatized by the childhood in different degrees and coping with it through their lives as they can and see possible I liked Rudy the best he real [...]

    10. This is another one I pulled off my dad s bookshelf when I was maybe 17 or 18 I remember there were some racey sex scenes At my ahem tender age I was than a little shocked either of my parents would have anything like that on their bookshelves, and surprised they didn t mind my reading it too Other than the sex, I remember very little about this book, except they made a TV mini series about it in which several important parts were left out like the sex seens and characters were combined and it [...]

    11. After being captivated by the mini series in the 1970 s, I bought the book a few years later Needless to say, I wasn t disappointed The book is the story about two brothers who took different paths in life A very good book Five Stars.

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    13. Rudolph and Thomas Jordache are raised in the same house, by the same parents, and yet they take very different life paths Rudolph is disciplined and a hard worker who is determined to get ahead in life by following the rules and paving his own way Thomas is the wild younger son who uses his fists to get aheador behind Their sister Gretchen is beautiful, but haunted in her own way.They are three characters who are very different, and yet they are family A family who doesn t even seem to love eac [...]

    14. In my edition, this is only the first volume of Poor Man, Rich Man It was interesting so far, but I am rather unsure about the novel and I will try not to judge it definitively My main challenge so far is to identify the main book message or premise I will wait for the second volume to tell for sure if the premise exists or not So far, it seems that the first volume may be considered a descriptive novel for Americas in the late 40s To conclude, in terms of novel s premise, I must rate it with a [...]

    15. The story is engrossingly written, as the narration is refracted through the thoughts of the main characters the Jordache family , though written in third person.The first figures of the rich and the poor men are Boylan and Axel Jordache which both influence the three children in their ways the first through his money and power, and the other through the impure, bad blood they share and the environment he was able to provide for them during their growing The second figures are the two brothers t [...]

    16. Irwin Shaw n oxudu um n iri h cmli s ri idi Dig r romanlar nda oldu u kimi burada da s radan insanlar n h yat ndan b hs edilir.Alman silli miqrant n 3 vlad olur, h r 3 tamamil f rqli xasiyy t , d nyaya, h yat yoluna malik V s r d onlar n traf nda c r yan edir Onlar n b y m si il , h yat yollar n n t sviri il 1945 70 ci ill r aras AB da la t svir edilir, sanki ke mi s yah t edib d yi n Amerikan hiss etm k olur M harib t la , q l b eyforiyas v ab havas , post m harib d vr , iqtisadi dir li , bizne [...]

    17. I read this one and its sequel back in high school back in the 80 s and I m surprised how much I remember from the book It was probably the raciest book I d read at the time, perhaps the shock that my mom had books like this taken from the family book shelf helped the rest of the novel stay fresh in my mindrhaps it was all Shaw s talent which preserved passages so well I really should re read it and see how it strikes me now I can t say objectively if it s me today giving it 5 stars from memory [...]

    18. WOW This book sat on my mom s book shelf for years and I always thought I should read it I am so glad I did It reminded me what real story telling is Shaw weaves the lives of so many people in an out of the lives of the three main characters and you simply cannot predict where you are going next He is truly a storyteller who takes you through history on the heels of the three Jordache children and teaches you about family and how children can eventually overcome the wounds of their childhood and [...]

    19. The book is true, hard and cruel It has no happy ending, but it s okay, because as hard to believe, human s life doesn t end happily American dream that came true, French dream that came true Poor are often unhappy and miserable, but wealth can t buy happiness as well Money change people, either in a good or a bad way How is it, to be a part of a difficult family Characters change during the book, and a reader changes with them It s true saga, worth of reading.

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