Mutant Message Down Under Offers a fictional account of the spiritual odyssey of an American woman in Australia Summoned by a remote tribe of nomadic Aboriginals to accompany them on a walkabout through the outback she learns

  • Title: Mutant Message Down Under
  • Author: Marlo Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781855384842
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Offers a fictional account of the spiritual odyssey of an American woman in Australia Summoned by a remote tribe of nomadic Aboriginals to accompany them on a walkabout through the outback, she learns how they live and thrive in natural harmony with the plants and animals that exist in the rugged geography of the desert region.

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    1. Marlo Morgan

      Marlo Morgan is a controversial American novelist best known for her book Mutant Message Down Under concerning Aboriginal Australians, a book which was originally promoted as nonfiction but has since been republished as fiction.

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    1. Here s the short version of my review do not read this book Do not under any circumstances buy this book If any of your friends suggest that they might want to read this book, use all your power to convince them not to.Now for the longer version.I ve had this book given to me three times Not handed to me with a suggestion that I might like to read it, but physically given to me as a gift The first two copies ended up donated in my periodic bookshelf organizing sprees The third time someone gave [...]

    2. I have read this book three times in my life The first time I had no expectations With the second and third this time reading I had the thought that the book would be stupid and hokey But oh man, I love it It totally makes me want to clean out my house and get rid of all my stuff so that I can just enjoy life and the moment The author gets semi kidnapped by some Australian Aborigines They go on walk about across the Outback I feel my skin getting pink and sunburny just thinking about it The peop [...]

    3. The story piqued my interest and the book came recommended from my sister What a disappointment First of all, Marlo Morgan s claims are way off kilter Secondly, her writing is as good as mine was in the third grade I do give her points for trying to convey peaceful, happy, self centering messages, but overall the book is a flop.After reading the book I researched Marlo Morgan and found out that she merely worked for four months in a pharmacy in Queensland, came back to the United States and star [...]

    4. This book is one of the most offensive pieces of tripe I have ever read Apart from being appallingly written, her white cultural superiority is difficult to ignore and her misappropriation and lies about the culture and heritage of Australian Indigenous people is horrifying Her romanticism of a proud culture is nauseating and if anything, only serves to perpetuate the orientalist myth of other.Ignore this book and any other books she may have written giving insight into Australian Indigenous way [...]

    5. Wow, after reading some of the reviews here, I ve figured out that this book you either love it or you hate it I personally loved it I had to read it for sociology class in 2002, and thought it was a great read I loved the message that it sends My professor told us the story of how the author claimed it was true, but later had to say it wasn t, so before I even read it I knew this book may or may not be a work of fiction I honestly think that, that is besides the point Fictional books can inspir [...]

    6. Hen z lise a mda okudu um bu kitaba bu kadar d k puan vermemin nedeni, zira bir d nemler son derece tutulan bir kitap oldu u i in a klama gere i duydum kitab n uydurma oldu u y n ndeki tart malar n mide buland r c olmas d r.Aborjin topluluklar bu kitapta anlat lanlar n uydurma oldu unu, kendi k lt rlerinin asl nda b yle olmad n iddia ederek kampanyalar d zenlemi lerdir.90 l y llar n ba nda Dumbartung Aborjin Toplulu u nun dikkatini ekince kitap, Aborjinlerin ve evre Adalar n topluluklar nca olu [...]

    7. I just got an unpleasant education After seeing reviews here stating this book is full of untruths and misrepresentations of the Aboriginal people, I cruised the web in search of information I discovered that this book is anything but a harmless fantasy story Though published as a novel, the wording of the author s note is designed to lead the reader to think the content of the book is representative of Aboriginals and their lives and culture The half truths and outright lies in this book have [...]

    8. Reading through the other reviews I feel a lot of people are seriously missing the point of the message in this book Whether it was made up or not The story she tells is a beautiful way of sharing an eternal truth that many generations before us understood and some cultures today still teach and practice I imagine that those who looked past the writing style, the fact that it was fictionalized, or whatever petty details might have bothered them about this book, can really open their hearts and s [...]

    9. I was uneasy about this book I ve spent a lot of time researching Australian Aboriginal cultures, and there were a lot of things described in this book that seemed fabricated It really reminded me of Kabul Beauty School The things that I learned from the book I was surprised about so I looked them up and found them to be inaccurate.The book has been rejected by the Australian Aborigines as an offensive and misleading book and Marlo Morgan has admitted that the story is fictional Yet, the book is [...]

    10. this might be the worst book ever written I know that it was somewhat controversial due to its content, but to be completely honest I couldn t even be bothered with the content I ve seen essays written by 5th graders with of a grasp on English grammar The poor writing quality was too much to get past so the content didn t even matter I hardly even put a book down before it s finished I made an exception for this one though yuck.

    11. This is a piece of complete bilge, a gross and grotesquely offensive attempt to misrepresent Australian Aboriginal culture To call it a load of bollocks would be excessively polite Please refer to dumbartung and follow the links, to find out what real Australian Aborigines think of this rubbish.

    12. Read for book club This may very well be the worst book I ve ever read It is ridiculous and made me angry on many levels UPDATE I just learned that the whole book is a LIE I knew it was fiction fake, but the author never had contact with Aborigines, made up the whole thing, and offended a ton of people Now I hate this even Even if you say, oh, it s fiction, listen to the message , well, who wants to absorb a message from a BIG FAT LIAR The author makes like a wannabe anthropologist, inventing a [...]

    13. The narrator of this book is a middle aged American woman who is kidnapped by a group of nomadic Aborigines and taken on a several months long walkabout through the Australian bush The resulting story is a narration of her experiences with skin exposure to the elements, eating bugs and worms and experiencing unexpected spiritual growth with a group of people who are the opposite of herself When it was first published, the book was presented as a non fictional memoir Except resulting criticism fr [...]

    14. For this review I will disregard the fact that the journey with the Aborigines described by Marlo Morgan has been questioned a lot and may not have happened at all Although, if you want to read this, which I strongly suggest you don t do, please take note of the controversy surrounding this book In fact, I might even have just given four stars and pointed that fact out to you, if the book had been good The trouble is, Mutant Message Down Under isn t good It is far, far from good One thing that r [...]

    15. another selection from my local book club we seem to be on a spiritual philosophical kick this year The reviews I saw were either scathing or glowing, so this should be interesting Update after reading it Maybe I just don t have what it takes to appreciate this type of book The author goes on a totally unplanned from her perspective walkabout with a band of Aborigines in Australia the Real People , who have chosen her to be a messenger to other mutants They have decided to let their own race die [...]

    16. This book changed my life When I read this book, I couldn t put it down I wanted to become an aboriginal person and learn how to live peacefully within the world It blew my mind to think of a world without disease This book opened up the possibility of what life could be, one where life did not constantly revolve around the next fear to conquer Relaxing into the flow of the universe, I learned that all is truly well.

    17. This book is awesome It s a non fiction about a woman who spends 3 months on a walkabout with Australian Aborigines It will change your whole perception of American culture.

    18. Marlo Morgan is certainly not a spectacular writer, but there is great wisdom in her message She highlights the many flaws in our ways of life our attachments to stuff, competition with each other, insecurity, excess, greed, waste, mental enslavement, abuse of Earth s resources, lack of true spirituality, and so much These are all things worth thinking about and improving as we attempt to awaken from the illusions However, I m not sure how to feel about the book s delivery What the book tells u [...]

    19. A friend recommended this book to me She said, Oh, you re into this kind of transcendental, living in the woods, sitting around a campfire, eating with your fingers kind of mumbo jumbo I think you might like it She was right If you are one of those who believe indigenous, hunter gatherer peoples have a certain innate wisdom that our culture dismisses or doesn t value or has forgotten, then you might like it as well Cited as a complete work of fiction, Mutant Message Down Under follows the advent [...]

    20. i wish i could give zero stars, but i think i have to give 1 star to pull down the average rating of this book assessment of the book on it s own it will make you think about the impact of materialism on modern life and hapiness if you can get past the author s simple voice and i think unintentional racisim fyi, people whose parents come from different ethnicities do not like to be called half breeds or half caste, and that is just the tip of the iceberg my assessment of the book in the context [...]

    21. This book was given to me by a lovely but credulous woman She also believed in the predictions of Ramtha namely that in 1997 the Australian coast would be devastated by tidal waves She gave it to me knowing I had travelled the region described in the book I read it fairly soon after it was published and before the debunking began, yet it was very obvious to me VERY early on in the book that it was complete fabrication by someone who was to dumb to read up on the culture she was misrepresenting.M [...]

    22. I was told the book was an autobiography so I started reading it that way Right away my sceptical mind determined it was fiction On the back in very fine print it does say fiction but the author wants you to believe that it is a real journey that she took I think she may have had a better response to her ideas if she hadn t been trying so hard to sell the idea that the walkabout was real With that out of the way I really did like the book There were chapters that I just skimmed because I didn t [...]

    23. I read this years ago because my mother in law thought it was great Erp, sorry It is one of those heightened, unrealistic spiritual accounts of a walkabout where the author discovers the connectedness of all things, even the flies that view spoiler lovingly clean her teeth OMG ten years later and that image won t leave my head hide spoiler.

    24. First, I d like to preface this review by saying I know absolutely nothing about real aboriginal culture or history I can t possibly tell you what is fact and what is pure creation by the author This book is aparently extremely controversial because while some people love it as the tale of a spiritual journey amongst a mysterious native population, other people say that the author didn t accurately portray the culture truthfully, and was actually blatantly offensive.I also have no idea if the au [...]

    25. When viewed from the perspective of a fable, this is a nice little story promoting a better way of living in the world, exploring the true meaning of our existence, and deepening our spiritual nature I want to believe that the author, Marlo Morgan, was sincere in her desire to deliver a message of spiritual transformation in impoverished times If only she had used a fictional race for her story, she could have avoided the anger and anguish that was unleashed by her thoughtless use of the indigen [...]

    26. Fortunately, I read a library copy of this book and never parted with my hard earned cash because it s the worst book in the history of books First, it s written at about the 3rd grade level Second, it s a mishmash of fantasy pulled from other New Age material pandering to susceptible westerners Third, the author perpetrated a huge con by claiming it was all true and hid behind her lawyers when confronted by anthropologists, Australians, and the Aboriginal People The publisher after first reapin [...]

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