Rules of an Engagement For proper young ladies good behavior has always been the ruleCaptain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life though he d rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boat

  • Title: Rules of an Engagement
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: 9780061662225
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For proper young ladies, good behavior has always been the ruleCaptain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life though he d rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats One passenger, however, has caught his eye a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum .SomFor proper young ladies, good behavior has always been the ruleCaptain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life though he d rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats One passenger, however, has caught his eye a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum .Some rules, of course, are meant to be broken.Miss Zephyr Ponsley has traveled the world, but she s completely innocent in the ways of love She s never learned to dance or flirt But scientific observation has taught her that the laws of attraction have no rules, and that no adventure, on land or sea, is dangerous or delicious than passion

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      192 Suzanne Enoch

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    1. Suzanne Enoch

      Suzanne was born in Southern California sometime in the latter half of the 20th century In the way that some people are born knowing they want to be astronauts or cellists, Suzanne always knew she wanted to be a writer Early dreams of becoming a zoologist and writing true stories about her adventures in Africa were crushed, however, after she viewed a television special about the world s most poisonous snakes she did NOT want to write about how she d been bitten and lost a limb to a cobra Thankfully at the same time the movie Star Wars premiered, and she realized that she could make up adventures and write about them, and not be eaten by deadly predators while doing research.She dabbled in romantic fantasy writing for a year or two after graduating with a degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, until her affection for traditional Regency romances led her to write one for fun After several encouraging rejections from publishers, she snared the interest of the world s best and most patient literary agent, who advised her to revise the manuscript This ultimately led to the publication of her first book, The Black Duke s Prize, from Avon Books in the Spring of 1995 A second Regency, Angel s Devil, followed that Fall.When Avon folded its traditional Regency line, Suzanne was encouraged to try her hand at historical romance As she remained keenly interested in England s Regency period, she decided to attempt another manuscript set in that time Lady Rogue hit the shelves in March of 1997 She wrote a total of 29 books for Avon, including two anthologies and a five part contemporary series which received a pair of starred reviews from Publishers Weekly One of those books, Twice the Temptation, was named one of the five best romances of the year by PW in 2007.In 2002 her well known love of all things Star Wars led to an invitation to appear on the E channel in the television special Star Wars The Force Is Back , where she discussed the romance in the movie series and ended up with air time than George Lucas.In 2010 Suzanne left Avon Books for St Martin s Press, where she continues to pen historical romance novels Her 31st book, Taming an Impossible Rogue, is set to arrive in March 2012.Suzanne is known for her humorous characters, sexy bad boys, and whip sharp, witty dialogue She currently resides in Placentia, California with several hundred guppies and various other tropical fish, and handful of very loud, spinach loving finches And her collection of action figures and statues from Star Wars , Lord of the Rings , X Men , and Pirates of the Caribbean Everybody needs some inspiration, after all.facebook SuzanneEnoch

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    1. Has anybody ever not been fasinated by mermaids Time to move over unicorns You can search the world for pretty girlsTill your eyes are weak and dim,But don t go searching for a mermaid, son,If you don t know how to swim THE MERMAID Her face it was a work of art,I loved that girl with all my heart.But I only liked the upper part,I did not like the tail THE MERMAID

    2. The introduction to the heroine of this book basically put an anvil around her neck She was immediately unlikable How in the world was she going to pull it out and be an acceptable heroine for beloved Bradshaw Carroway Well, she does She has an arc and it s drawn with nuance and charm by Enoch Ultimately Zephyr Ponsley ends up being exactly the love interest Bradshaw needs and vice versa She learns a lot and has the intelligence to realize it Not your run of the mill sharp tongued heroine.The ad [...]

    3. Rules of Engagement was a fun adventure novel worthy of the Adventurers Club series and its name In fact, almost the entire novel takes place outside of England.At first, I thought I was going to hate the heroine, Zephyr Ponsley her weird name is explained, don t worry She has lived most of her life outside of society, doesn t trust men because they never take her seriously, and hates gossip While most of these qualities I enjoy in a heroine, at the beginning of the novel, she attacks Bradshaw a [...]

    4. I m sad to say that I m no longer interested in the lives of Zephyr Ponsley and Captain Bradshaw Carroway Which is sad Because I like their names Zephyr a warm, following breeze I neither liked nor disliked this book although, I obviously didn t like it enough to continue reading it , hence the 3 stars It was okay Just okay I had no possible chance of connecting to the characters because they were so flat a crepe has dimension then those two Which, again, is sad because I ve read a couple of En [...]

    5. I only made it 50 pages in and then took it back to the library For one thing, I was hoping this book was about the Duke of Sommerset, founder of the Adventurer s Club Instead, it s about Captain Bradshaw Carroway, who is briefly mentioned in Book 2, and who apparently figures prominently in another series The heroine is Zephyr Ponsley, daughter of a famous botanist, and Shaw is charged with ferrying Zephyr and her father about for their work By page 50, Zephyr read like an insufferable brat, a [...]

    6. As excited as I was to find this book was about another Carroway brother, Shaw s story was a disappointment compared to Robert and Tristan s books I m being generous with 3 stars merely for the long awaited mentions of the rest of the Carroway clan I absolutely adore that family the Lessons in Love trilogy is one of my all time favorites that I ve re read over and over again.

    7. This was an enjoyable sea worthy tale, and while I didn t love it, it is still a fun, easy read This is the third installment in The Adventurers Club series and we get the swash buckling, dashing Captain Bradshaw Carroways story Just a side noteI think this could be read as a stand alone as almost the entire book takes place at sea so the previous characters make only brief appearances Shaw is tasked in taking Miss Zephyr Ponsley and her father, Sir Joseph, around to islands so that Sir Joseph m [...]

    8. 3 1 2 stars This one started out a little slow for me, but about 1 3 of the way through it either picked up the pace, or I just became invested in the characters I would give it four stars had it not had such a slow start I loved the bantering between Zephyr and Shaw, and how much they each throughly enjoyed pestering each other There were many times when Zephyr thought to herself that she would save her insults for Shaw because he would better appreciate them view spoiler I am also a huge suck [...]

    9. Perhaps the most interesting thing to me about Enoch s Rules of Engagement is how much interested she is in her hero than her heroine Unlike most romances, we start off in the male lead s head, and while that s common these days than it used to be, I can t remember the last time I read a romance where it took thirty pages to even bump into the female protagonist And it s another ten pages or so before we pop in to see what she thinks of everything Without having read the preceding entries in t [...]

    10. This is a 3.25, maybe, possibly a 3.5 It s quite fun and delightful, and Bradshaw is awesome Nowhere near as awesome as his brother Robert, but awesome Even awesome than his brother Tristan I m still not terribly fond of the heroine s name Zephyr It s just clunky and unusual, and not in a particularly endearing way But whatever The heroine herself isn t half bad, actually.

    11. Redonk Nutshell Navy Captain battles his growing attraction to intellectual female passengerI had previously had my eye on this title, and I only recently nabbed it because the eBook was on sale I m really glad I got it when I did because I really enjoyed this story Rules of an Engagement is the 3rd book in Suzanne Enoch s Adventurer s series I have not read any others in this series, so Rules was the first for me Captain Bradshaw Carroway is an accomplished navy man at the point in his career w [...]

    12. Captain Bradshaw Carroway, has a passion for living a life on the see, and loves the excitement and danger that comes from being Captain of his own ship, however when he is ordered by to be a babysitter to a load of Aristocrats, he would rather cut his own tongue out However there is one passenger that has caught his eye, daughter of a well known historian, Zephyr Ponsely, has been by her fathers side ever since her mother passed away and been all over the world, and is eager to learn how to a l [...]

    13. da sognipensieriparoleRispetto alle costanti che continuano a rincorrersi nelle trame dei romance, questo episodio conclusivo della saga del Club degli Avventurieri che per si pu leggere da solo senza problemi, come ho fatto io una vera boccata d aria, con un cambio di prospettiva a tutto tondo Finalmente un libro senza lord malvagi belle senza dote e i soliti appuntamenti della Stagione londinese.Partiamo dal protagonista, un figlio cadetto, un capitano abituato alla guerra e al sangue, ma anch [...]

    14. This book was hard for me to rate I would describe the characters as being flat but on the other hand, the dialogue between the flat characters was fantastic snappy witty banter, which I liked a lot The storyline had a tendency to be meandering and an oddball bad guy who was a jerk, isn t a jerk Not sure if author wants to use him in a future book or what but strange either way The author had something here but I feel like she was maybe writing several books at one time or was somehow distracted [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this story I probably enjoyed it than it s predecessors in the trilogy The plot, the setting, the hero, the heroine and the secondary characters are all exactly what I look for in a Regency romance The story is set around the explorations of the Pacific, when scientific discoveries were really becoming de rigeur The heroine is a botanist s daughter, who is also his assistant She s not a wallflower, she has her own opinion, but also shows real affection for her father and his wo [...]

    16. This book had a lot of potential the characters seem remarkable, Miss Zephyr who has traveled the world and seen may unusual sights and Shaw, a captain who is war wary and jaded, and a setting that is absolutely fascinating, some remote, uncolonized islands It could have been absolutely delicious and sensual and adventurous but it isn t The author loses the story to too much detail that don t directly relate back to the two main characters and or that do nothing to move the plot their romantic r [...]

    17. This was so cute.I think the author must have been gorging on Bones while writing this, because Bradshaw and Zephyr are the 19th century model of Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan Since I like that show, I didn t mind one bit This was a sweet story, with little to no angst and lots of good banter Zephyr s dad was a total jerk, in my humble opinion This is the third story by this author that features a lead character with at least a touch of post traumatic stress disorder I would say Bradshaw i [...]

    18. This wasn t one of my favorites of the series I could understand at first setting Zepher and Bradshaw up as enemies I got that, but didn t always understand where it was coming from in the latter part of the book I can understand calling someone a barbarian as a term of endearment I didn t always feel that Zephyr was being that nice Or understand why Brad was mad at Zepher half the time or vice versa So this book didn t really work for me as well I wanted it to I still look forward to the next b [...]

    19. Considering how annoying the heroine was at the start of the book, she really redeems herself by the end I really liked her by the end, so than I do many other heroines in the romance genre The relationship between our protagonists developed in a very straightforward and healthy manner There were no nonsense twists or misunderstandings It took a little while for the story to get started, though.As far as the girl s dad goes what the heck is wrong with him

    20. Half way into this book I was tempted to give up I thought the story was extremely boring, the chemistry between the H hwell there wasn t any, and romance beyond just a brief kiss here or there didn t even occur until mid way through, however I m glad I stuck it out because the second half was much better I didn t care for the ending I would have much preferred an Epilogue delving a bit into their future

    21. I m not generally a fan of ship board romances or historicals written in bad dialect and this, with it s lackluster humor and even lackluster character interactions , isn t going to change my mind It didn t take me long to start skimming and I ended up entirely skipping whole sections in the middle, so this might even be a DNF depending on how you look at it I hesitate to say romance because it was all so very meh.

    22. I am so happy Bradshaw Carroway got a story I really enjoyed this book After reading about two other Carroway brothers in the Lessons in Love series, I remember thinking that I d wished I could read about him Zephyr had a wonderful straight forward manner that made for great banter with Shaw There was just enough adventure to spice it up a bit but not so much that I got bored with it Now if only the Duke of Sommerset had his own story I believe I have said that before

    23. Liked it a lot I usually don t have good reading with British naval officers in this period but the hero was great and the heroine so unconventional and great I d love to read the rest of the books in this series There are some great romantic moments in here without being too sensual.

    24. 3.75 stars I was chomping at the bit for Shaw s story I was disappointed that it was almost halfway through the book before I felt a genuine connection between Shaw and Zephyr and felt fully drawn into the story Once that happened, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    25. 4 stars.A slightly different sort of HR, most of the courtship happened at sea with a misplaced bunch of Mayfair lords and ladies providing the tonnish touch.Navy Captain Bradshaw Carraway, brother to Tristan from The Rake, is back in London after capturing a famous French pirate but losing his close friend in the same skirmish Feeling rudderless, the Duke of Sommerset commissioned him to go to Australia on behalf of the Royal Society to pick up a famous botanist for an expedition to the South P [...]

    26. Rules of an Engagement is 70% shipboard travelogue and 30% romance, mixed with annoying stuffy English ton and a mini villain onboard the ship who propositions Zephyr midway through the book The tension in the book felt manufactured, and that tension was created by conflicts encountered by the ship as it sailed between exotic and uncivilized places in the Pacific but no real tension between the H h Much suspension of disbelief was required for the premise that a British navy ship would take on s [...]

    27. book is just not for me i used to love reading romance but this one is just not the type of romance that i like The heroine is too oblivious with everything that s happening around here the author may want to make her look innocent but it just makes her look dumb even though she s an educated English lady the hero on the other, overthink everything too much especially matters regarding the heroine it just doesn t fit with the character of a masculine and macho man it makes him look very u [...]

    28. A true novel Great setting, characters, and delving into the less sweet side of Mayfair mob in the subtleties of dialogue.

    29. I love Suzanne Enoch s adventurer s club The stories and the characters are so interesting and well developed.

    30. I read this before and needed a quick pick me up due to illness Engaged it this a second time and truly enjoyed the read.

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