Play Dirty Heartthrob bounty hunter Greg King knows how to work it and he knows that he can have any woman he wants But there s to Greg than meets the eye and he s still haunted by the memory of his beautiful e

  • Title: Play Dirty
  • Author: Lorie O'Clare
  • ISBN: 9780312372156
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heartthrob bounty hunter Greg King knows how to work it and he knows that he can have any woman he wants But there s to Greg than meets the eye and he s still haunted by the memory of his beautiful, estranged wife Much as he s tried to move on, he s never been able to stopstopped wondering why Haley left him Or what he could have done to make their marriage better Heartthrob bounty hunter Greg King knows how to work it and he knows that he can have any woman he wants But there s to Greg than meets the eye and he s still haunted by the memory of his beautiful, estranged wife Much as he s tried to move on, he s never been able to stopstopped wondering why Haley left him Or what he could have done to make their marriage better and make her stay After putting a vicious criminal behind bars, Haley King had no choice but to leave her loved ones behind and enter the witness protection program Turns out that, in her new life, Haley has once again found herself in serious trouble and needs help from the only person she can trust her husband Now, as old secrets threaten to tear them apart and danger closes in from all sides, it s up to Greg to keep Haley safe and convince her that this time, he s playing for keeps.

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      Also writes under the pen name Laurie Fitzgerald.Lorie O Clare was born in 1965 in San Diego, CA She s the oldest of three children and for the first part of her life traveled with her family, living in many Midwestern states, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and finally Kansas She graduated from high school in 1983 as a junior and began her college life at age 17 She received a double major in English and Political Science in 1991 Although her original intentions were to go on to law school, and she went as far as taking the LSAT, being a lawyer wasn t in the writing for Ms O Clare.The same year she graduated from the Univ of KS she also married Ten months later she gave birth to her first son Her second son was born in 1994 and her third son in 1996 Although she wanted a daughter, this was also a plan of hers that would never happen Six months after her third son was born she had a hysterectomy.Her marriage lasted ten years with an amiable parting During those years, Lorie began reading every romance she could get her hands on Times were hard and she went through every romance novel her library had, then found very cheap book clubs and received new romance novels in the mail each month The Internet also entered Lorie s life during this time and she made on line friends with similar interests to hers.Lorie continued with her passion for reading, merging into other genres when she was convinced she d read every published romance novel out there While reading she often experienced the sensation that she could have made the story better She began writing, purely for her own satisfaction In those early years, when her boys were young and she was newly divorced, Lorie wrote eight full length novels All but one of those novels would later be published.In 1998, Lorie took the push from her on line friends and tried publishing her first novel, a children s story called Dolls Of Tashan She printed manuscripts on her word processor and mailed them out as often as she could afford the postage The rejection letters were painful but she kept every one of them, first in one spiral notebook, then eventually adding another, and finally a third In 2003, Lorie published her first book with a very small epublisher called Amber Quill Press The book wasn t her children s story but a romance novel To this day she has not published Dolls of Tashan, the first book she ever wrote.Later that same year, a good friend encouraged Lorie to try writing erotic romance Lorie had a completed novel ready to submit Instead of sending it to her current epublisher, she submitted it to a larger epublisher called Ellora s Cave Although this was an erotic romance publisher and Lorie s novel was a simple romance, with little than a chaste kiss, Ellora s Cave contracted the book and assigned an editor who taught Lorie how to write erotic romance The book contracted was In Her Blood, a werewolf novel Her new editor suggested she write a short story and turn the werewolves into a series Lorie did this and her first book published with Ellora s Cave was Pack Law in October, 2003.Today Lorie O Clare has published over 60 books She still writes for Ellora s Cave In 2008 she sold her first book to St Martins, which took her name into mass market publishing Today Lorie has two books out with St Martins with six scheduled to release over the next couple of years She also sold a book to Kensington Press in 2008 Currently she has two books out with Kensington and plans to continue writing for them as well.Lorie writes full time, lives with her teenage boys, her two dogs, Dude, her Boston Terrier, and Lady, her Beagle She also has two American Short hair cats, Ernie and Tigger She plans on writing until she dies There is nothing fulfilling than creating a new world and walking through it with the people who live there,

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    1. 2 stars Romantic SuspenseI won t waste my time on a full review because I m already frustrated over the hours that I ve lost by reading this.Previously I d only read Lorie O Clare s story Love Me Til Death in the Men of Danger anthology, which I liked and rated 4 stars.I thought this first book in her new Bounty Hunters series sounded promising, especially with the studtastic biker hunk on the cover Unfortunately, nothing about Play Dirty really worked that well for me Not the characters, story, [...]

    2. Move over The Dog there s a new bounty hunter in town And while he s big, broad and all alpha male, his overall impression left little to be desired for this reader Play Dirty is the first installment of the bounty hunter series by Lorie O Clare and unfortunately one that left me flat and frustrated.Greg King, former police officer, now bounty hunter, thrives on the adventures his profession brings Catching a criminal runs through his blood like being high on a drug and now both his sons Marc an [...]

    3. This is the first book I ve read by this author and due to this I may not pick up another At least not in the near future Where to start This is a story about a wife who goes into the witness protection program to protect her family She has testified against a drugdealer and is concerned he will come back and hurt her family to pay her back Six years later she returns to seek help from her husband Her boss has dissapeared and she hoping her hubby can help find him and solve the who dun it That s [...]

    4. Couldn t finish this one The relationship between the hero and heroine after they are reunited was making no sense I also thought for touting themselves as such good private investigators, they didn t investigate a certain someone I think will end up a baddie.

    5. Six years ago, Haley King testified against one of Los Angeles biggest drug lords, Pedro Gutierrez and that is when her life change She entered the Witness Protection Program Now, fast forward to the present Haley s boss John has gone missing Haley turns to the one person she knows she can trust and relay on her husband, Greg.Greg and his two grown sons, Marc and Jake run a bounty hunting business Greg never imagined that he would see Haley again Well not in the flesh anyways There hasn t been a [...]

    6. The author certainly have a fetish with huge muscles, abs, and asses I think she could go on for ages describing a man s body and make it sound dirty Really dirty.I was bored with the book before the half way mark Haley got on my nerves too much for me to like her She kept telling Greg to treat her like his equal but all her actions says the opposite She acted really immature for someone who s been in the business of hunting bad guys killers for years And, the sex scenes did nothing for me Nada [...]

    7. This book took me less then 24 hours to read, for all the wrong reasons Unfortunately I should have listened to the old saying never judge a book by its cover because was I disappointed Oh how this author murdered her cover I thought heres a book with a badass man who s going to save the day Well I was wrong First off the age difference between cover and characters were way off The dialogue in the story seemed too forced and fake and my god could you have a boring plot I m sorry to say I skimme [...]

    8. I totally agree with the person s review that said, Reading this book was a little like listening to a boring old relative tell you a LOOOOONG story I couldn t get into this book at all The H h were supposed to be mid 40s,and yet she came across like a 20 year old The internal dialogue will he take me back, we ll still have the argument over my job, he ll always want to protect her, he s so muscular and bigger than she remembered, that last big fight was SO bad, etc became so tedious, and I didn [...]

    9. I had high hopes for this one but it fell a little flat It jumped around a lot, plot threads where dropped, others weren t explored at all I was screaming at them to investigate a person cause it was so damn obvious they were behind it or partially so The next books may be interesting as they are centred on the son s of the couple in this book I was screaming at them to grow up I found it really hard to relate to the Heroine, you couldn t get me to voluntarily leave my Hubby or kids for anything [...]

    10. This was ok It seemed to have a lot of potential but I think the story ended up so convoluted and there were too many moving parts that it just didn t seem to flow very well I liked all the characters though and the premise seems good A hottie bounty hunter and his 2 hottie bounty hunter sons There is a book coming out in April about the son Marc, I ll have to decide if I m going to read that one Not sure yet.

    11. Poorly written and poorly edited In my opinion, the book didn t have much going for it as either a romance or a thriller The plot was disjointed, the romance was childish and unrealistic, the cover art was untrue to the story and besides, who rides a motorcycle without a shirt

    12. Overall, this was a really great read I just have a few minor issues with Play Dirty Greg King was a cop turned Bounty Hunter, he was married, he had 2 sons He had a pretty good life right Well that changed 6 years ago when he discovered his wife was working under cover and was sending one of the biggest drug lords on the street to jail The catch The only way to keep him there though was for to testify then go into Witness Protection Never big on wanting Haley to having anything to do with his l [...]

    13. 4.5 out of 5 Having read and reviewed a number of Lorie O Clare novels I was interested in this first novel in her Bounty Hunter series My initial exposure to her writing was via paranormal romance so this was quite a change of pace That being said, I found this to be a very fine example of her writing skills and her story telling abilities Obviously any novel with three hunky guys is of interest but I found Greg King to be a curious mixture of qualities and one that was fascinating throughout t [...]

    14. This is the first time I ve read Lorie O Clare and though I wasn t super thrilled with the book I will give her another chance I ve heard great things about her other stories, The Leopard and Lunewulf series.As for PLAY DIRTY, while I was intrigued by the concept and was excited to read about bounty hunters, I was left feeling confused and at some times bored with what was going on I had a hard time with the emotional connection or better yet the lack of, between Haley and her me There were time [...]

    15. The first in her Bounty Hunters Series, Play Dirty is about Greg King and his estranged wife, Haley She left her family 6 years ago to enter the witness protection program only to find that now they are the only ones who can help her now I found the back story heart breaking so I was invested there and while I found that the action was plenty full I felt that it either drag along or made leaps which I found frustrating to say the least Greg King is a very likable character and I enjoyed that he [...]

    16. This book surprised me in that it is about an older couple and their reconciliation for lack of a better word Haley King Hannah is separated from her bounty hunter husband, Greg, and two sons Marc and Jake because she investigated and testified against a drug lord after which she entered the Witness Protection Program She returns to her husband in L.A six years later, in trouble because her boss had disappeared The story takes the family to Tijuana on the trail of an assassin I kept getting the [...]

    17. Greg King owns his own bounty hunting business with his two sons His wife Haley, left them six years ago after entering into the Witness Protection Program when she testified against a drug dealer Haley wanted to become a licensed private detective against Greg s wishes, and he was furious that she went undercover to expose the drug dealer Days after the drug dealer dies in prison, Haley s boss turns up missing, and she thinks there is a connection The only person she believes in and trusts is G [...]

    18. Wow, if you like action and suspense, this is a good read It is the first book in Lorie s new series Bounty Hunters I liked the action and the romance HOT sex It kept me turning the pages I had a hard time putting it down and am anxiously awaiting the next book You had a hard time figuring out who might or might not be the bad guys, or who was involved it what I liked that Greg kept an eye on his wife, even though she was gone for six years That they could work things out and become a family aga [...]

    19. This is the first book of THE BOUNTY HUNTERS series This is also a NEW to me author The hero and heorione were married and older Both 45 yrs old They also have 2 adult sons Greg, who is the hero is a bounty hunter and his wife Haley, has just reappeared after being away from him and their sons for 6 yrs because she s been in the Witness Protection program because she testified against an major drug dealer and helped put him behind bars But now, she s back home and is in trouble and needs Greg s [...]

    20. I had a lot of trouble with this series Dog the Bounty Hunter kept cropping up in my mind and I just couldn t get past that In this book, I had trouble with the fact that the mother left the family years ago for reasons that she thought were important, but never contacted the family in any way to let them know she was okay For years they thought she was dead, but when she comes back into their lives, she is accepted again without much resistance or reservation That put me off on the whole series [...]

    21. 3.5 StarsThis book deserves than 3 stars, but 4 is too much.The blurb and the cover are a little misleading, Greg is 45 years old.I don t mind it, but I think it should be mentioned.Greg and Haley have 2 sons, the oldest is 25 Both work with their father.They were married quite a while before she left They were high school sweethearts.I liked them together, but I don t understand why she left the way she did It was a nice book, and I don t regret reading it either, but I also wouldn t recommend [...]

    22. WOW glad I didn t read the reviews before buying this book, brutal I LOVED this book and look forward to the others Awesome reading I had read Get Lucky without realizing it was the 2nd book so already liked the series and was really cool going back and reading the 1st and getting the background about his parents, etc I had read the FBI books and liked them so knew this would be good I give big thumbs up to this series, 5 stars and them some I loved the fact a lady can kick ass just as well as a [...]

    23. This was a very interesting book plot wise I thought the characters were perfect Lorie O Clare does an excellent job of delving into the main characters inner thoughts to the point they feel very real to the reader but without throwing in a lot of unnecessary thoughts or flashbacks She also did a great job at detailing some of the differences you would expect a husband and wife to have to face after being apart for six years.

    24. I loved this book I love that the female lead is an older woman with grown sons and yet she is still a hot mama who can hold her own against the bad guys I also loved the re connection between Greg and Haley King Even though neither is perfect and they both have hurt each other in the past before Haley goes into witness protection , and after over twenty years of marriage the love and attraction is still burning between them, they are soul mates.

    25. I like the concept of the story, but I thought that the man would be hard pressed and angry that his wife left him I m sure my own kids would be a lot angry at my leaving too The story shifted around too much for me The writing could have been a lot better I was really disappointedI really wanted this story to wow me but it didn t.

    26. It just wasn t that good Haley spent too much time searching for praise of her abilities Greg spent too much time trying to come to terms with allowing his wife to be his equal Cut out all of that, there wasn t much left The rest of the story didn t make a whole lot of sense Even the sex scenes were a bit unbelievable Lora Leigh does a much better job with sex scenes.

    27. Well, I wanted to love this book, I just couldn t get that into it It was very repetitious, especially in the beginning, with the back and forth between Haley Greg s feelings of remorse, self deprecation, and love for each other It got to the point that I just wanted them to get on with the story Towards the end, the storyline picked up a bit and gave me of what I was looking for.

    28. This book was tough going Everything was over explained and said at least twice The writing style bored me and I got annoyed at the simplicity of the characters.I didn t like how two dimensional Haley and Greg were And how annoying they both were.I also don t understand how the author had to research for this story

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