The Best of O Henry This outstanding collection features than short stories representingthe full range of the prolific O Henry s talents including such classics asThe Gift of the Magi and The Furnished Room

  • Title: The Best of O. Henry
  • Author: O. Henry
  • ISBN: 9780792450085
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This outstanding collection features than 100 short stories representingthe full range of the prolific O Henry s talents, including such classics asThe Gift of the Magi and The Furnished Room.

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      William Sydney Porter lends the pen name O Henry to surprise endings signed officially as Sydney Porter His biography shows where he found inspiration for his characters Their voices and his language were products of his era.He was born 1862 Greensboro, North Carolina When he was three years old, his mother died from tuberculosis He left school at fifteen, worked five years in his uncle s drugstore, then for two years at a Texas sheep ranch In 1884 he went to Austin where he worked in a real estate office, a church choir, and spent four years as a draftsman in the General Land Office His wife and firstborn died, but daughter Margaret survived him After he failed to establish a small humorous weekly, he worked in poorly run bank When its accounts did not balance, he was blamed for it, and fired In Houston, he worked for a few years until ordered to stand trial for embezzlement he fled to New Orleans and thence, to Honduras Two years later, he returned on account of his wife s illness Apprehended, Porter served a few months than three years in a Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio During his incarceration, he composed ten short stories, including A Blackjack Bargainer, The Enchanted Kiss, and The Duplicity of Hargraves In 1899, McClure s published Whistling Dick s Christmas Story and Georgia s Ruling While in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he sent manuscripts to New York editors In the spring of 1902, Ainslee s Magazine offered him a regular income if he moved to New York In less than eight years, he became a bestselling author of collections of short stories Cabbages and Kings came first, in 1904 followed by The Four Million The Trimmed Lamp and Heart of the West in 1907 The Voice of the City in 1908 Roads of Destiny and Options in 1909, Strictly Business and Whirligigs in 1910 Posthumously published collections include The Gentle Grafter about the swindler, Jeff Peters Rolling Stones and Waifs and Strays and in 1936, unsigned stories Others were rewarded financially A Retrieved Reformation, about the safe cracker Jimmy Valentine, got 250 six years later, 500 for dramatic rights, which gave over 100,000 royalties for playwright Paul Armstrong Many stories have been made into films.

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    1. What better writer to read for Short Story Month May, 2017 than William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O Henry During his short life, he wrote nearly 600 short stories Porter was born in Greensboro, NC, on September 11, 1862, died in NYC on June 5, 1910 from cirrhosis of the liver, and was then buried in Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, NC While visiting Asheville this week, we became aware of how much Asheville reveres its famous state authors, among them O Henry they ve even named [...]

    2. Since just about every publishing house worth its salt seems to have released a Best of O Henry collection, I had better clarify this is my review of Juggernaut s The Best of O Henry Collected Stories, a collection of twelve short stories by O Henry This set starts off with what are arguably his most popular stories, The Last Leaf and The Gift of the Magi, and go on to some lesser known ones, such as Witches Loaves, The Passing of Black Eagle and On Behalf of the Management These are a fairly va [...]

    3. Am not really through with this yet, but I really like O Henry so far He has a sharp eye for the minute, daily clashes and crashes between individuals of various races, backgrounds, etc, as per the America of the late 19th and early 20th centuries It makes me think that Singapore is in a similar situation if only we had a writer with a sharp eye and turn of phrase to turn our history into the next generation s literature His twists are smart but realistic, his writing sympathetic without being s [...]

    4. LOVED it I know alot of people wouldn t sit through a book of short stories, but I ve always loved them, and O Henry has a gift like nobody else His stories CAN be slightly predictable, but many of them were original, and ingenious, and just thoroughly enjoyable Loved it

    5. Back in 2010 or so, I read one of my daughters school books, The Best Short Stories of O Henry It was a collection of some very entertaining fiction written around the turn of the 20th Century I was pleased to have a copy on my shelf until my eldest daughter moved out and took the book with her So I added the book along with many others to my want list Last fall, I thought I found it Oh, sure, this one was hardcover and the cover illustration was different, but it had the same great tales Gift o [...]

    6. I would buy this book if only for Gifts of the Magi and The Ransom of Red Chief Gifts of the Magi is a Christmas story that does not lose its shimmer out of season If you want to know what love is, true love, read Gifts of the Magi And ANY exhausted and dispirited parent of any rambunctious and precocious ten year old must read The Ransom of Red Chief, if only to remind yourself, I am not alone Lively story with a funny twist, it will leave you with that, Yep That s a boy Of course, this is O He [...]

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    8. This is definitely a great starting point for those interested in O Henry These stories really remind me a bit of Roald Dahl without all of the grimness but with some of the twisted endings crossed with the humanity element that Richard Yates provides Most of them take place in NYC and focus on the issues of the people there and this collection in particular is worth looking at if you are a purist because the stories are published in the original submitted form vs the post edited forms that have [...]

    9. I picked up this book in a used book store, Cellar Stories, in downtown Providence, RI, while out for a lunchtime walk about 15 years ago As most people do, I knew a couple of the stories and was curious about O Henry s writing style Would I like or all of his work As I read the cover I found that the collection is organized in the order that he wrote each piece It describes how O Henry s style, vocabulary, story telling ability and perspective it easily witnessed by the reader as she starts an [...]

    10. I did this play last Christmas So I have read a script version of this about 1000 times, broken it down, memorized and read it again and then performed it about 8 times So to say I ve read it is a bit of an understatement Many of O Henry s story s show the real picture of life for people in the cities while still giving you the warm fuzzies Hard to do but he manages it Gift of the Magi anyone I would highly encourge anyone who is feeling Scroogy at any time of the year to head to Greensboro in S [...]

    11. It s true, O Henry looses a little something after the first read, but just the guy s command of language is worth multiple reads Somewhere between Samuel Clemens and John Steinbeck And the sheer number of original short stories he has written over 600 is phenomenal I listened to this in the car and I think it would have been better in a quiet situation, like in the dark before bed, because everything is so condensed and the innuendo is important He manages to evoke a lot of feeling for his char [...]

    12. Ok, I admit I haven t met all of these But I wanted to get Tje Ransom of Red Chief and The Gift of The Magi all in one swell foop as my aunt says , and the rest came along for the ride I came to O Henry at the wrong age If I d encountered him earlier, I d have enjoyed the stories at face value If later, I d have appreciated the subtleties But as a pre teen being led by the nose into good literature , I was mulish and balky, and determined not to like anything I was shown Now, of course, I d be r [...]

    13. My dad got me this book after he discovered that I have not read the Gift of the Magi This book is a huge collection of O Henry stories, mostly that take place in New York The Gift of the Magi was probably my favorite short story in the book, but they all had the same formula with a twist ending After awhile you train yourself to not read the last paragraph or line of the story so you don t spoil the ironic ending While it is quite entertaining the way the stories conclude, it does get a little [...]

    14. I first read O Henry, some years ago in his most famous story The Gift of the Magi which is one of the few stories I recall often as one of my favourite short stories That time I had thought I shall read of him some day sooner or later This week I was fortunate enough to do so.I enjoyed my short read as the stories were quite short, not so elaborated but relating to a particular incidence, with unexpected twist endings And as critics say prominent features of his stories seemed to be warm chara [...]

    15. I love O Henry s stories.Although I will prepare my own guess of the how the author will end it, I always surprised how wrong my predictions were when it comes to O Henry s short stories The only problem with this collection is that, there are a lot of typographical errors Almost every page contains spelling mistakes, which I think is a grave sin in publishing I don t think Jaico had been thorough in proofreading So, I hope that they will publish flawless copies on their next printing.

    16. O Henry was a brilliant story writer I am amazed when I find people who have never read a single one of his stories There was always one O Henry short story in my English books and it was always assigned As soon as my mother purchased my school books at the beginning of the year, I would thumb through the pages of my English class textbook to find if there was an O Henry story in there Definitely a wonderful treat for any avid reader of short stories.

    17. O Henry short stories are the scale that all other short stories in English are measured against Writers crave winning the O Henry Award for their writing Winners have included Stephen King, John Updike, and Woody Allen had to throw that one in This is a good little collection of some of the stories from the ex con who wrote under the pseudonym O Henry.

    18. O.Henry Cop and the Anthem with Soapy was the first story followed by after Twenty Years with Silky Bob and Jimmy Wells And from then on I ve tried to read as much as I could This collection begins with a beautiful description of streets and roads And has some very very good stories including the above and also The Last Leaf Probably the major missing story is Roads of Destiny.

    19. The stories of O Henry are fun, light, and useful for teaching narrative structure in school However, each story follows a basic formula of setup, drama, and twist ending as epitomized in Gifts of the Magi They re not stories which teach much or make you question humanity or the world they re like fables with simple messages and morals.

    20. I read O Henry in school as a part of my English curriculum I loved the story 20 years later and always wanted to read of his works I was fascinated by The last leaf and also The secret of the magi, but this book was boring to the hiltI never thought that his collection would be so boring Most of them are so monotonous that it left me completely drowsy to no ends.

    21. Not sure how I missed ready any O Henry before this They re great The first half was western stories, the second half stories centered in New York City He is witty, throwing in twists to almost every ending I learned a whole bunch of new words while I was at it and that I have a lambrequin in my house ooh

    22. O Henry is a master of language and can use it like an artist uses brush and canvas He paints his story with words I enjoyed him in jr.high, high school and university When someone refers to his language as archaic, they should consider the date he wrote it and that the language of that day was Heck, they even have a candy bar named after him.

    23. Airplane book.Getting five stars because I didn t think it would hook me and I love O Henry because I didn t think these stories were really the author s best.I was totally wrong This little text helped me survive a scary take off from PDX, and held my attention on a brutal red eye flight So, hats off to you, Ian F A Bell You really know your stuff.

    24. It s evident why O Henry is one of the finest writers from any era Right off the bat A Harlem Tragedy knocks your socks off and the stories that follow are just as crisp, easy to read and captivating Clip on your mighty bright book light got mine at Borders in a pitch black room and go off into your imagination Thanks, New York World Thanks, O.

    25. O Henry has a way with words reminiscent of Fitzgerald one turn of phrase, and he owns the English language Savor O Henry intermittently A few stories here and there in between longer reads Otherwise, many of his twist endings come to feel all too predictable.

    26. i adore o henry excellent writing style, great dry wit, beautifully crafted sentences his stories usually have a white hat verses black theme and are good for some quick moral inventory.

    27. Didn t read every story but, I personally am finished with this book O Henry s story are unevenme are FANTASTIC others so much.

    28. I must have read this over and over as a child and adolescent I loved his surprising twists of fate So much like real life

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