Erotic Poems E E Cummings s erotic poems and drawings gathered in a single volume Many years ago the prodigious and famously prolific E E Cummings sat in his study writing and thinking about sex His private broodi

  • Title: Erotic Poems
  • Author: E.E. Cummings George James Firmage
  • ISBN: 9780871406590
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • E E Cummings s erotic poems and drawings gathered in a single volume Many years ago the prodigious and famously prolific E E Cummings sat in his study writing and thinking about sex His private brooding gave way to poems and drawings of sexual and romantic love that delight and provoke Here, collected for this first time in a single volume, are those erotic poems anE E Cummings s erotic poems and drawings gathered in a single volume Many years ago the prodigious and famously prolific E E Cummings sat in his study writing and thinking about sex His private brooding gave way to poems and drawings of sexual and romantic love that delight and provoke Here, collected for this first time in a single volume, are those erotic poems and sketches, culled from Cummings s original manuscripts by the distinguished editor George James Firmageom 16 may i feel said he i ll squeal said she just once said he it s fun said she may i touch said he how much said she a lot said he why not said she 12 drawings.

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    1. E.E. Cummings George James Firmage

      Edward Estlin Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 1894 He began writing poems as early as 1904 and studied Latin and Greek at the Cambridge Latin High School.He received his BA in 1915 and his MA in 1916, both from Harvard University His studies there introduced him to the poetry of avant garde writers, such as Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound.In 1917, Cummings published an early selection of poems in the anthology Eight Harvard Poets The same year, Cummings left the United States for France as a volunteer ambulance driver in World War I Five months after his assignment, however, he and a friend were interned in a prison camp by the French authorities on suspicion of espionage an experience recounted in his novel, The Enormous Room for his outspoken anti war convictions.After the war, he settled into a life divided between houses in rural Connecticut and Greenwich Village, with frequent visits to Paris He also traveled throughout Europe, meeting poets and artists, including Pablo Picasso, whose work he particularly admired.In 1920, The Dial published seven poems by Cummings, including Buffalo Bill s Serving as Cummings debut to a wider American audience, these experiments foreshadowed the synthetic cubist strategy Cummings would explore in the next few years.In his work, Cummings experimented radically with form, punctuation, spelling, and syntax, abandoning traditional techniques and structures to create a new, highly idiosyncratic means of poetic expression Later in his career, he was often criticized for settling into his signature style and not pressing his work toward further evolution Nevertheless, he attained great popularity, especially among young readers, for the simplicity of his language, his playful mode and his attention to subjects such as war and sex.The poet and critic Randall Jarrell once noted that Cummings is one of the most individual poets who ever lived and, though it sometimes seems so, it is not just his vices and exaggerations, the defects of his qualities, that make a writer popular But, primarily, Mr Cummings s poems are loved because they are full of sentimentally, of sex, of or less improper jokes, of elementary lyric insistence During his lifetime, Cummings received a number of honors, including an Academy of American Poets Fellowship, two Guggenheim Fellowships, the Charles Eliot Norton Professorship at Harvard, the Bollingen Prize in Poetry in 1958, and a Ford Foundation grant.At the time of his death, September 3, 1962, he was the second most widely read poet in the United States, after Robert Frost He is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, Massachusettsurce poets poetsorg poet e

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    1. Read this on the plane which I don t really recommend because it s hard to hide the sexy drawings from your onlooking travellers back to Canada which I m literally still sitting on waiting to escape into the snowy Christmas air and enjoyed it because I enjoy Cummings but only found two poems I really liked and even then no new favourites but it s interesting to read poetry from such a famous poet on such a taboo subject.

    2. This collection will be appreciated and loved by anyone who enjoys the poetry of e.e cummings I have long adored his poetry and have been stirred by his gorgeous musings, and these love poems are no exception This collection also includes lovely sketches by the poet himself.Just this or if sometime she nakedly invitehim all her nakedness deeply to winher flesh is like all the cellos of nightagainst the morning s single violinor this may i feel said he i ll squeal said shejust once said he it s f [...]

    3. No one makes you feel quite as good about being a woman as E.E Cummings But I m not sure that isolating out his erotic poems from his others adds to their enjoyment.This collection brings together about 50 poems including my favourite poem with less than 20 characters n w O h S LoW h myGODy essAndbetween the breastsof bestialMarj lie largemen who praiseMarj s cleancornered strokablebody these men sfingers toss trunksshuffle sacks spin kegs theycurllovingaroundbeers the world hasthese men s hands [...]

    4. Mie E.E Cummings mi place de ceva vreme, a a c am fost tare fericit c nd am v zut edi ia bilingv de la Editura Art, n traducerea lui Dan Sociu M am delectat cu ele ntr o singur sear , dar sunt sigur c o s revin la ele oric nd o s mai am chef de poezie Mi am i notat c teva preferate Traducerea mi s a p rut reu it , nu e u or s traduci poezie, n general, i versurile lui Cummings, cu aranjamentul lor ciudat n pagin , n special.

    5. e e cummings per stato tradotto molto meglio che non in questo librory de rachewiltz, figlia di ezra pound qualcosa i cromosomi vorranno dire l ha fatto cos I like my body when it is with yourI like my body when it is with yourbody it is something so newscles better and nerves .I love your body I like what he does,and the like I like to hear her spinedorsal, his bones and the flickering flat hard I kissyet again and againyou like kissing this and that,I like, slowly stroking the thickelectric fu [...]

    6. Utterly delicious Nothing heavy Pure luciousness, even when bordering on crudity The drawings are wonderful too, and all Cummings own He certainly has a curious surname, considering the content very apropos lol What a writer what a man.

    7. A gift from my guy what could be better I love these poems, but had never seen them collected together before each classic cummings volume usually contains a handful Love how the man is bluntly explicit and yet soars, and tickles, and whispers, he sings his appreciation of a whore or an exquisite tender passion for a wife, each in her own specific way, celebrating her and her and him honestly A less romantic collection than Neruda s 20 Love Songs and a Song of Despair the nature of the relations [...]

    8. Here are some words mucousmud worms hole big ol thighsand let s avoid punctUation because hey it s worked for us so far despite its tortured preciousness and throw in some which look sort of like boobiesso scoreEh Marj Oyes dearieand as erotic as a fartto the nutsAMERICA

    9. This book exists simply as a marketing ploy for valentine s day If you like ee cummings, it is sure that you already have his Complete Poems, and the only reason someone would be foolish enough to cough up 13 for this instead of the Complete superior Poems is because they re hard up for a valentine s day present Really They do this with Anne Sexton, too Love Poems Truly, this is way too narrow a collection for cummings fans, or anyone who likes poetry.The poems get plenty of stars, but the publi [...]

    10. This one isn t easy to read in public because of the graphic drawings accompanying most poems I did like the drawings, by the way What I did discover is that e e cummings isn t my favorite poet Maybe I was reading too much into each and every phrase, but I just didn t get many of them Mind you, I love almost any erotic writing I decided to continue admiring the drawings and his unique and compelling formats Those two things I appreciate much than the actual poems 2.5 Stars

    11. Many poems I ve read before but I also found a couple new I m not certain it was worth culling his work into an erotic collection but for the price, I don t feel put out There are images throughout, drawn by the man himself, very Matisse I once had a professor tell me she became a nun because she never found a man like Atticus Finch Only E E Cummings will ever ignite such furor in my heart.

    12. I m not really to sure why I loved this book so much, I think that I just have a deep appreciation for E.E Cummings work in general I love poetry and maybe it s because this is the first collection of his poetry I read this was relatable without actually being relatable at all He just has this way with words that makes you able to read to book in one sitting, I loved it.

    13. There are many good poems in this book although I didn t not understand many words and grammar choices throughout the book.

    14. Cummings is one of the few poets whose work wholly humbles me every time Usually, it is a mixture of 1 me having to read the poems multiple times to make sure I understand them and even then and 2 a reverence for his irreverant and that s a good thing here manipulation of the English language He takes a subject as arguably cut and dried as sex and conveys in stylized detail the honest romp not only of the act being portrayed, but in his shuffling around of parts of speech to say things, as I see [...]

    15. What the fuck No Just no I was so excited for this book because Tom Hiddleston read a poem that I m in love with These poems were annoying and such a let down The entire book, I loved one poem Maybe it went over my head, maybe it s just my preference, I don t care I didn t enjoy this collection of ee cummings poetry brought allofher tremB lingto a deadand Still WHY I know it s supposed to be all appealing to the eye but it wasn t.n wOhSLoWhmyGODyessUghhhhh Just STOP.

    16. This slender book is, I think, intended to be brought along for a pleasant afternoon with one s lover It s concise, easy to share, and slender enough to not get in the way Seriously, this is all meant to be read aloud have fun rendering cummings s visual work into a spoken piece If the idea of reading poetry to and with your lover doesn t appeal to either of you, this is not for you Also, I think that you re both really missing out

    17. raise the shade will youse dearie rainwouldn t thatget yer goat butwe don t care dowe dearie we shouldworry about the rainhuhdearie yknowi m sorry for awl thepoor girls thatgets up godknows when everyday of theirlivesaint you,oo oo dearienot sohard dear you re killing me

    18. I bought this book for the poem May I Feel Said He It is one of my favorite poems, if not my very favorite Great collection for those who love E.E Cummings work youtube watch v 3eVBJ

    19. A very interesting collection, with a wide variety of poetic styles and levels of erotic intensity from deepy sensual to snarky An excellent way to study sensuality in language.

    20. This book is a superb collection of Cummings top erotic poems, and the illustrations that accompany the poem are a nice addition This is one of those books I could read over and over.

    21. This is my first reading of any e.e cummings poems I had known of his work, his famous small capped letters, daunting space and rhythmical ribboned lines, as if his typewriter chittered and chattered like a coal engine on break I am fascinated by how his words freshly play, so dazzlingly display on paper, obedient to his pen.My full review here seasonsapoeticjourney 201

    22. Two stars for originality and the imagery his prose provides I am not particularly fond of the actual illustrations, though I tried reading this collection of poems per the recommendation of my sister in law e e cummings is her favorite poet writer so I thought I d give him a chance It turns out, he is not my cup of tea I get the artistry in non conformity it is his style to screw around with stanzas and toss punctuation around like dirty socks It s cool I applaud his creativity, but I seriously [...]

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