Child s Play Geraldine Lomas s son went missing in Italy during World War Two but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided between an animal ri

  • Title: Child's Play
  • Author: Reginald Hill
  • ISBN: 9780586072578
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Geraldine Lomas s son went missing in Italy during World War Two, but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead, leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided between an animal rights organization, a fascist front and a services benevolent fund As disgruntled relatives gather by the gravside, the funeral is interrupted by a middle aged man in an ItalGeraldine Lomas s son went missing in Italy during World War Two, but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead, leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided between an animal rights organization, a fascist front and a services benevolent fund As disgruntled relatives gather by the gravside, the funeral is interrupted by a middle aged man in an Italian suit, who falls to his knees crying, Mama Andy Dalziel is preoccupied with the illegal book one of his sergents is running on who is to be appointed as the new chief Constable But when a dead Italian turns up in the police car park, Peter Pascoe and his bloated superior are plunged into an investigation that makes internal police politics look like child s play

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    About "Reginald Hill"

    1. Reginald Hill

      Reginald Charles Hill is a contemporary English crime writer, and the winner in 1995 of the Crime Writers Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for Lifetime Achievement.After National Service 1955 57 and studying English at St Catherine s College, Oxford University 1957 60 he worked as a teacher for many years, rising to Senior Lecturer at Doncaster College of Education In 1980 he retired from salaried work in order to devote himself full time to writing.Hill is best known for his than 20 novels featuring the Yorkshire detectives Andrew Dalziel, Peter Pascoe and Edgar Wield He has also written than 30 other novels, including five featuring Joe Sixsmith, a black machine operator turned private detective in a fictional Luton Novels originally published under the pseudonyms of Patrick Ruell, Dick Morland, and Charles Underhill have now appeared under his own name Hill is also a writer of short stories, and ghost tales.

    173 thoughts on “Child's Play”

    1. As usual, a well constructed crime novel with twists and touches of humour, and well drawn characters I m giving it an extra star because I like the way Hill dealt with Wieldy coming out, and Dalziel s handling of the situation and unexpected tolerance It shows skill to create a character like Dalziel who is a monstrous slob much of the time, yet such interesting company for the reader.

    2. How refreshing A straight up police procedural No mafia, no spies, no women chopped up, no long passages where we get to hear the serial killer s thoughts It s almost quaint I m not a fan of anything too cozy mysteries solved by caterers give me hives but I weary of the overly modern novel which has to prove itself by the most gratuitous means possible Reginald Hill s later novels are certainly guilty of literary lily gilding One Hill book features long passages from Ellie Pascoe s writings and [...]

    3. For a good comfort mystery read, you can t beat Reginald Hill Child s Play is one of my favorites Wield comes out of the closet, crazy inheritance schemes are afoot, Dalziel is his charming Fat Man self.

    4. Hill could really write, and this series is fun Effective humor keeps the plot going, and Dalziel is as always memorable There are quite a lot of characters and it was not always easy to remember who was who Lexie Huby I assume she appears in this book only is also one of a kind.I did get a bit annoyed with excessive plot twists in the end This book actually ends several times, with a fast series of unexpected explanations and revelations in the last few pages Hill ties up just about every littl [...]

    5. Reg Hill was a clever writer as this Byzantine mystery bears out The book offers a turning point for Wield who finally comes out The problem is that there is too little of the main characters and far too much of the walk ons.

    6. An old lady dies and the contents of her will leave the vast majority of her fortune to her son, but he has been missing since the end of WWII and everybody else thinks he is dead During the funeral a stranger turns up claiming to be the long lost son A few days later this stranger is found dead Was he the missing heir or was he an imposter Along side this main story are several minor ones that interweave and support the plot There is a young boy searching for his father, and a policeman searchi [...]

    7. An old lady dies in the mid 1980s, family members mourn but then are surprised that her will leaves all her money to her son, who s been missing in action since 1944 with no body ever found and her fortune is some 1.5 Million Pounds There are several family factions vying for the proceeds, not to mention the fact that the woman has split her fortunes among a pet refuge, a war child s agency and a fascist women s organization to be received if her son has not come forward by 2015, when he d be 90 [...]

    8. This is not a review just a funny thought This book gave me one of those odd coincidences that folks who read a LOT get sometimes The ones where an interesting and unfamiliar word occurs in three different books in one week I had that happen with susurration , I remember I also found the phrase 1066 Country in successive books one of which was not even about England This time it was the Phillip Larkin poem This Be The Verse that starts They f ck you up, your mum and dad It was referenced both in [...]

    9. Cozier than I thought it would be It s from the 80s maybe the trend for really gruesome stuff didn t take hold until a bit later Lots to like in this, I enjoyed the characters a lot, and aspects of the plot, but it was absurdly complicated, several plotlines and all tied up neatly at the end like something out of Dickens Not his fault, but it was also a little bit of a head shake for me because it was all about the death of a loopy old lady in an English village, inheritances and parentage issue [...]

    10. Apparently I last read this on 24 November 1990 but I must have read it at least once before then as it was published in 1986 and back then I was reading the books in this series as soon as they came out This novel explores the character of Detective Sergeant Wield who now starts to take a important role in this series It s an interesting plot with some laugh out loud sequences which also manages some observations on homophobia and racism Although only playing a minor role in this story PC Hect [...]

    11. Oh Fat Andy, sometimes I think you re my hero At the very least you have to respect that this detective superintendent can be both an asshole and a good man Hill is a brilliant long game plotter Along with fleshing hah out Dalziel s larger than life character, he lets Pascoe wallow in self doubt and drop the ball on the cases in this book, bringing real life to an ambitious but not so young any detective And, every penny Hill invests in Sgt Wield is worth 100 fold in overall quality of these nov [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book but I didn t think it measured up to the other books in the series It felt a bit rambling in places and it took me a bit longer to get in to the story As always there were some great characters and the plot was good but I felt there were too many red herrings and as a result the plot was a bit slow moving in places This book deals with subjects such as homosexuality and sexism and it sometimes felt a bit political than previous books which is not necessarily a bad thing Anot [...]

    13. Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe work for Mid Yorkshire CID This book is an outstanding entry in the series featuring them A mother searches for her long lost son, supposedly dead in WWII A son searches for his long lost father, who also is dead from an unreported accidental murder The two mysteries collide during the execution of a convoluted will.Great characterizations, especially of Sgt Wield A wonderful read.

    14. The standard has increased since the first Dalzeil and Pascoe novels and this one flows along quickly and although there are several twists the plot keeps you going until the end Sexual issues for the Denton force are uncovered and DCC Whatmough is interviewed for the post of Chief Constable Shooting, bodies, fraud and deception, what can you want.

    15. I really enjoy Felony and Mayhem editions and this book in the Dalziel and Pascoe series is like most of Reginal Hill s books, a wonderful read I want to hop on line and get There are no in the F M and so I have to resort to other kinds of books Hill is enticing enough to put up with the aggravation of a mass market, or used library copy.

    16. He s finally out Hope his tension level drops off, and his CID mates don t give him TOO much of a hard time Gotta have some, though, since we ll always need an alternate source of friction within the setting of the upcoming stories Wieldy Where d that come from Well done story, an abundance of twists, with a slightly perverse wrapping up.

    17. Once again, the author has crafted a truly surprise ending to his story Although complex, the plot is not too lacking in credibility There are multiple murders, but you won t be able to guess the culprits The dialogue is all very realistic This is a good read, and I recommend it to those who appreciate a good detective police procedure mystery.

    18. This was so brilliant Loved it I m so totally in love with Wieldy, Peter, and yes, even the Fat Man Wield really shines in this one as he finally view spoiler comes out of the closet hide spoiler Dalziel, gruff and rather vulgar, turns out to be a sweet paragon of progressive values Lots of poetic justice in this one to balance out the tragedy of lost fathers and lost sons.

    19. This book had a great plot with twists, turns, and surprises Its likable and realistic characters deal believably with deeper themes interwoven in the story The Warner Books edition I read was filled with typos, so I would recommend choosing another edition.

    20. Not bad at all I did get a little confused over the relationship of the three members of the police force I think it would take awhile for them to grow on one But the plotting was well done, the murders were not easily solved, and the final mystery was a nice touch.

    21. More entertaining Dalziel Pascoe from the master On reading the first line I knew I d read it before but obviously too long ago to mar this re read it was written in 1985 Cleverly put together and with Hill s trademark northern humour.

    22. A master story teller he does not write to the same formula each time so each story is written differently sit back and enjoy you just never know what you are going to get.

    23. Hill is than a generic crime writer His characters grow, live, love and die His plots are interesting His descriptions as crisp as they should be The TV series wasn t bad either.

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