Thorn Queen Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire She s paidto bind and banish creatures from theOtherworld But something happened after her last battle She became queen of the Thorn Land With her kingdom in tatte

  • Title: Thorn Queen
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • ISBN: 9780553819878
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire She s paidto bind and banish creatures from theOtherworld.But something happened after her last battle She became queen of the Thorn Land With her kingdom in tatters, her love life in chaos, and eager to avoid the prophecy about her firstborn destroying mankind, the job s really not all it s cracked up to be.Now young girls are disapEugenie Markham is a shaman for hire She s paidto bind and banish creatures from theOtherworld.But something happened after her last battle She became queen of the Thorn Land With her kingdom in tatters, her love life in chaos, and eager to avoid the prophecy about her firstborn destroying mankind, the job s really not all it s cracked up to be.Now young girls are disappearing from the Otherworld, and no one seems willing to find out why Or to put an end to it Not that Eugenie s fazed by spilling fey blood, but this enemy is shrewd, subtle, and dangerous and nursing a very personal grudge.Eugenie must venture deep into the Otherworld and trust in a power she can barely control She may be a reluctant queen, but she s vowed to do her duty, even if it means facing the darkest and deadliest side of her nature.

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      Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full time Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.A life long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore When she can actually tear herself away from books either reading or writing them , she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses She s a self professed coffee addict and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

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    1. Before I start ranting, let me say that I liked the book and I admire Richelle Mead for it Any frustrations I had with the character were in Thorn Queen for a reason to develop flawed characters and bring the MC closer to where she needs to be That said, I need to get this rant out of my system I HATE KIYO.Reasons SPOILERS AHEAD At the start of Thorn Queen, Kiyo has supposedly moved in with Eugenie and Tim in her quaint little house In reality he brings all his cats and dogs to the house, leaves [...]

    2. Oh my God This book was awesome The minute I read the last page I jumped up and ran to my laptop to look up when the next book comes out Not until 2011, nooooooo I m already dying to read it Well, this book was recommended to me by my GR friend, Shannon She was hesitant, because our tastes don t always align, but I m glad she bit the bullet and rec ed it anyway I read Storm Born first, so I wouldn t be lost reading this one, and while I did enjoy it, I also didn t think it was that great I was n [...]

    3. 4.5 Well, well, well, what do we have here.I admit, the last book made me curious but I can t say I had high hopes for this one Sometimes I absolutely love it when I m wrong This book had everything I could wish for The badass characters, the awesome world, the bloody murders, even the sarcastic, funny stuff I even cried at one point During this whole read, I kept praying for her to leave the fox and go to the dark side, with Dorian although I was absolutely sure that wouldn t happen, I mean, c [...]

    4. 4 A buddy read with the UF masochists at BBB Well, this book went to a place I did not expect when I started it And I am not truly sure how I feel about it I only know that it got very emotional and a bit depressing, as well as rage inducing toward the end It began soon after the end of the last book Most of the first 40% was about Eug and Kiyo establishing a cadence in their relationship and we got to observe some passionate, aggressive and animalistic sex This would be perfectly fine, if it wa [...]

    5. SPOILERS So it started out a little slow, but the book got really good I REALLY enjoyed the first in the series and this one, after the first few chapters, really built upon the fun of the last one I like how this series is breaking the modern day magic kick ass woman user solving crimes by taking her into the Faery Land and developing stories INSIDE there and ultimately leaving the story there SPOILERS I never liked Kiyo, I really think he was a milk sop, so the ending of the book, when Dorian [...]

    6. I really liked the way the MC developed in this story and came into her role in the Other world Mead writes with a tongue in cheek sense of humour which is very welcome Relationships evolve, develop, deteriorate too Looking forward to the rest of the series

    7. 4 Emotion filled StarsBuddy read with the UF club at Buddies Books BaublesYou know that book that is like a tug of war and while you are reading you are so upset with the characters but at the same time can t put it down for anything THIS IS THAT KIND OF BOOK FOR ME.First we have Eugenie I like her badass powers, I like her snark, I like her desire to help everyone, I like her sense of fairness and desire to help people in both worlds and her desire not to birth a son that would try and take ove [...]

    8. It s always harder for me to review a book that I gave five stars to, and I think it s just easier for me to point out flaws than to pinpoint what makes a book amazing for me I ll give it a shot though.Eugenie is struggling with adapting to her new life of being the Thorn Queen while still trying to continue on as a shaman in the human world She focuses on something in one world while ultimately neglecting something in the other.When Eugenie became the Thorn Queen she transformed her lands into [...]

    9. If there weren t enough trigger warnings coming out of the first book, then this book would turn those triggers into fully blaring fog horn red alerts.I really liked the story for this book I did guess the villains early, but I didn t expect how far they would go.I like Eugenie and this world, but two books about rape potential rape are a lot to push through I ll read the last two, but I m disappointed in how this series is turning out compared to how amazing Vampire Academy and Bloodlines were. [...]

    10. I guess I ll start this review by mentioning what I felt upon finishing this book despair and pity Despair for the seemingly unending chasm of time until the next book in the series is released pity for the next book I was to read after this one, as I was most certainly going to punish it for not being this book o So As for the book itself This second installment in the Dark Swan series revisits Eugenie Markham a few months after the conclusion of Storm Born Though still the Queen of Thorn Land, [...]

    11. After enjoying Storm Born, I was looking forward to this book and enjoyed it at first One of the major issues I had with Storm Born was that after having a one night stand and a few conversations, Eugenie decided she was in love with Kiyo, who seemed to me to be nothing but a personality less, sleazy liar, to the extent that she wanted to die for him So no, I did not enjoy her relationship with him in this book.However, the thing that ruined it for me was Eugenie s abduction in which she was rep [...]

    12. I was totally on board with this book for the first 300 pages Great character dynamics, interesting world, intriguing plot Then the heroine, Eugenie, was raped And the rape was nothing than a plot device There are so many other things that could have been used to achieve the same goal, plot wise, but for some reason, Mead chose rape And she obviously didn t do any research beforehand either, because after the rape bit of the book, she immediately makes the incredibly stupid and well known if on [...]

    13. 4.5 starsTo say that this is better than the first is a gross understatement I thoroughly enjoyed this one and the ending god the ending had me completely wrapped up and turned inside out The heroine however is never going to be a favorite of mine with phrases like yeah, he made love to you so passionately because he was thinking of me or every man would give his right arm to sleep with me , hence the 4 stars instead of 5 I appreciate a little humility to my heroines I m afraid I appreciate Dor [...]

    14. I really liked this book I enjoyed almost every moment Our heroine Eugenie commutes between the human world working as a shaman and the Otherworld as the Thorn Queen Eugenie has grown and developed as a character She genuinely cares about her kingdom and tries to work out ways for her subjects to be able to survive in the new arid lands When some girls go missing, Eugenie starts to hunt for them I found it interesting that Eugenie does not tell her stepfather about her new position in the Otherw [...]

    15. Thorn Queen is a great second part in the Dark Swan series.I loved Storm Born and hated that I had to wait a full year to read the next book But since Mead has 3 amazing series, we get 3 doses of her each year It s great Thorn queen met and went above any exceptions I had I love the characters and the drama I liked Eugenie s point of view She s straightforward, interesting and easy to get attached to even if it s not exactly our type of world she lives in She has some what of a hard time in her [...]

    16. This was my second book written by Richelle Mead I enjoyed the second installment of the Dark Swan but I must say I am so confused and concerned by the overwhelming number of novels on the shelf right now written by female authors that use rape as the element of the plot Yes, I am aware that rape occurs but most of these books treat it lightly and do not deal with the aftermath and the healing necessary to restore the characters Because of this I had to lower my rating of the book I would think [...]

    17. EDIT 11 4 2017 Wow, poor Eugenie And please just kill Kiyo already Still one of my most favourite series from Richelle Mead.jadadady I can t evenEDIT I loved the first book still remember when I read it during French class D So I don t really know why it took me so long to continue Even though the beginning was a bit slow it was awesome Always hated Kiyo since the first moment and after this, I hate him even He s the biggest hypocrite EVER On the other hand, Dorian is such a sweetheart Love him [...]

    18. Future Amanda, you may decide that you want to finish this series and her other one Don t do it Let it go These are not the books for you.

    19. This is another book I read to 50% and put it down for Four Reasons I found Eugenie to be boring and unlikeable She s so freakin boring And truthfully I think Richelle Mead has that problem with both of her adult series The main chicks are boring and so unacepting of their dilemas COME ON MEAD give me something new TWO I think Kiyo is goodlooking but not a great boyfriend He could have died and I wouldnt have shed a tearREE I love Dorian, but really he should have hisown book I dont want him to [...]

    20. 4.5 5 stars A good deal of this book was Eugenie attempting to lose her despot image amongst the gentry and constituents of her kingdom, whether it was through attending baby showers, finding water, having sex to save the land, or searching for young girls who had disappeared Why did I feel like Eugenie was channeling Meredith Gentry when she brought about the rain through intimate relations I was honestly afraid that ivy would come curling out of Kiyo or another magical tree would appear EEK Sp [...]

    21. I wanted to read Thorn Queen because I love Richelle Mead, as well as the first in this series Eugenie is charismatic, and I love her passion and energy She is now the queen of a kingdom in the other world since she defeated its king She is totally inexperienced and didn t have much interest in it, but as the story goes on and she meets some of the subjects, she can t help but feel responsible and want to help.She begins splitting her time between the worlds, and trying to figure out her new pla [...]

    22. Maybe it was the big hype created around the book which had me waiting for things to come, or maybe it was due to the fact that I read this book after reading a lot of PNR books where intensity and passion on almost every page is a must which made me not really appreciate Eugenie s dry tone narrative voice, or maybe it was just me but it did take me a fair amount of pages to warm up to the book After that however I got sucked into an engaging, exciting and at certain times shocking and emotiona [...]

    23. I started the book not liking Kiyo a whole lot, and ended it absolutely loathing him There s not really anything redeemable about this character and why Eugenie remains so attracted to him is a mystery Sure he can fight, but Dorian does it a whole lot better I guess his only bonus is that he is half human too, so he can live in both worlds But seeing as he s determined to force Eugenie to live solely in the human world, and to give up her place in the Underworld, I really don t count this as a b [...]

    24. I don t know if I ll fully review this book, being Christmas and all, but I liked Eugenie a bit better in this one, and I still adore Dorian As my friend Samina said, I can t see how Eugenie can even like Fox face at this point

    25. First Read April 21, 2011 Rereading January 16, 2012Thorn Queen is book two in the Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead This series is about Eugenie Markham, a strong, powerful shaman and the Thorn Queen of the Otherworld Thorn Lands Eugenie, Odile Dark Swan, is the daughter of the legendary Storm King and according to the Otherworld Prophecy, she will be the mother to the next ruler of the mortal world The Dark Swan Series is an incredible HOT story and is expertly written with humour, romance, an [...]

    26. I had a few problems with this one That was because I didn t like the heroine much and I didn t like Kiyo at all.So it wasn t until almost the end, my opinion of the Thorne Queen and this book improved.I ll start the third book immediately and hope for the best.

    27. I dove eagerly into Thorn Queen as soon as I finished reading Storm Born Richelle Mead is a straight forward writer and an excellent story teller Her descriptions of the other world and supporting characters made it incredibly easy to relate to Eugenie Markham, the main character Yes, that s the main character s name I hated it at first, and I still cringe sometimes when I read it So much happened around the main plot in Thorn Queen that it wasn t until I was halfway through the apex of the stor [...]

    28. I really, really liked this book, much better than the first one This time around what appealed to me most was the reluctance that Eugenie felt about her lands I liked that she didn t want to just jump in and be all queenie Her popping between worlds had to make her life much difficult, but made her seem real.I also get the jealousy she had with Kiyo and Maiween Even if there is no longer any true love there, they will always be bound together through their child What makes matters even worse [...]

    29. First it s an obligation to attend a baby shower Then it s seeing the devastation her desert climate changes have wrought upon the land and the people Then, to top it all off, gentry girls are disappearing from her lands Even though Eugenie never wanted to be a Faerie Queen, her better nature won t let her ignore her duties for long In this fast paced follow up to Storm Born, Eugenie becomes further tied to her lands and her people, exploring what kind of monarch she wants to be It s wonderful t [...]

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