Lady s Hands Lion s Heart A Midwife s Saga A memoir of a young midwife practicing in the wilds of New Hampshire who trained with a wonderful old country doctor fell in love with her obstetrician back up and ultimately became a national leade

  • Title: Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart- A Midwife's Saga
  • Author: Carol Leonard
  • ISBN: 9780615195506
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • A memoir of a young midwife practicing in the wilds of New Hampshire who trained with a wonderful old country doctor, fell in love with her obstetrician back up, and ultimately became a national leader in the struggle to reclaim the profession of midwifery in the United States A story of love, loss and deep dedication to birthing women.

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    1. Carol Leonard

      Carol Leonard, a foremother of the modern midwifery movement, is a New Hampshire certified midwife who has been practicing for the last three decades She is co founder of the Midwives Alliance of North America MANA , which represents all midwives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and served one term as its president Her work to improve maternity care in Moscow, Russia, was featured on 20 20 and was written into the Congressional Record She is currently building a four hundred acre farm in Ellsworth, Maine, named Bad Beaver Farm.

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    1. I would have given this 4 stars or even 5 if it were edited a little better She has a tendency to ramble and to go on tangents That being said, she has fascinating stories to tell and it s obvious that she loves her work I had a hard time following the stories as a whole novel because they are broken into chunks that don t seem to lead to the next one They are mostly good chunks though Carol Leonard is an excellent story teller but she needs a little practice as an author.

    2. I absolutely loved this book Ms Leonard has a wicked sense of humor I am a midwife and a doula and I felt at times I was reading my own life I found myself hysterically laughing and at other times reaching for the box of tissues to catch tears and wipe a drippy nose This is a love story on many levels I would recommend this book to any aspiring midwife and or doula I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand why there are those of us who choose women s health and birth as our w [...]

    3. Click here to read my review on Bookpleasures bookpleasures websitepThe book is subtitled A Midwife s Saga Saga means a narrative of heroic deeds, which is a perfect description for this book.

    4. EXCELLENT book for anyone, not just birth lovers This book had a love story, intrigue, suspense and lots of great stories I think it may be one of my favorite midwife memoirs I have read.

    5. 2008 Feathered Quill Book Reviews All rights reserved.Biographies MemoirsLady s Hands, Lion s Heart A Midwife s Saga By Carol Leonard Publisher Bad Beaver Publishing Publication Date 2008 ISBN 978 0 615 19550 6 Reviewed by Pamela Victor Review Date January 2009 Lady s Hands, Lion s Heart has it all It s part memoir, part American history, part textbook, part spiritual journey, part love story Carol Leonard relays her life story as a midwife, a mother, a wife and a health care activist from 1975 [...]

    6. A book review is supposed to be a readers opinion of a book and the talent or lack thereof in some cases, but not this one of the author in weaving a good tale This book is Midwife Carol Leonard s memoir this is a book that is clearly very personal to her As someone who initially went to college to become a nurse with a focus on Labor and Delivery, and who was blessed to have three wonderful midwives deliver three out of my four childrenmber four seemed to think my husband and the nurse in the r [...]

    7. I have never been so viscerally affected by a book as I was by this one Seriously, never I squirmed, I clutched at my heart, I cried Let me explain in my admittedly limited and very finite universe, vaginas are for fun and especially for putting things into, they are not for pushing out babies.This book is all about pushing out babies and the intense physical, emotional, and family stuff that comes along with it That s stuff I ve never personally experienced, or actually thought about all that m [...]

    8. I read this 363 page book in one go yesterday it was like sitting in this woman s den in comfy navajo blanket chairs, talking all night in front of a fire Her voice is so immediate funny and sometimes bitchy always honest She has some funny verbal hiccups from soup to nuts and dog and pony show charming She doesn t gloss over tragedy and loss and abuse in the lives of her women and herself But she s just as clear about the joy and miracles she s seen being a midwife, or with woman, through birth [...]

    9. We like to think that obstetrics has come a long way since the 1950s, when women were often bound and drugged by obstetricians during labor, leaving them with no conscious memory of their birthing experience But midwife Carol Leonard s memoir reminds us that maltreatment of women in the delivery room has persisted When Leonard gave birth to her son in 1975, she was shaved, forced to have an enema, strapped down and scolded for touching herself to relieve pain and pressure Her delivery ended in a [...]

    10. Most of the time, I don t both to read books unless I have a reason to believe it will be a five start book I picked up this book out of curiosity knowing it would have different beliefs from mine In the end, I give this book three stars because it desperately needed some editing and describing words I could imagine what the author was saying because I am a student midwife but I would think that people who are not familiar with birth would need The writing is not top notch but wow, what a stor [...]

    11. Quotable Crystal s story brings up the issue of abortion, which most midwives try to avoid like the plague No professional midwifery organization to date copyright 2008 has adopted an official position on the abortion debate, preferring to ignore it in the hope that it will go away Although our ancient craft is to preserve the sanctity and holiness of birth and therefore, life the title midwife still means with woman To me, this means that midwives are beholden to honor and respect a woman s dec [...]

    12. Lady s Hands, Lion s Heart is a deeply felt book It s funny and sad and engaging, in large part because of its very straightforward and honest narrative voice.This memoir covers the years 1975 to 1986, beginning with the author s experience giving birth to her only child not a great experience This is when the conflicting emotions begin I am incredibly high from giving birth, proud that my body is so strong and wise I feel thwarted that my accomplishment has somehow been belittled, that I have b [...]

    13. Another inspiring midwife story Carol s tale is heartwarming and heartbreaking by turns I thought it was a unique twist to weave through her days of babycatching the relating of her love life which of course has to do ultimately with the babycatching I think this is the first midwife story I ve read and I ve read a few where I encountered a midwife I didn t agree with professionally but still respected and wanted to listen to Leonard got her start working in an abortion clinic, being literally a [...]

    14. A really interesting read she is funny, descriptive, vibrant, and oh so strong willed This makes Leonard an excellent story teller It was neat to look back at the start of midwives and their growing public and medical recognition as a legitimate source of care for pregnant women Carol Leonard is clearly passionate about her cause and her enthusiasm is catching as you read along After the first hundred pages or so I thought that I would get bored of the story how many times can you read about at [...]

    15. I was handed this book to read on Friday after I started interning for the New Space for Women s Health in nyc I read it, completely enraptured, in one fell swoop, and then saw Carol talk at Bluestockings on Saturday On Sunday, I sit here writing this review This book is fucking hysterical, heart wrenching and written with deft clarity None of that gross fuzz that coats a lot of midwifery women fer women memoirs of that time It actually inspired me to become a midwife after I swore that I d neve [...]

    16. I thought this book was engaging, insightful, and honest I liked Carol s no nonsense attitude especially being a New England er myself, and fellow home birth mama , but also her deep connections to spirituality and the belief in women s bodies For a midwife s memoir I thought it was great I could read birth stories all day When I read a memoir and I know that the writer does not have a background in writing or composition I tend leave my literally critiques at the door with exception to some rea [...]

    17. It was good, but not as good as Baby Catcher I really don t appreciate Ms Leonard s implication that giving birth is what brings a woman into womanhood While I agree that giving birth is a rite of passage for some, it is not a rite of passage that CREATES womanhood as it cannot be experienced by many women, whether due to infertility or being trans.By the way, the ending of this book is devastating and the devastation hits fast and furious The book is so good and beautiful and you have very litt [...]

    18. Very skilled writer sharing compelling stories as a midwife pioneering the way for the revival of midwifery in America However, the author s frequent use of profanity, multiple pro abortion comments, the frequently interjected bits of her religious beliefs I believe Wiccan as she talks about portrayals of witches belittling her religion , and some details of her personal life required a lot of skimming over or ignoring on my part Those are the reasons that the book was only a 3 star for me.

    19. This was a decent book filled with decent birth stories, but was muddled a bit by the sometimes confusing and irrelevant details that the author chose to talk about I didn t buy this book to read about her vacations, not even the history of the MANA, but simply for the birth stories And sometimes even those were short and or pointless The ending was abrupt, sad, and disappointing I feel she could have chosen a better way to end the book Overall, it was an enjoyable read, but not one I will be pi [...]

    20. Fabulouscially in my line of work This is a tell it like it is story of midwifery Beautifully told stories and personal anecdotes that bring the reader along with Carol as she rides the backroads of NH lovingly helping babies arrive safely into their parent s hearts Love it Thanks Missy, Amy, and Erin for the suggestion Thanks Missy too for the encouragement on transforming my career

    21. I plowed through this book after the birth of my third son I was sequestered to my bedroom for a full week in order to heal and bond with baby I spent many of my waking hours reading this book The birth stories are beautiful, and Carol Leonard s voice is so powerful yet relatable I wish I could meet her someday and hear of her stories Of course, I was in tears at the very end True love stories always get me.

    22. I LOVED THIS BOOK This is full of many tales of a modern midwife practicing in New Hampshireand fighting to establish her trade as legal The tales are funny, sad and somewhere in between The author call herself a Mountain Woman, but she is so much i have always liked books about the exploits of midwives as I had my children in a hospital where they insisted I stay in bed and wouldn t let walk around I wish there had been midwives in my time but they were illegal back then.

    23. I read this for town book club in May I was very apprehensive to read this book I thought the subject matter wouldn t be interesting It was good, but not a book I would have chosen to read I recognized many of the locations of the book and suspect I know a few of the people within the book.

    24. An excellent book with true birth stories Carol was a huge instrument in forming the Midwives Alliance of North American MANA A sad ending to her book, but not to her life She is a strong lady and it comes through in her book I did have a hard time with way she writes so I took off a star for that.

    25. Perhaps it is the hormones of late pregnancy, but Leonard had me laughing out loud, re telling her stories, and sobbing during this read What a beautiful, strong, giving, dedicated woman, and what a life storyd she only writes about the first 12 years of her practice as a midwife beginning with the birth of her son.

    26. 3.5 stars I loved all the birth stories and I loved reading about how she was involved in the legislation to allow non nurse midwives to practice home birth legally The language and some of the characters in the book were a bit rough weird for me and the ending was sad But still a great read for a birth junkie

    27. Our book club chose this book because she is a NH author and one of our members had Carol as her midwife She is planning on coming to our meeting when we discuss her book Very well written It drew me back Though I would not want a home birth, Carol has made it possible for many women to have one and to make hospital birth home like and less antiseptic.

    28. I enjoyed this book immensely It s the memoir of a midwife that started practicing in the 1970 s I laughed, I felt angered, empowered My husband s coworker lent me this book she bought it in memory of her daughter s birth Carol Leonard was her midwife and she paid for her services with a cord of chopped wood.

    29. Made me bawl like a baby or rather a 26 week pregnant women Amazing amount and variety of natural birth stories Masterfully weaves her life and spirituality into those accounts I live in NH and loved reading about the history of midwifery in the state as well as the nation and to a small degree the world What an amazing women All women should read this

    30. Some sad parts to this book including a description of an abortion and a very tragic loss in the author s life, but beyond that I really enjoyed this book Lots of great birth stories with humor, emotion, and inspiration woven throughout Also included some historical tidbits about the growth of midwifery in the 1970 80s and the formation of the Midwives Alliance of North America MANA.

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