Warwolfe A USA Today Bestselling book ranked on the USA Today Bestseller list A D Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack led by the man known as WARWOLFE Before the Duke of Norma

  • Title: Warwolfe
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A USA Today Bestselling book, ranked 110 on the USA Today Bestseller list 6 11 17 1066 A.D Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his name could strike both fear and admiration into the A USA Today Bestselling book, ranked 110 on the USA Today Bestseller list 6 11 17 1066 A.D Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his name could strike both fear and admiration into the hearts of all men That name is Warwolfe Gaetan de Wolfe is this man A legend from a family of legends, the greatest de Wolfe warrior arises as William the Conqueror sets foot in England to claim what he believes is his birthright Gaetan brings with him nine of the fiercest knights the realm has ever seen, plowing their way into the English countryside, forging their legacies at the Battle of Hastings But when one of Gaetan s men is kidnapped by the rogue brother of the Earl of Mercia, Gaetan refuses to let his man go His loyalty to his men is above all A rescue mission of epic proportions begins Guiding the original de Wolfe Pack on this task into deadly enemy territory is a lady warrior known as Ghislaine of Mercia The sister of the man who kidnapped Gaetan s knight, her loyalties are torn Wary of the big Norman knight with the fierce manner, her attraction to Gaetan is nonetheless undeniable There is a spark between them that refuses to die Together, Gaetan and Ghislaine embark on a dangerous adventure where myths are revealed, loyalties are tested, and where a growing passion between them becomes all consuming Live the legend.

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    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      USA TODAY Bestselling Author All Star Author 1 multi published Bestselling Author 1 ranked English Medieval Romance Author on Le Veque writes winning epics Publisher s Weekly Kathryn Le Veque is a force of nature Her stories are epic, with timeless themes and heroes to die for Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times Bestselling Author The epic Medieval Romance is back thanks to Kathryn Le Veque Claire Delacroix, NYT Bestselling author This author genius Ind Tale MagazineKATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an All Star author, and a 1 bestselling, award winning, multi published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY s HEA blog In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine She is also quintuple nominee a record for the prestigious RONE awards for 2016 Kathryn s Medieval Romance novels have been called detailed , highly romantic , and character rich She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages More than that, she writes for both women AND men an unusual crossover for a romance author and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure On October 29, 2015, launched Kathryn s Kindle Worlds Fan Fiction site WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK Please visit Kindle Worlds for Kathryn Le Veque s World of de Wolfe Pack and find many action packed adventures written by some of the top authors in their genre using Kathryn s characters from the de Wolfe Pack series As Kindle World s FIRST Historical Romance fan fiction world, Kathryn Le Veque s World of de Wolfe Pack will contain all of the great story telling you have come to expect.Kathryn loves to hear from her readers Please find Kathryn on Facebook at Kathryn Le Veque, Author, or join her on Twitter kathrynleveque, and don t forget to visit her website at kathrynleveque.

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    1. At first I thought this was going to be all fighting but when the romance started it was very good Well fleshed characters and a great story Will read some of the other books from this author but not all of them as they may be too similar, she writes well though.

    2. This is a book to be savoured, like a fine wine 5 stars Kathryn Le Veque delivers again an action packed, fast paced historical romance worth savouring slowly moments by moments I found myself quickly absorbed in the story, staying up and reading until late in the night WARWOLFE is a real page turner A very complex story that will sweep you off your feet and take a hold of you Medieval romance lovers, will adore the prequel of The Wolfe I highly recommend it It tells the story of Gaetan de Wolfe [...]

    3. The Adventure of De WolfeFive Amazing StarsI was so absolutely thrilled to now receive the first series, de Wolfe Pack Written by the fantastic and amazing author, Kathryn Le Veque For another most exciting historical adventure I found this most wonderful awesome most magnificent book I found so hard to even put down.In the much later month of September in 1066AD The Norman Knights had arrived in their boats on the shores of England Lead by Gaettan De Wolfe Their ships had arrived from across th [...]

    4. So Well ToldThis brilliant author always has the ability to transport me to be directly in the midst of things when I read her books I feel like as I am reading I have gently landed right into the story so that I can live each moment with all of these wonderful characters Very few authors can do that in my eyes Gaston and Grislaine s story was so well told Not only was it their story, but the story of the Anges de Guerre, Angels of War.Gaeton de Wolfe is the Duke of Normandy s Warwolfe The head [...]

    5. As I read further into the Le Veque s mighty library of Medieval stories of adventure, passion, honor, and battle, I m ready to slide into her world all over again.She s a prolific writer who entertains with battle scenes, knight camaraderie, humor, and poignant moments Her series overlap so much with characters from previous ones, the joy of old friends, the rich understanding of historical events and her developed characterization is thoroughly captivating.In this book, the de Wolfe pack has i [...]

    6. What can I say about this book by Ms Kathryn Le Veque except wow what an amazing book Ms Le Veque just seamlessly wrote such a captivating story which pulls you the reader into the deeply riveting involved story but there is such a level of complexity to not only the story telling and how she writes but her characters are very three dimensional plus seem so real that they literally come to life well that and the nicely done cover helps too Ms Le Veque is just a wonderful writer and story teller [...]

    7. The Wolfe has always been my favorite book It is 909 pages, jammed packed with action, characters that you can t help fall in love with, a sweet, wonderful romance and William de Wolfe I have read The Wolfe five times I never tire of it It never gets old I am merely visiting with friends that I miss And, it never fails to put a smile on my face It is that kind of book After my first reading of The Wolfe, I had to see if this was just a fluke and if the author, Kathryn Le Veque, was really that g [...]

    8. When you read a new author you are never quite sure what to expect You look at the reviews and make as good of an assessment as you can to decide I had looked at several of her books at different times and thought they looked interesting and added them to my TBR pile, but this one stood out to me So like any good reader, I took a leap of faith and set course with a new to me author All I have to say is WOW I could not put this book down Yes, it is a romance, but that is definitely not the main t [...]

    9. A wolf whistle for Warwolfe Warwolfe is another fantastic tale of knights, intrigue, battle, and romance Sir Gaeton de Wolfe is a leader of eight knights from Normandy who are the greatest warriors of their day He is a big, gorgeous man whose entire life has been defined by conquest The Duke of Normandy depends on the eight knights, like his own special forces group, to lead and win his battles in England at the Battle of Hastings It s during this bloody conflict Gaeton meets Lady Ghislaine on t [...]

    10. She did it again.Kathryn Le Veque writes with passion and quoting her book breathes life into her characters I couldn t put this book down.A woman is writing her disotation and she is researching She is asking for help She finds someone who knows where there is a book written by a priest who came with the Duke of Normandy to England This book was called the book of battle It has book in this family for generations When she speaks to Mr Browne he is convinced she is the one to tell the knights ta [...]

    11. Gaetan de Wolfe and his men are like Medieval S A S A band of warriors that go above and beyond for their cause and each other They also refuse to leave a man behind, so when one of their number is taken, in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings the set out to get him back Ghislaine of Mercia is a Saxon warrior in her own right Because two if her brothers are fighting on a different front, she takes her army to Hastings When someone steals her prisoner she knows she must get him back, even if [...]

    12. ALL S FAIRIn the world where the Normans have just landed in England, and where mysterious tribes still rule the dark woods, a crazed bastard son steals his sister s a rather warlike lady captive Not that she really had a need for him, but he was HERS In her anger, she marches right to the enemy camp, to get assistance from someone who might care She meets than she thought she might, and the story of the toils and travails of these knights, a priest, and a lady, take up the rest of the book.In [...]

    13. Knights of LegendsKathryn le Veques has really out done it again she has given so much in all her books, her knights, her heroines, bringing them to life to read the books is like going back in time and living the lives, the sorrows, the happiness of the characters along with the choices, the dangers, the risks that are taken to reach whatever goal is needed to be achieved.In this book Kathryn starts in the present day to me it s as if Kathryn is the one as Abigail for she is telling the lives o [...]

    14. She has done it againEvery novel that I have ever read by Kathryn me Veque has always sent me to another one of her books I m the type of person that needs details and she never fails to deliver I m so glad that she reawakening my love for reading She never fails to immerse me into a world that that we can only imagine I love the way these men and very manly men are able to show themselves emotionally in front of each other without fear The that bind them together and the length they go preserve [...]

    15. WarWolfe I can t believe that Kathryn Le Veque never, ever fails to write a book so explosive that I come away feeling as if I know and love the characters I worried, I laughed, I cried, and I hated to read the last page because I knew it would leave the sense of loss of having come to know and love these characters Luckily for me, she has provided a book with the family trees so I can make connections between all the forthcoming, equally amazing characters in Kathryn Le Veque s Medieval world t [...]

    16. We meet the forefather of The Wolfe, Gaetan de Wolfe better known as the Warwolfe This was an excellent action adventure with the origin stories of many of the LeVeque knights This story was so exciting from page 1 with battles and danger All of the characters were so unique and so well blended in the plot the story never slowed down Gaetan meets Ghislaine a lady warrior that sets his path and heart on a different course This story really told the story of this band of knights that were than br [...]

    17. Loved this book Another absolutely fantastic story from the best author ever I found that this story was different than her other novels but I adore the main characters and I loved reading about the ancestors of some of my favorite characters from other Kathryn Le Veque books As with her newer books I think this book was not long enough but I doubt many people would agree The detail in Kathryns novels is what makes her stand out to me and I just would have liked to know about the characters afte [...]

    18. WARWOLFEJust as her other nove s the story holds the reader spellbound until the very end I look forward to every new book Ms Le Veque has written Warwolf finds his love just when he thought he would never marry As with the practise of having bedslaves Warwolf s name for his mistresses have him children but Gisalaine will have him the legitimate heirs that were the ones to inherit when he passed on to his greater glory Warwolf is a truly great knight and the brotherhood of eight War Angels were [...]

    19. Always a 5 star rating I always give Kathryn Le Veque s books a 5 star ratingI wish I could give them a 50 star rating They are all that good Every single one of them This one included Kathryn has a way of pulling you right into her books and you live the story just as if you are thereI love every character in this bookexcept of course the bad guybut he was insane there Gaetan is the ultimate warrior, in size and loyaltyhe is the leader of the Anges de Guerre And Ghislaine is a powerful warrior [...]

    20. The greatest knights from Normandy The greatest de Wolfe and how he met his warrior wife to be But you get some insight to all 9 of the knights and where their legacy continues My goal is to read all the books of all the knights and their offspring Kathryn also has a great group of writers that she works with too You can t go wrong with these I love how he slowly came to discover his feelings for her But how she won over the others too including one especially with their little battle Jewel of a [...]

    21. What a way to showcase a fascinating period of history and give us another Wolfe to drool over In this story, we learn a little about the families of our favorite Heroes and Heroines, including de Shera, de Lohr, Wellesborne, de Lara and de Winter.While Gaetan was a massive warrior and a great Hero, fighting for The Conqueror, I loved that Ghislaine, our Heroine, is a fighter, bow, sword, etc Very, Very strong, loyal and she loved Gate to the point of sacrifice An epic story with betrayals from [...]

    22. One of the best books Ms Le Veque has ever written I really, really enjoyed reading it It was one of those books that I could actually see it play out in my head the fight scenes with the Anges de Guerre specially Gaetan Is it horribly wrong to have a crush on him sigh I d actually offer myself to be one of his bedslaves The only thing i did notice though which i think Ms Le Veque missed out was Normans do not say aye right or maybe i m wrong but its just minor blip for me Definitely going on th [...]

    23. Get caught up in this compelling story This book grabs you from the start, holds onto you and doesn t let up right to the end This is the type of story that you will get lost in so don t expect to get anything done once you start reading The battles are lifelike, the characters feel so compelling and real you will think you stepped back in time yourself Wonderful Simply wonderful

    24. Good story and a quick read I read this AFTER all the other de Wolfe books So having approached this book as the foundation of KL s medieval world characters, I had hoped for a longer book Also hoped for a story with some depth, adversity complexity and character development Maybe reading this first would have been a better strategy after the other books it felt rushed, stand alone and just scratches the surface.

    25. This book pleasantly surprised me Kathryn Le Veque is a phenomenal voice in medieval romantic fiction, and her tale of the Anges de Guerre was difficult to put down Filled with action, intrigue, drama and romance, there is so much entertainment packed into these pages that I was a bit sad when I reached the end I look forward to picking up the other books in Kathryn s medieval world and following the adventures of the other knights and their descendants.

    26. I absolutely love this book I am awed I have been reading Kathryn LeVeque s amazing books for years This book is in my top 3 Warwolfe is a story about love, honor, friendship, and knightswhat could you ask for The story is well crafted I would recommend this book to anyone that likes medieval romances, anyone who likes books about knights, all Kathryn LeVeque fans, and anyone who likes tales of love and devotion Just so you know, I teared up at the end.

    27. Kathryn Le Veque did it again She wrote another fantastic story about my favorite family the de Wolfes Warwolfe is a great story and I loved how she brought the other great families into the story This story was about two people who met each other during the Battle of Hastings Gaetan de Wolfe saved Ghislaine of Mercia life This was the beginning of learning to trust, protecting and falling in love

    28. Fascinating story and good charactersI always enjoy this author s novels but what was especially noteworthy about this one was the fact she was able to profile the cultural differences that were present around the time of William the conqueror s invasion English society was a wholly different place than it would be in another 100 to 200 years.

    29. FantasticI have been looking forward to this book for seedlings now and I was not disappointed What a wonderful tale I loved the introduction where they brought out the old manuscript Made me smile like I w as actually there, seeing it myself Great story Wonderful author

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