The Fortress If I had been another woman I might have been skeptical But I wasn t another woman I was a woman ready to be swept away I was a woman ready for her story to begin As a writer story was all that matt

  • Title: The Fortress
  • Author: Danielle Trussoni
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If I had been another woman, I might have been skeptical But I wasn t another woman I was a woman ready to be swept away I was a woman ready for her story to begin As a writer, story was all that mattered Rising action, dramatic complication, heroes and villains and dark plots I believed I was the author of my life, that I controlled the narration From their first If I had been another woman, I might have been skeptical But I wasn t another woman I was a woman ready to be swept away I was a woman ready for her story to begin As a writer, story was all that mattered Rising action, dramatic complication, heroes and villains and dark plots I believed I was the author of my life, that I controlled the narration From their first kiss, twenty seven year old writer Danielle Trussoni is spellbound by a novelist from Bulgaria The two share a love of jazz and books and travel, passions that intensify their whirlwind romance.Eight years later, hopeful to renew their marriage, Danielle and her husband move to the south of France, to a picturesque medieval village in the Languedoc It is here, in a haunted stone fortress built by the Knights Templar, that she comes to understand the dark, subterranean forces that have been following her all along.While Danielle and her husband eventually part, Danielle s time in the fortress brings precious wisdom about life and love that she could not have learned otherwise Ultimately, she finds the strength to overcome her illusions, and start again.An incisive look at romantic love, The Fortress is one woman s fight to understand the complexities of her own heart, told by one of the best writers of her generation.

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    1. Danielle Trussoni

      Danielle Trussoni is a bestselling memoirist and novelist, with books translated into over thirty languages.Her new book, forthcoming in September 2016, is THE FORTRESS, a memoir about the disintegration of her marriage in the South of France.Trussoni wrote the award winning memoir FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH 2006 about her relationship with her father It was chosen as one of the Best Ten Books of the Year by The New York Times.She then went on to write the NYT and Internationally bestselling novels ANGELOLOGY 2010 and ANGELOPOLIS 2013.

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    1. An autobiographical memoir ought to be simplest of genres, the author is also usually the narrator principal character, the other characters are present in the author s memory, the plot seemingly a simple recounting of what happened in real life But to a literary analyst, memoir is fiendishly complex In what sense is Danielle Trussoni, a woman who once attended the University of Iowa MFA program identical with the Danielle Trussoni in this story, who lived in a castle in southern France while ma [...]

    2. My interest in memoirs really led me astray here This was a combination of lifestyle porn la Under the Tuscan Sun or Peter Mayle and a petulant tell all attempt at self aggrandizement She d be describing uninterestingly but breathlessly some incident that was soul crushing and then stop midway and describe the food she was eating or the design of drapery The fact that they lived in a 13th century fortress must have been than 50% of the reason she got this book contract Reading the summary I ass [...]

    3. I can t believe this book got such good reviews, I finally quit halfway through, and I almost never do that I absolutely couldn t stand either one of them, he was so narcissistic and selfish, she so pitiful and clueless Truly couldn t waste another second in their world I quit when she was desperate to renew her vows to the man she was repulsed by physically, who had repeatedly lied to her, and was completely absent from their lives, she was a moron

    4. One of my favorite pieces of wisdom is from St Augustine His words immediately came to mind while reading Danielle Trussoni s true adventures, grand and mis, of love and loss and love again The world is a great book Those that never stir from home read only a page As someone who herself has stirred from home from time to time , I found myself in great and sympathetic company with The Fortress I ve sometimes made those wild choices that paid off and other times cost way too much I ve rationalized [...]

    5. Reviewing memoirs is always difficult for me because I feel like I m judging the author, not just the book, if I didn t appreciate their story.And, unfortunately, this was a tough one for me.First, Trussoni reads her own audiobook, which, unless the author is a comedian or actor, is almost always a mistake It was in this case She would have been better served by having a professional read her story.Second, while Trussoni s tale about the dissolution of her second marriage while living abroad in [...]

    6. I had always believed we were exceptional, but now I saw that we were just your run of the mill egotistical assholes Um, whoa I have a penchant for train wreck relationship memoirs, but this might be one of the strangest and nastiest divorce narratives I ve read yet well, either this or Cleaving It s seems odd to say I liked it, but it was fascinating and sad.

    7. I m not sure what the point of the book is, except to shake your head throughout and wonder what on earth Trussoni was thinking.

    8. I couldn t put this down Danielle Trussoni whipped out every ounce of self actualization and intellect from her holster as she recounted the disintegration of her marriage to Bulgarian dickhead Nikolai Grozni, and their ineffective struggle to turn the relationship around by moving into a little castle in the South of France At times, it read like a fiction I was turning pages so fast, I couldn t believe I was so frantically compelled by somebody s real life What impressed me most is that she ha [...]

    9. At first blush, The Fortress may seem like one of those typical memoirs recounting a romantic adventure of a couple finding, buying and fixing up a rundown French villa but no, it is so much More complicated, deep, and especially, real.In The Fortress, Ms Trussoni lays bare the consequences of her impulsive life Her whirlwind romance in Bulgaria and then purchasing a run down French villa called La Commanderie Her husband confounds her with lies and he manipulates Ms Trussoni into doubting her [...]

    10. Does the idea of writing books on your life influence the way you live your life A question I had while reading this intriguing memoir about the marriage and break up of two headstrong and complicated individuals.

    11. Did not enjoy at all in fact, it caused me anxiety The love story subtitle is totally misleading should be a called a hate story The author fails to acknowledge that there are some deep mental issues happening with her husband, despite recognizing them in other characters mentioned throughout the book Just because you ve spent time in a foreign country doesn t mean your story makes for a great one Was not at all what I was expecting from the synopsis.

    12. I was a woman ready to be swept away I was a woman ready for her story to begin 12 A Love Story, says the subtitle, but don t discount that crack running through the cover.Trussoni was fresh out of another relationship when she fell for Nikolai, a writer and pianist from Bulgaria Theirs was supposed to be that swept away by love story, and for a while it was But the cracks showed early there s a moment when Nikolai reads the journals that Trussoni had told him directly were off limits, and my mi [...]

    13. Having been familiar with Trussoni s writing ANGELOLOGY, ANGELOPOLIS, FALLING THRU EARTH memoir I thought I knew what I was in for when I opened THE FORTRESS As I read on, I was so completely involved that I almost forgot it was a true story The reality overwhelms the reader at times especially given the family s idyllic setting but tumultuous life in France I couldn t help thinking about how her writing life was being affected along the way, her personality as well I fell in love with Trussoni [...]

    14. This book is subtitled a love story which is not at all true The author is divorced and has a small child when she meets Nikolai, who is also divorced with a child They quickly discover they are soul mates His visa is expired so he has to return to Bulgaria to renew it, convinces her to come along, then they find out he has to stay there 2 years before leaving again He convinces her to stay in Bulgaria can t live without her , supported by his parents and she s pregnant They have a child, he che [...]

    15. Adam Gopnik while being interviewed said No one wants to read about a good marriagebut everyone wants to read about a bad marriage This is that bad marriage and yes I did keep turning those pages faster than you can say divorce The only problem I had with this book was why the author felt the need to tell us this story I m not being critical but rather curious I don t think I could have ever told the world about my bad marriage unless there was something so rare and different about my situation [...]

    16. This is not the type of novel I usually praise However Trussoni says that this is a true story written as fiction with some name changes and some speculation on the dialogue All in all I think that the writing must have been as excruciatingly painful as the living of a fairy tale love turned nightmare Two very talented people, artists, well educated but both selfish with viewpoints bases only on self Very interesting but sometimes painful to read For those of you who think you might be able to c [...]

    17. Boldly written story of a romance that soared across the planet and then came crashing to earth There were times when I wanted her to respond rationally, in a measured way I felt she made things worse with her terror of a husband, but she was living it I was not I had to remind myself that she was sick with worry and rage And she can write one hell of a story.

    18. I waited a week to post this book on First I had to remember the book I had forgotten to post, which I did by checking my Overdrive history.Then I had to read some of the latest reviews to remind me of the content Now I m ready It was interesting.

    19. Okay I feel that I have read many books like this memoir It almost always seems to be an author or artist type that make ill advised decisions and that write about all their angst I am not a fan of this kind of book any There tends to be a sameness to them.

    20. An autobio that somehow read like a thriller I read this after Love Warrior and really enjoyed cleansing the palate.

    21. I expected this to be a novel not a memoir But I m glad that the author managed to finally break the cycle of bad relationships.

    22. A painfully beautiful tale of fascination and betrayalI was originally drawn into Trussoni s misshapen love story when she published a series of stories as a True Love column on The Rumpus She indicated that she was in the process of crafting a memoir As I eagerly awaited each new installment of the story of her and The Magician, I knew that this book was something worth waiting for when the column was taken off the site and I found that the book had a publication date, I pre ordered it immediat [...]

    23. I got an advanced copy of this book and after my friend told me it was terrible, I decided to try it myself The premise was intriguing a woman writing about how her marriage falls apart while she and her husband rent a house in Aubais, France It starts out with a scene where she s dancing with another man at a club in Paris and he wants to take her home, but her husband is nearby, so instead he tells her to come back to France I m not sure if there was ever any resolution to that scene because I [...]

    24. Trussoni has led an interesting life, with many pivots and turns One of them, as it turns out, is marrying a fellow writer and emotional abuser His descent into a particularly intense vein of abuse is well portrayed, and their life together in Italy richly described My struggles with this book, such as they are, begin with the language Trussoni uses to portray his worst moments is clearly manipulative in and of itself, as if she feared her readers wouldn t believe how truly terrifying it is to b [...]

    25. American, international best selling novelist Danielle Trussoni has written a courageous, haunting book about her marriage to Bulgarian writer Nickolai Grozni and after looking at his picture it is easy to see why she was drawn in I find some of the reviews here harsh As a writer I consider myself a romantic who believes LOVE is the thing we all live long for and can be for whatever reason the most evasive Sometimes we fall hard in love with the wrong person or the person who appears to be one t [...]

    26. Five starsFirst of all, being an avid reader of travel writing, I found the setting deeply engaging The Fortress takes place in the South of France, in a small village in the Languedoc Region The writer portrayed the village of Aubais where she lived with her family for some years wonderfully My wife and I have visited this part of France before and I found that the author was able to capture the culture remarkably well All of this is to say that if you like to read about foreign places, this bo [...]

    27. You must read this book I was given an advance copy of The Fortress by a friend who works at a bookstore My friend said that I should read it, and while I rarely write reviews, I felt compelled to write one for this book, which kept me up all night It is quite simply the most honest and brave account of one woman s attempt to find genuine happiness that I have ever read Danielle Trussoni moved to France with her husband and children, hoping to save her failing marriage She moved to a small villa [...]

    28. When I started reading this I didn t realize it was a memoir and wasn t sure I was going to finish it Realizing it was nonfiction I kept on reading and got caught up in her story Danielle certainly seemed to be swayed by attractiveness, and fell fast and hard Three times and wo children She certainly was emotionally bullied by husband 2 But she also stymied intimacy between them This book basically ended when her second marriage ended I was glad she included enough information Sometimes sprinkle [...]

    29. Trussoni is back at it with a compelling, hearfelt memoir about falling in love and then holding fast, even when it is not working because letting go means something even crushing With breathtaking honesty, she peels apart her false hopes and reveals a raw and honest story about the disintegration of a marriage Very few writers have the versatility with language that Trussoni brings to her books, and in her descriptions, the fractures come alive as she finds the strength to break up her marriag [...]

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