Flower s Bed Flower s Bed is an incredible tale of Flower Abrams a young lady cared for by her loving mother and her deceitful father She struggles to overcome her adversities by experiencing pain understanding r

  • Title: Flower's Bed
  • Author: Antoine Inch Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780974507507
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flower s Bed is an incredible tale of Flower Abrams a young lady cared for by her loving mother and her deceitful father She struggles to overcome her adversities by experiencing pain, understanding reality, and surrendering to love Emotionally and psychologically affected by a brutal attack, Flower turns to the one thing that brought her solaceTHE STREETS.

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      111 Antoine Inch Thomas

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      Antoine Inch Thomas Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Flower's Bed book, this is one of the most wanted Antoine Inch Thomas author readers around the world.

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    1. Sunshine After Rain A little girl s ninth birthday celebrated by a party at a skating rink with all her friends should be a memorable event It was for young Flower Abrams, but for all the wrong reasons It s a birthday she ll always remember because it s also the day her innocence was snatched away from her at the hands of her father Years of being raped by her father on a regular basis and keeping the secret from her mother and best friend has wrecked havoc on her young mind Will this flower eve [...]

    2. When I was last in Balti many customers were aware of Flowers Bed It sort of has become a classic on the streets So I said to myself I must read this book and see whats up with it When reading this book I was reminded of Flyy Girl and Coldest Winter This book wasn t quite on that level but if you want something near those lines this is the read for you Flower is a young girl who is molested by her father, tends to fall for all the wrong guys, and uses sex as a way of comfort Many of rape victims [...]

    3. Flowers Bed Is about a young girl who was raped by her father on her 9th birthday She was raped by him untill he died Never told anyone ever not even her own mother Flower held that in forever and it carried on her life and the way she took care of herself, going around juss having sex because of what her father has put in her head Untill she met a guy who she trusted and Loved and told him what she been through The good times they had ended early he was set up and shot and killed It was hard fo [...]

    4. If you like suspense than you ll love this book This book have so much suspense that it will leave you wanting Flower is on a mission to find her dead boyfriends and father s killer In this book Flower goes through many things One thing that she goes through is being molested by her father while her mother is at work every night Another thing she goes through is her boyfriend death The final thing she goes through is finding out who killed her boyfriend and her father The first thing she goes t [...]

    5. The book Flower s Bed is a very ,very sad story about this nine year old little girl named Flower went to this party to have some fun in her Birthday with her family and friends As the party ended her and her father went back home to the Bronx where they lived at ,and that evening a heinous ,very bad crime happened that you won t even believe Flower s father had rapped her badly and she was sodomized Then the sexual inter coarse had continued and had affected her life ,like into her emotional an [...]

    6. Flowers bed is a book that will definitely have your emotions on edge Flower was an unfortunate victim of sexual abuse, this book will take you for a walk into a world full of drama, lust, crime, and deceit The characters from the book were both well developed, and realistic The true hero of the book was Alize The drama and the shooting with Alize is key to Flower releasing her story and her true feelings about the sexual abuse she experienced The book was given four and a half stars by the grou [...]

    7. i am 12 years old and i read this book it is really suspenseful after reading a selection of books this isn t the greatest evenn though it is the first adult book i have ever read go has blessed me with a family and most of all a father i can count on no child should have to endure such a fate to take something so precious away a a little s girls presciousness made up word xD is like one of the worst things you can do because of the suspense of not knowing what will happen next i like this book. [...]

    8. this book was so interestinq, i couldnt put it down i could really relate to it the conflict here was a younq girl by the name of Flower was beinq forced to have violent and abusive sex with her father even after he died she had to have sex she beqan sleepinq with an older man, in his mid twenties her life beqins spirlinq out of control she beqins strippinq and havinq sex with mutiple druq dealers but Flower eventually qets her life toqether, stops strippinq, and finds a qood man and qets to liv [...]

    9. This book was my moms book When she passed away I took the book and read it myself Mind you I was only thirteen years old I didn t really know anything about these kinds of books But once I read it I could not put it down Everything that this young lady went through is something I could never imagine She had the worst life growing up, but she still came out on top in the end I still have that book til this day Sometimes I would just pick it up and start reading it It brings back the memories of [...]

    10. Flowers bed brought tears to my eyes The way Flower was treated noones father should do At a young age poor Flower was raped by her father and lived with fear until he died After so many years of being raped by her father she became an nympho freak.Young Flower grew up to use her sex as a weapon

    11. This book is really good its about a girl raised in the bronx named Flower her life was really good until one day on her ninth birthday to be exact, her world changes for the worst she becomes a whole new dull flower shes now 15 and doing alot of things that she shouldnt be doing as flower life is heading down hill she meets someone that changes that all around.

    12. This story is about how a girl gets molested in such a early age and she grew up havinq sexual intercouses with every guy she meets or meets She got molested at age 9 and everyday she would get raped I love this book because is talking about the real world as in lots of little girls are getting molested by there own father.

    13. I learned from this book is that your own parents can let you down.The one person thought that will love you forever and never intellional hurt you.When a father takes something so specail from you.Should I ever trust him again

    14. this book was very sad to me how this young girl ch now i might not be able to realt to the things she went throw or the things she did but i sure can learn from what she been throw so i know how to handle it.

    15. I love this book and I just started reading it Some parts is so sad to me and disgusting also interesting can t wait to finish it.

    16. This book is about a young girl name flower who gets rape and learns a new meaning of the word love not to mention the truth of her father raper s death.

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