The Sea of Monsters The heroic son of Poseidon makes an action packed comeback in the second must read installment of Rick Riordan s amazing young readers series Starring Percy Jackson a half blood whose mother is human

  • Title: The Sea of Monsters
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • ISBN: 9780786856862
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The heroic son of Poseidon makes an action packed comeback in the second must read installment of Rick Riordan s amazing young readers series Starring Percy Jackson, a half blood whose mother is human and whose father is the God of the Sea, Riordan s series combines cliffhanger adventure and Greek mythology lessons that results in true page turners that get better withThe heroic son of Poseidon makes an action packed comeback in the second must read installment of Rick Riordan s amazing young readers series Starring Percy Jackson, a half blood whose mother is human and whose father is the God of the Sea, Riordan s series combines cliffhanger adventure and Greek mythology lessons that results in true page turners that get better with each installment In this episode, The Sea of Monsters, Percy sets out to retrieve the Golden Fleece before his summer camp is destroyed, surpassing the first book s drama and setting the stage for thrills to come.

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      Rick Riordan is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson the Olympians series Please follow him on Twitter and via his official blog.

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    1. I enjoyed this so much Though I will admit that I didn t enjoy it as much as book one Percy is such a fun narrator and I m excited to continue following his journey.

    2. A 80% Very GoodNotes It finds emotion and character in shame and open wounds set beyond humanity s shores, adrift in primeval bedlam.

    3. A guy in Greek armor drew his sword and charged, but slipped in a puddle of pina colada Really, who can not love a book with lines like that I actually had the urge take this book in my hand with a strong grip and whirl it towards my head for waiting so long to read this series I just kept putting it off for some reason or other Luckily I came to my senses.For the most part things have been pretty quiet this school year and Percy even makes a new friend named Tyson, a giant of a kid Well, this i [...]

    4. 3.7 STARSTHE REVIEW IS POSTED3.7 STARS Tomorrow, I d be be on my way to my favorite place in the world Camp Half Blood.This is the last day in Percy s 7th grade For the first time in his life, he almost makes it an entire year without getting expelled No attacks or anything that can make him expelled and tomorrow he ll be going to camp Half Blood but then Percy s mother tells him that Chiron sent her a message last night saying that it might not be safe for Percy to come to Camp half blood and P [...]

    5. Wowowowo What an amazing adventure it was I loved it Percy s narration was still amazing Now Camp Half Blood s magical boundary has been weakened as someone has poisoned the Pine Tree which strengthen it There is only cure to reverse the effect of poison For this cure, Percy has to go on a quest to find it A fatal quest I loved everything in this book Action scenes were amazing.Chariot Races were also amazing.Every single character in this book is enjoyable and interesting Especially Tyson is an [...]

    6. Ugh, I m sooooo late with this review not that anyone has been holding their breath since let s be real I m probably that 0.01% who hasn t read Percy Jackson in their life but hey better late than never, right Soooo, this book This book was epic For a middle school series, Rick Riordan truly went all out The characters, the plot, the battles, the adventures the pre weddingit was all spectacular Notice all the vague adjectives I m using bc I m a loser who went ahead and read the next book before [...]

    7. Another 5 from Celyn I read this book to her out of order, having read book 1 then book 3 before it I hate it when people do that, but the books are pretty stand alone and we picked the wrong one when leaving the house in a hurry.Actually I can now better appreciate the cross book story and it s quite clever, so that s good.This volume continues the mix of Greek myth, modern America, and teenagers Percy battles through various monsters in bloodless battles where the beasties turn to mist on thei [...]

    8. What is it with me and not knowing how I feel about rating a book lately I would like to give all the stars to Tyson I am in love with Tyson and what he is I m really hoping to get of him in the other books I thought the rest of the book was good and I love reading about all of the creatures Of course, Percy and them are usually getting in trouble with all of said creatures Well, not the sweet ones I look forward to finishing the box set

    9. I think the humor is definitely my favorite thing about these books I wish I had read them a few years ago but I m still really enjoying them as an adult too I can t wait to read the next one Also, can we just talk about those emails You ve finished the book I know, I just told you that myself.

    10. See this review and on bookbastion Percy Jackson Series Review The Lightning Thief The Sea of Monsters See below The Titan s Curse RTCThe Battle of the Labyrinth RTCThe Last Olympian RTCI always get a bit nervous going into the second book in a series There s a lot of pressure on the author to prove that the first wasn t just a fluke, and that they can keep the story compelling over the course of a number of middle books in the series before reaching the grand finale I had faith in Rick Riordan [...]

    11. Look mom It s a book It s a movie No, it s a book that is better than the movie Now, I know that is the case in 90% of the cases, but here it is so painfully obvious The movies butchered Kronos arc and that is one of the best arcs in any book I ve ever read.Seriously, Kronos and that main minion of him I won t name him because I don t want to spoil things are such amazing villains.And then you have Riordan s jokes Bring em on Rick

    12. I don t get it I just don t really like this series My two kids would argue to the death with me about them, and I don t know why I don t like them, I justn t Maybe I don t like ancient Greeks mixing with 21st century Americans Maybe it s Annabeth s recurring refrain of oh my gods that drives me insane, or maybe it s the fact that you can t turn 3 pages without Percy being in mortal peril Too much adventure is bad for the heart Maybe I can t buy into so many perfectly timed rescues from nowhere [...]

    13. Families are messy Immortal families are eternally messy Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we re related for better or for worsed try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum This might be my least favorite book of the series Reading this book in one night, I kind of felt like I was being left out by some of the characters that I was attached to from The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson still slays as always His attitude, wit, and sense of humor fascinated me But the pro [...]


    15. TITLE The Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2 AUTHOR Rick RiordanPUBLISHER Disney Hyperion BooksPUBLICATION DATE 2014GENRE Middle Grade, Mythology, AdventureThis series just keeps getting better and better Like the first book, I just had a fantastic time reading this book I love being in the world of Percy Jackson I love seeing how these Gods and Goddesses are in a contemporary fashion I liked how everything that has been done in this series so far I m hoping to read the rest of th [...]

    16. The Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2 , Rick Riordan 2012 1390 296 9789645668707 1391 352 9789643638320 1393 323 9786002293244 1393 357 9789645029959 2006 .

    17. PC Jackson, the politically correct superhero, teams up with a girl and a black dude to fight a bunch of monsters.Remember, it s still okay to hate monsters Enjoy it while you can Is this correct Ed

    18. NOOOOOOO OMG WHY IS IT NIGHT TIME NOW I NEED TO GET THE THIRD BOOK NOW LIKE RIGHT THIS MOMENT NOW.Hold onlet me go check out the movie before I post my review.I ve finished watching the movie, and I just want to scream and cry for everything that got lost and twisted in translation in the movie adaptation But I get it, movies shouldn t have to adapt a book with exactness But I stick to my belief books are almost alwaysbetter than movies It s like every movie s adapted from a book I can t even se [...]

    19. Edit My pupils will have to wait, because this one is not grabbing me at all Honestly, I didn t intend to read this book so soon but my pupils were so passionate about The Lightning Thief that they begged me to study this one Now, you should know that I have two rules I never pass up an opportunity for my pupils to read I never buy something for my class that I didn t read before.So Here we go, Percy.

    20. I have to say this is my favorite book in the entire series Wonderfully written and filled with new characters, The Sea of Monsters is a real page turner Within the first three paragraphs, Riordan intordunces a funny new character a friendly 8 year old Cyclops named Tyson son of Posiden The magical girl who became a pine tree, Thailia, has been poisoned The magical boundary that protects Camp Half Blood is weakening, and deadly monsters attempt to wound the demigod boarder patrols as much as the [...]

    21. Carta enviada el 19 de Agosto de 2013De Nina RapsodiaMi habitaci n con ventanaColombia.Para Rick RiordanCampamento mestizoLong Island, USA.Primero que nada quer a saludarle Hola se or Riordan Le escribo desde un pa s de latinoam r ca llamado Colombia Ese pa s del que las pel culas de su pa s se empe an en asegurar que s lo tenemos narcotraficantes Quiero que sepa que usted por aqu es harto conocido Realmente no puedo decirle si aqu sus libros se venden como churros, no estoy segura, pero apenas [...]

    22. Percy Jackson, Sea of MonstersThis book was full of epicness, just like the first one At this point, I don t think Rick Riordan can do any wrong.It was action packed, so fun, and full of snark Absolutely love the characters, and just everything Rick puts into these books Such a refreshing and exciting read.Can t wait to read The Titans Curse

    23. 1 The Lightning Thief 2 The Sea of Monsters 3 The Titan s Curse 4 The Battle of the Labyrinth 5 The Last Olympian I know I ve mentioned this before, but I somehow missed the Rick Riordan train entirely as a kid I never read any of his books, never saw the Percy film s , nothing my first introduction to the world was last summer, when I picked up The Lightning Thief, and I thought it was cute enough, but I wasn t super impressed, beyond totally loving the representation for dyslexia which I ve ne [...]

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