Alien Warrior s Captive Earthling Zyn is an ice cold alpha alien All emotion has been tortured out of him and now he is a weapon with fangs Until he meets her She has his species most desired food her hot blood He didn t think Tellur

  • Title: Alien Warrior's Captive Earthling
  • Author: Kat Emm
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zyn is an ice cold alpha alien All emotion has been tortured out of him, and now he is a weapon with fangs Until he meets her.She has his species most desired food her hot blood.He didn t think Tellurians still lived, but now he has rescued one He thought he was ice and had no feelings He thought he was only good at one thing being a lethal warrior But the TelluriaZyn is an ice cold alpha alien All emotion has been tortured out of him, and now he is a weapon with fangs Until he meets her.She has his species most desired food her hot blood.He didn t think Tellurians still lived, but now he has rescued one He thought he was ice and had no feelings He thought he was only good at one thing being a lethal warrior But the Tellurian named Anna, a soft civilian, battles him at every turn She is as beautiful as she is vexing and outspoken, and she is getting under his icy control Anna wants her freedom, but she never imagined an alien with a rocking hot body and icy control would be the one to save her But if he doesn t listen to her soon, she s going to have to take him down with a kiss, just to show him who is really the boss.

    Warrior s Captive A Sci Fi Alien Warrior It is about a young woman Vivian Huang is abducted impregnated by the sperm of a captive Yadahesi warrior Tai ri but they are rescued together with other prisoners taken to safety but decision will have to be made as the attractions begin to flare the danger increases. Alien Warrior s Captive Bride by Juno Wells Alien Warrior s Captive Bride is a sort of futuristic SF fairy tale Hope, aptly named human woman rescued from alien traders, finds herself light years away form Earth and in a foreign region of the galaxy, beholden to a Draconian warrior named Larok for her rescue and continued safety. Captive A Sci Fi Alien Warrior Romance Barbarians of the Captive A Sci Fi Alien Warrior Romance Barbarians of the Sand Planet Book Kindle edition by Stone, Tana Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Captive A Sci Fi Alien Warrior Romance Barbarians of the Sand Planet Book . The Alien Warrior s Captive by T.S Ryder The second book, Abducted by the Alien Warrior, I lost interest when Andromida entered the bedroom of the hero with a bed full of naked women, and Alien Warrior s Captive Bride A SciFi Alien Aug , Hope is on route to become a bride for a Talador alien when herself and over a hundred others are kidnapped by another alien ship ruled by a squid like crew When she stands up for a group of young women, she finds herself stuffed into Alien Captive A sci fi warrior romance Tsenturion Alien Captive is a hot alien abduction romance, starring one feisty human and the Tsenturion Warrior strong enough to master her Disclaimer the authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result should you purchase this book.

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    1. Unique 2.5 Stars Alien Warrior s Captive Earthling by Kat Emm, needs some work but it does have fun world building, which she can expanded First the title really Yikes No imagination, as it a synopsis than a book title Second the story is unique, I will give the author points for originality Alien Deadly Shoes But what makes the shoes so lethal is never explained Third the books sentence structure and language usage was written as if English may not have been the authors first language, as ther [...]

    2. You knowI REALLY HATE that I have to review this book at a 3 There is such promise in the plot and storyline But the writer was very stilted and the scenes were very sketchy I give reviews like this because I am not trying to be a book basher I just see such promise in this story but it falls flat IF, and yes IF the author writes another story continuing this group, I will read it No matter what I ALWAYS FINISH the book.The question I ask is Can the author write a sequel and it be better written [...]

    3. Neat idea ruined by odd writing I had to reread several sentences in the first few pages and some still didn t make sense This doesn t read like a final draft.The plot is sporadic and nonsensical The dialogue is cheesy The chemistry is good No world building.Mature content

    4. It could have been awesome I love these type of stories, but the writing good lord.It was confusing, contradictory and just plain annoying.

    5. I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINIONA MUST READ IF YOU LIKE ALIENS, FUTURE TIME STORIES ,MODERN VAMPIRES VIPERS Zyn, a half breed Viper a type of vampire but he doesn t drink human blood, he is all mission oriented is the commander of a ship , his second in command is Axi , full blooded Viper, Zyn is, was after the money a job paid On this trip they are told that a Duchess Mako could be a captive and a BIG reward for getting her back and bring home But they fi [...]

    6. Didn t Hate it,but I sure as Hell didn t enjoy it A good book story to me is a fun fast flowing ride that you never want to end,this Was a long slow dry uphill slog and I was relieved when it was over Zyn and Anna were ok but honestly I wasn t crazy about either, Anna was just kinda there to me she was ok, but just had enough personality and development to say she was there and Zyn ,well he played the I think I m noble saving the h from big bad me,cold alone aloof BS for Sooo long by the time he [...]

    7. Zyn is a Viper vampire basically , and a mercenary He rescues Anna from an alien vessel after she is tortured.Anna is an indentured servant to a wicked Duchess Wanting nothing than freedom These two have been through so much in the past, can they find a place to be together When these two come together there is a scorching fire of epic proportions The chemistry is hot enough to fog up, and incinerate your ereader The sexy scenes are mouth watering The characters are fully formed and the storyli [...]

    8. I give this a 3.5 The cover is awesome, I know this is going to be a Sci Fi.I have to say that I really liked the story The characters are very interesting And it had a good pace The only thing that would of made it better and less disjointed and pull me in, would of been if somethings were expanded on, like the mystery behind the shoes, the conflict going on, Zyn background it took me half way threw to figure out that he was half vampire and half I don t know what and a bit on Anna I didn t ev [...]

    9. Not a bad alien romanceThis was not a bad story It has a okay plot and good pacing I like the characters but I would love to have a little detail into the main male character he is described as a Viper but then there s not really a lot of detail as to what a Viper is apparently some type of vampire Also, the ending was a little lame A coworker of two years decides to turn him in for the bounty so that he can use the money to fix himself so he can get out of the spacesuit he has to wear all the [...]

    10. Zyn and Anna Anna is a Tellurian, which I guess is futuristic speak for human Zyn is a half breed alien who was raised by a controlling crazy person Zyn and his mercenary crew find her while rescuing an abhorrent princess for the reward He keeps the fact that Anna survived a secret to help her escape All would have been fine if it weren t for the princess s shoes Sounds weird I know But the book had loads of good material and I hate to say it really could have been a bit longer I guess I will ha [...]

    11. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.The worst thing about this book is its title.Whilst I really liked this book there are areas where it could have done with a bit information It s difficult to explain this better without giving away some of the plot and I ll admit that I don t like reading reviews that give away too much.There are a couple of grammar errors but these did not detract from my enjoyment.I liked the way Kat drew the main male character from being emotionless to [...]

    12. UnstoppableWe like books that show us romance is there no matter what the situation is Anna is a lowly human stuck in an alien world Unfortunately she is a slave until she pays her debt of getting off of her dying planet Zyn is a mercenary who fights for the innocents He was once ruled by another and he broke out unfortunately he didn t get free As they navigate through new feelings and developing freedoms we see that they aren t that different.

    13. Really cool alien story.This is a good read Had to read in one sitting did not want to put it down You have alien shoes that can kill, hybrid viper who shows no emotions and a human indentured women who has been thru hell and back Throw in a few aliens and hold on for an adventure Recommend to all paranormal readers.

    14. Outstanding Book I thoroughly enjoyed this book Extremely well written story Well developed, vivid, and relatable characters I was engaged immediately to the plot and the story pulled me in so quickly that I couldn t set it down until I found out what happened in the end This is a great addition to anyone s e library

    15. I downloaded this through the kindle lending library, and I m glad I did I wouldn t have wanted to pay for this The blurb sounded interesting, like a sci fi version of a vampire but the execution was severely lacking I didn t like the heroine at all I couldn t even connect with the hero It wasn t for me.

    16. I have no idea what s going on here Ummm I don t even know what to say So many dead end plots Main parts of the book were never explained The idea of an ice cold vamp and turning him hot again was genius, but the other stuff It made no sense Ugh

    17. great read I thought therefore was fantastic from beginning to end great characters, awesome story line a must read I can t wait for the next one

    18. Wish it could involve other characters story, like axi and brax, to know their story continued Otherwise it was okay.

    19. The premise was very interesting The story would have benefited to have been tidied up but in general I look forward to another installment.

    20. Well, it fell apart a bit at the end, but good Kind of shallow, but still interesting Really liked the characters, but there was Logic Fail tm Want Axi and Brax book pls thnx.

    21. Very goodI really enjoyed this book Characters were very believable and brought right into their world Definitely worth the read Look forward to books by this author

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