Unicorn Tracks After a savage attack drives her from her home sixteen year old Mnemba finds a place in her cousin Tumelo s successful safari business where she quickly excels as a guide Surrounding herself with na

  • Title: Unicorn Tracks
  • Author: Julia Ember
  • ISBN: 9781634768788
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a savage attack drives her from her home, sixteen year old Mnemba finds a place in her cousin Tumelo s successful safari business, where she quickly excels as a guide Surrounding herself with nature and the mystical animals inhabiting the savannah not only allows Mnemba s tracking skills to shine, it helps her to hide from the terrible memories that haunt her.MnembaAfter a savage attack drives her from her home, sixteen year old Mnemba finds a place in her cousin Tumelo s successful safari business, where she quickly excels as a guide Surrounding herself with nature and the mystical animals inhabiting the savannah not only allows Mnemba s tracking skills to shine, it helps her to hide from the terrible memories that haunt her.Mnemba is employed to guide Mr Harving and his daughter, Kara, through the wilderness as they study unicorns The young women are drawn to each other, despite that fact that Kara is betrothed During their research, they discover a conspiracy by a group of poachers to capture the Unicorns and exploit their supernatural strength to build a railway Together, they must find a way to protect the creatures Kara adores while resisting the love they know they can never indulge.

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    1. Julia Ember

      Originally from Chicago, Julia Ember now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland She lives with partner and their city based menagerie of pets with Harry Potter themed names Luna Lovegood and Sirius Black the cats currently run her life Julia is a bisexual writer and regularly takes part in events for queer teens Julia began writing at the age of nine, when her short story about two princesses and their horses won a contest in Touch magazine In 2016, she published her first novella, Unicorn Tracks, with Harmony Ink Press It also focused on two girls and their equines, albeit those with horns Unicorn Tracks was a finalist in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association awards for Young Adult fiction Her first novel, The Seafarer s Kiss, was released by Interlude Press in May 2017 It was heavily influenced by her postgraduate work in Medieval literature at the University of St Andrews It is now responsible for her total obsession with beluga whales.

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    1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Julia Ember Unicorns aren t tameable Everybody in Nazwimbe knows that This was an interesting YA fantasy story, featuring some mythical creatures.I liked Mnemba, she was a strong character, and I also liked Kate I also thought that they worked well together as a couple.The storyline in this had lots of interesting mythical creatures such as unicorns and mermaids, and also had poachers trying to stea [...]

    2. of a 3.5 I loved the setting of this one so much The unicorns and other mythical creatures being woven into the story, as well as the South East African inspired setting was the best Like, honestly unicorns UNICORNS I love them I also liked the stop the poachers plot line, and another review noted it felt like The Wild Thornberries movie, which I totally agree withBut on the flip side, I had trouble engaging with the writing style It was easy to read, but for me there was no spark, nothing that [...]

    3. Review also on Heir of Glitter.5 reasons to read it video.I was sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review This doesn t affect my opinion in any way.This was surprisingly good I went into it expecting to enjoy it come on, it s about UNICORNS and definitely did It was amazing DI loved the story It was short and fast paced, so I read it in a day I think this book was written for me, but without the author realizing that she wrote it for me Pretend that makes sense I me [...]

    4. This LGTBQ adventure set in fantasy Africa was really creative, but would have worked even better as a longer book.The story takes place in Nazwimbe, which felt like a fantasy version of southern Africa Mnemba leads people on safaris for phoenixes and other awesome creatures Her backstory of trying to recover from a traumatic past was one of the stronger parts of the story Kara who comes from what seemed like an alternate version of England shows up on the safari to research unicorns and they ge [...]

    5. Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember, is a novel that is centered around a safari business that tracks both normal and mystical animals The main character, Mnemba, guides travelers from afar on expeditions in hopes of showing them the natural and mystical surroundings of the savannah she calls home It is this part of the book that initially what drove me to read it, and while it did meet some of my expectations, I felt as though there was a lot potential that was left unmetckless adventure, mystical mi [...]

    6. Unicorn Tracks is the kind of book everyone needs to read It s a rather short novel but the content makes it up You don t realize you re just eating up all these words and soon enough you find yourself with a big, out of this world love for these characters Mnemba and Kara are queens of Cuteness and I ship them BAD BAD BAD Plus the world surrounding them is pretty great and it is developed amazingly To be honest, I want to take a tour with Mnemba and see all of these mythical creatures and anima [...]

    7. reading this book was an experience and one I enjoyed it I avoided reading too much about the synopsis but I was sold after lesbian romance and unicorns at first it was very hard to understand the world and how everything worked there I felt a bit underwhelmed with the lack of explanation and world building but after I got familiar with it, I really enjoyed this booke two main character shined, of course, but the relations they had with the rest of the cast were lovelyfinitely recommend this bo [...]

    8. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Actual Rating 4.5 I really enjoyed this one I just wish it had been a little longer I m going to unpack my feelings as one long ramble so don t mind me The biggest takeaway is that I really recommend picking this one up.Let me start by saying what I didn t like the length I thought this one was too short for everything that I thought should have been in here expanded upon I liked that there was a Beast Guide IDK WHAT [...]

    9. The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover I mean right Right away Embers immerses you into this fantasy safari land As a reader you hear about creatures like Chimera and mermaids like they are rhinos and dolphins Our main Pov is a female tour guide that works for her cousin A new set of tourists come to the camp in search of Unicorns They are a father daughter duo and they have brought with them lots of research The romance in this book is a slow burn and I loved it The two wo [...]

    10. Beautiful YA romance full of excitement and adventure In Nazwimbe, we have a saying what has been sealed in blood cannot be undone One of my favourite aspects of this story was the setting the unusual animals, and the culture of Nazwimbe are wonderfully portrayed, and I really did feel the great spirit of adventure in this story e last wish of the dying gave special powers to the living that watched his soul depart I really loved all these wisdoms How could I spend the night swapping stories in [...]

    11. Review also posted on Samodiva ReadsI received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Mnemba is an excellent tracker, which makes her the safari guide in her cousin Tumelo s business When the Harvings come to Nazwimbe in search of unicorns, Mnemba and Mr Harving s daughter Kara discover a sinister plot at the edge of the savanna during their expedition After a mission to gain information goes awry, Mnemba and Kara must work together and seek the help of Nazwimbe s general in [...]

    12. Thank you Julia Ember for my review copy of Unicorn Tracks Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember, I mean what do I even say I m absolutely in love with this piece of literature It is a story rich in culture, magical creatures and girls There is so much to appreciate and love about Unicorn Tracks, but most of all I love how it is a story about two girls who come from two very different places in the world with very different experiences e have the main character Mnemba, a girl who has been through so muc [...]

    13. Have you ever thought I really wish someone would write a book about two girls going on an adventure, there is some unicorns and other fantastical creatures, the setting draws some heavy African inspirations, and maybe those two girls have some hot kissing scenes All right, maybe that s a very niche wish I didn t know I really wanted it either until I read the synopsis for Unicorn Tracks And this book blew my expectations away.It s on the shorter end of fantasies, but the pages are dense with go [...]

    14. With tragedy one can find sweet beauty This sums up UNICORN TRACKS for me Mnemba takes a job with her cousin as a safari tour guide in a mystical wild, filled with griffins, mermaids, and other creatures Here she takes the elite from the city of Echalend But her next group, Kara and her father, are a pair of naturalists who study the elusive unicorn, taking Mnemba into an adventure tracking poachers who are as dangerous and rough as the land they take advantage of Among it all, romance blooms, t [...]

    15. DNF 53%.I was interested in reading this book since the moment I read the synopsis Unicorns Following tracks A lesbian love story HELL YEAH They were all original elements that you don t see often in YA, especially the lesbian part And we definitely need of that.Then I saw the cover and I was even intrigued.And then I started reading And I fell from the clouds and stepped back into reality.I have no intention of being mean, of saying that this was a terrible book that doesn t make sense becaus [...]

    16. When I read a fantasy novel, I usually have to work a bit with myself to get into its world and believe in it With Julia Ember s novel, I found that the world building was so believable it could have taken place somewhere in our actual world, and this is a feeling I rarely get from fantasy stories The setting is described with vivid and evocative language, and I often wanted to highlight passages of beautiful writing Several mythical and fantastical creatures are part of the setting, and the mos [...]

    17. Unicorns and lesbians Possibly the best combination ever.Come for the rep, stay for the creatures The relationship between Mnemba and Kara is so sweet, and sad in parts I loved that Mnemba was a recovering victim did not expect that but I loved how it was written And that her rapist was rotting in a pit Please let this be the standard punishment everywhere Because of the obvious obstacles to a relationship, it s a bittersweet love, and it s so realistic The creatures were my favourite part of th [...]

    18. I went a little backwards here, reading the author s first book after another one, but The Seafarer s Kiss converted me to Ember s style, and a title with Unicorns I was not going to pass that opportunity.Unicorn Tracks blew Me Away The world building is amazing there was not a single moment where my mind was allowed to take a step back and say yeah, alright, this is all fictional No It all felt real, from the heat described so well by Ember that I could feel it even in the temperate weather I l [...]

    19. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.A nice, good paced adventure story It was an easy read, entertaining and I liked the way mythology was used in the story The mythological creatures were introduced in a way that it felt real, like any other animal that could be found on a safari trip I liked the way representation were used The GLBT aspect was woven in without making it be shown as something weird or extraordinary the love story was woven into the st [...]

    20. A vivid, deftly woven tale, about finding strength in the face of adversity.I love this book The fantasy elements are beautifully presented so much that it plays like a movie in your head Mnemba is scarred and strong, and wears the scars of her past without letting them define her She has an inner beauty that s reflected well throughout her point of view, and yet is feisty and strong, and determined in everything she pursues Kara is a bit of a whirlwind, a breath of fresh air in the otherwise cl [...]

    21. I fell in love with Unicorn Tracks, with its incredible sense of place, vivid and imaginative mythology, gripping and intriguing plot and wonderful characterisation The relationship between Mnemba and Kara is a delightful exploration of mutual respect, friendship, trust and desire From mermaids, to Grelbok, the creatures of the book were beautifully imagined and described And the unicorns were truly majestic Like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them meets The Silver Brumby, with the adventuro [...]

    22. I LOVED this book I ve been trying all day to come up with what to say for this review and I still don t know One thing I definitely want to mention is I love that this book featured a big girl as a love interest for a WOC who was also a rape survivor I really liked the way Mnemba s trauma from the sexual assault was handled it s not graphic, but it might be triggering for some readers I think my favorite part was the seamless way mythical creatures were woven into the story I really and truly b [...]

    23. Maybe like a 4 but I love Unicorns than life so I m giving it 5 The world was really cool and different.I don t really many fantasies that are based on Africa Really well written The kiss scenes were the best I ve read in f f Biggest issue I had was that the last 50 pages really needed to be 150 Seemed like too much happened too fast at the end.

    24. A unique and refreshing addition to the LGBT YA genre Diverse and exciting, with some of the best mythical creatures I m ever seen those mermaids Can t wait for of Julia s writing

    25. Quick thoughts right after reading 1 The only disappointment with this book was the length It was way too short for what could have been 2 I loved the little details in this plot There was so much diversity it was crazy Not only was there racial diversity but there was also a character struggling through a sexual assault and even two girls falling in love It was pretty great 3 I loved our main character I thought she was strong and fun but she asks never complained or rushed into a situation onl [...]

    26. See of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantRich, fantastical storyI at once knew that I was going to love this book I knew because it was a F F romance, yes, and I also knew because it was fantasy, with unicorns and a WOC, badass main character with a headstrong, beautiful companion.The idea of taking all of these mythical creatures and putting them in a safari was a feat on its own, and one that was pulled off flawlessly I believed the whole safari business, and wanted to know and what each [...]

    27. Check out this review and on my blog If you somehow didn t already know, I love unicorns I also love stories that feature leading LGBT ladies So when I discovered that Julia Ember s debut novel combined these two things, I knew I had to have it.I ve had the pleasure of speaking to Julia Ember quite a bit on Twitter and she s absolutely lovely, as is her debut.Unicorn Tracks takes place in a world not entirely unlike our own where fantastical creatures are the norm It s common for tourists to tr [...]

    28. I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review Full detailed Review on my blog Word WondersThe writing in this book is good Really good The author has a way of telling her story that threads through your mind and keeps you flipping the pages At some points, it was just straight up beautiful, it took me by surprise Just read this and judge for yourself A shrill melody floated on the air, rising higher like the climax of a song Bending thr muscular crest of his neck, the stal [...]

    29. You can also check this review on my blog Unicorn Tracks was a very enjoyable read that left me wanting for .I found the concept of a 19th century safari with real and fantastical creatures very unique and I loved the representation that this book offered Not only does this feature a positive lesbian relationship, but the couple is also interracial, which is not something we get to see in romance very often When I finished this short novel, I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars because I thought the [...]

    30. Quite The Novel Idea Words from the CloudsThis was such a nice read I ll be honest though and say that it s hard for me to review shorter books because there s usually not that much to talk about Not that this book lacked substance Not in the least Unicorn Tracks managed to meet my expectations and then some The writing in this book was very vivid and I really felt like I was there with Mnemba and Kate sometimes I haven t read many books with Africa as a backdrop and it was very nice It definite [...]

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