Shameless Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B MR SM O Girls like me don t get happy endings I know what I am At worst a clich at best a cautionary tale I put an international borde

  • Title: Shameless
  • Author: Nina Lemay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MR4SM3O.Girls like me don t get happy endings.I know what I am At worst a clich , at best a cautionary tale I put an international border between me and my past, only to wind up working in a low end titty bar Even my excuse is as lame as it gets I m paying for college, getting my art degree from MontreaLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MR4SM3O.Girls like me don t get happy endings.I know what I am At worst a clich , at best a cautionary tale I put an international border between me and my past, only to wind up working in a low end titty bar Even my excuse is as lame as it gets I m paying for college, getting my art degree from Montreal s most prestigious school Although some days it becomes confusing am I just a student who moonlights as a stripper, or a stripper who masquerades as a student But the inevitable happens and my two lives collide And now there s one other person who knows both the quiet, antisocial Hannah and the sensual, shameless Alicia One person who keeps my secret.He s beautiful, he s sophisticated He comes from the other side of life, the one where I m not wanted or accepted But he calls me la petite Am ricaine, and his hot, hot hands on my skin promise me things I long ago gave up on.The problem He teaches my Classic Photography class.This is a standalone novel, no series, no cliffhanger.

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      106 Nina Lemay
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    1. Title ShamelessSeries StandaloneAuthor Nina LemayRelease Date August 18, 2014Rating 3.5 starsCliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler When I decided to give Shameless a go, I was hesitant and not sure if I would find it right up my alley Reading stripper books is risky It s just so very easy to mess them up badly, that I tend to be careful and usually don t even read them Yet, something in the blurb drew me in and I thought okay, I will do this Now, after finishing, I must say that I had [...]

    2. This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books 3.5 STARSI ve been struggling with how to rate this, on one hand I liked it, it was an okay book, but then again it was nothing special, it didn t leave me feeling anything in particular.The story follows Hannah, who s an American art student in Canada In her free time, she works as a stripper to pay for school She also meets Emmanuel, who turns out to be her Photography professor That s what the blurb says, but to me, this was a story about Hannah and [...]

    3. 3 Stars ABOUT THE BOOK Tittle ShamelessSeries Stand aloneAuthor Nina LemayRelease Date August 18th 2014Rating 3 StarsCliffhanger NoWriting Style First Person, Female POVHEA view spoiler Not really hide spoiler MY REVIEW Hannah is a normal art school student at noon but she is Alicia the stripper at night She works as a stripper for living after she ran away and leave her past and moved from the US to Canada Everything seems so normal at first, she goes to school without anyone notices she has an [...]

    4. Shameless generously provided by the author in exchange for honest review 3 StarsI d like to start off by saying I think the cover for Shameless is amazing It caught my interest immediately and after reading the blurb I jumped at the chance to read the forbidden love story between Hannah and Emmanuel This New Adult Contemporary romance is well written with an interesting, forbidden love plot full of angst, vulnerability, and emotion.Shameless provided an enjoyable read for me The writing proved [...]

    5. All right, here goes First, thanks to the author who graciously provided me with the review copy after I approached her Normally I don t do stuff like this, but when I saw the blurb, I couldn t resist SHAMELESS didn t disappoint Five gorgeous, emotional, beautifully written stars And for five stars, five reasons why I adored this book One Hannah.Stripping was logical for me One fall day last year I just bought some cheap high heels and a bra and panties set from the discount rack at the lingerie [...]

    6. I may or may not have sold my body and soul for an ARC of this novel Either wayyyyy I did get an ARC yay STRIPPER LOVE 3My Review I don t even know where to start with this book I just I just have no words It was so good SO GOOD I m seriously in awe of Nina Lemay right now She captured me and pulled me in from the very first page Like literally grabbed my heart and jerked it right into the pages Kahleesi style Hannah is such an intriguing character She is so damaged, hurt, broken by her past I j [...]

    7. Esta fue una lectura interesante.No estoy muy segura de que me gustara Hannah es un personaje peculiar, demasiado lleno de prejuicios, malas decisiones y actitud de mierda Aunque una que otra vez terminaron gust ndome sus decisiones la mayor parte del tiempo queria golpearla.Enmanuel no se nunca termino de gustarme Esta es la primera vez desde que comenc a devorar libros como si fueran chocolates que consigo una pareja con cero qu mica Es horrible, la relaci n se siente demasiado forzada.El fina [...]

    8. 4,5 stars, rounded up Shameless is a book that defied my expectations In the best possible way.What I expected What I got Hannah is not how you d imagine a main character who s a stripper She s not confident, she doesn t even think she s sexy, and she s not an exhibitionist by any means She s actually very self conscious, borderline shy And as the story progresses you start to understand why and it s so sad Especially the first time she and Emmanuel have sex it s justNeedless to say, by 45%, I w [...]

    9. Este libro nos cuenta la historia de Hanna Alicia.Hanna es ella como estudiante universitaria y Alicia es su seud nimo para trabajar en un club de strippersAlicia conoce por x raz n a cierto hombre en el club donde trabaja Y tienen una conexi n Al dia despues de ese resulta que dicho hombre es su profesor.Bien, todo esto es obviamente cliche incluso la autora lo dice en su sinopsis.Se supone que Hanna esta emocionalmente jodida algo asi como un personaje de los libros de Tarryn Fisher jajaY en c [...]

    10. Received this book for honest review I don t even know where to start Usually if someone tells the story about a young adult stripping to support herself I am instantly grossed out.No slut shamingI think i just have a hard time imaginign myself doing it.I loved the love story wrapped up in the dirty bits, and the confusion between being stripper college student Its very real you want to hold your breath to see if she gets the happy ending she deserves Nina, you are a gift This story sucked me in [...]

    11. WOW Who would of thought a novel featuring a stripper would really be so good I loved it It was a masterpiece in it s own way that kept me scrolling the pages Totally enjoyable and the open ending of the novel was so great because anything could happen, the sky is the limit This novel was just so profound to me, I cannot even express it correctly

    12. This is a book that will make you feel ashamed of assuming a lot of things about people.Shameless is one book that I ll never forget, I m sure of it.First off, it tackles two things.1 forbidden relationships2 strippingThat s a double KO if you ask me The author is so brave as to put these two into one book Another thing that is amazing about this is that this book doesn t hold back It goes down until the very last dirty detail I like this book because it s feisty, revealing and shameless for the [...]

    13. If there are two things I love when it comes to book themes, they would be strippers and student teacher relationships And Nina Lemay made my every fantasy come true when she decided to write a book about a stripper in a student teacher relationship There is something about the taboo that makes it so enticing and addicting but it is also a topic that does not incite a lot of creativity in authors Fortunately, Lemay had no problem in terms of creativity and uniqueness of her plot And I will admit [...]

    14. Istyria book blog B s world of enchanted booksDNF at 49%I m sorry, I m just not feeling it I don t like the main character and I can t connect to her or the story Could just be me though because others seem to enjoy it just fine I may try again some time when I m in the mood for this But for now, it s a DNF.

    15. I m reading this book and she puts herself down too much I had to step away from the book hopefully I ll continue it later.

    16. Sabia que me iba a gustar desde que le la sinopsis, pero se me ha hecho un poco duro a veces Aunque la historia de amor es preciosa y me viene muy bien la trama dado al pr ximo libro que quiero escribir, creo que me ha ense ado un par de cosas as que cuatro estrellas le viene de perlas.

    17. Giving this one 4 stars because of Emmanuel, he made me had a feeling of home, I don t know why but I liked it.Also I kind of didn t like Hannah and thennn I realized that I m like her in some aspects so this might mean that I wouldn t stand myself maybe But it was good overall.

    18. Hannah flees her suffocatingly boring Minnesota home town to study art in a prestigious English speaking university in Montreal With a barbed wire firmly set around her small frame because of a mistake that branded her the wrong way back home, she shuns everyone out and when finances become an issue, she becomes a clich She starts stripping to pay for college She becomes Alicia Most patrons at the club are your average gross, bald, middle aged guys who, on the one hand want to grope her not allo [...]

    19. Note I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review The way this book was written was very captivating The words worked well together to describe an interesting, forbidden love story We want what we can t have and how much are we willing to risk not only to have what we want but to believe we deserve it I was truly sucked into this story full of angst, scared of vulnerability and spilling over with emotion.This book makes the reader think about the labels we place on each other [...]

    20. Check out my review of Shameless by Nina Lemay at Books Equal Awesomeness I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review When I first heard about this book, I was really excited to read it because its cover was gorgeous to me and because it was from the point of view of a stripper, and I thought that the book seemed really unique And it was Before now, I don t think I ve ever read a book like this The characters of the book were amazing and really well developed The main chara [...]

    21. Title ShamelessSeries Standalone No cliffhangerAuthor Nina LemayRelease Date 18th August 2014Rating 3.5 starsI received a copy of this novel to review for Romance of Daydreams Book Blog.From the start, I must say that it was the cover of this novel that grabbed my attention The designer of this cover deserves 5 stars alone I just adored all the elements that made up this cover just gorgeous This is the story of a American girl, who ran from her home town to Canada to escape her past Once in Cana [...]

    22. Hasta estas 2 estrellas me salen un poco dif cil Fue un libro que lo m s quer a era terminarlo Todo en el era un tanto cuanto previsible, nada realmente me sorprendi , pero de igual modo no me gusta dejar un libro sin terminar.Cre que la autora hizo una personaje principal que hacia con que el libro se hiciera m s y m s pesado, porque por la mayor parte del libro Hannah es un tanto cuanto insuportable La verdad no entiendo lo que Emmanuel vio en ella Y no es por su profesi n porque ya le algunos [...]

    23. 2017 Around the Year in 52 books 45 A book with a one word titleNunca me dices lo que estas pensando, lo que quieres o te hace enojar Me dejas intentar y descifrar todo Siento que estoy en un constante navegar por un campo de minas contigo, tratando de encontrar la manera de evitar golpear uno de tus puntos sensibles Y no se si lo he hecho hasta que es demasiado tarde y estas atac ndome.Si bien el argumento de la historia es un clich enorme, como nos recuerdan la autora y la protagonista varias [...]

    24. I have been reading romance novels since I was 16 Professor romances are my favorite This book had so much potential I adore Professor forbidden romance novels But this had me wanting to flip through I literally fast forwarded until near the end of the book to get It over with Then felt bad for wasting my 4.99 If you love emotional romances hot with passion and forbidden mystery this is NOT your book SPOILER This book is about a girl literally spending the entire book treating a wonderful guy li [...]

    25. Shameless calls itself a new adult romance and it certainly is Get ready to read a book that is real and not some foo foo romance novel about a damsel in distress being picked up by a man on horseback I very much enjoyed the sense of real that I got from reading this book you will get REAL dialogue, REAL characters and REAL interactions that happen among people when it comes to sex, drugs, partying, romance I love books that not only use dialogue and descriptions to develop their characters, but [...]

    26. I have never read anything by this author before, but the cover and blurb immediately drew me in I am so glad that I went with that feeling It was a wonderful book, about a girl that is trying to make it on her own You have to do, what you have to do Hannah takes on a job that will pay her bills and help her through school She never expected to one day be dancing for a guy and the next, find him teaching her Photography class What happens when her two worlds collide She ends up fallingd hard The [...]

    27. Great read for romance fans I love to read good, interesting romance novels and Shameless is definitely one of them This is an interesting story with great main character in the foreground young student girl Hannah, who finds herself in an unenviable situation with secrets, double life and passionate forbidden love with her professor.The story has compelling plot, surprises, twists and turns, it is also well written, very entertaining and what is most important, it really draws you into it reall [...]

    28. This book was really goodhad way substance to it than just some girl working a stripper pole.t book for me by this author and I like her writing styleHannah was talented and resilientEmmanuel was understanding and smitten with Hannahis book displays redemption, forgiveness of oneself, acceptance of oneself etcI would definitely recommend

    29. We all have our secrets to tell And reasons to why we do things that are uncalled for or not sensible for others But always in the end We just do what we can to survive in this harsh harsh world.

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