Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm classic stories include Rumpelstiltskin Rapunzel Hansel and Gretel The Fisherman and his Wife Snow White Tom Thumb Sleeping Beauty Cinderella and so many Lavishly illustrated with original

  • Title: Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm
  • Author: Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Walter Crane Lucy Crane
  • ISBN: 9780486210803
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • 53 classic stories include Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Fisherman and his Wife, Snow White, Tom Thumb, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and so many Lavishly illustrated with original 19th century drawings by Walter Crane 114 illustrations.

    • [E-Book] ☆ Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm | BY ↠ Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Walter Crane Lucy Crane
      377 Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Walter Crane Lucy Crane
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    1. Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Walter Crane Lucy Crane

      Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm s Fairy Tales From.

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    1. I m glad to have read this, simply because fairy tale plots and themes are used so often in modern literature that it felt good to become acquainted with old versions of the tales and get closer to the original folklore I also enjoyed picking up on some of the values of the time that come across in the stories That said, most of them are terribly boring The method of storytelling is something I just could not get comfortable with rapid, perfunctory, repetitive, bizarrely irrational It was often [...]

    2. Coursera Fantasy and Science Fiction The Human Mind, Our Modern WorldFinished 1 2 the stories.My essay The Clever Shall Inherit Throughout one s reading of Grimm s Household Tales, several familiar faces appear However, these tales are interspersed between oddities like Clever Grethel, Cat and Mouse in Partnership, and The Three Spinsters What do we make of these They definitely do not sing the familiar praises to those who work hard, or those who wait patiently for their prince to come, nor do [...]

    3. I am taking an online class through Coursera titled FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION THE HUMAN MIND, THE MODERN WORLD Grimm s tales are the first selection in the class, and Project Gutenberg has put the entire book online for free, with the wonderful illustrations by Walter Crane gutenberg files 19068 I m enjoying the online discussion forums, since we have hundreds of people from all over the world enrolled in this course While I would not have chosen the Grimm tales as part of the class, I ve lear [...]

    4. The Golden Bird why about the golden cages in this tale, whatever looks good isn t.This story is like the nightmare of the German no one can properly follow simple instructions And the moral of the story if somebody asks fervently to be killed and mutilated do follow through immediately, he might be a prince PHans in Luck The nightmare of the Businessman A person working hard for seven years, and eventually throwing away the accumulated wealth of years and years of hard work It does express a re [...]

    5. It has been fascinating.At first the stories made absolutely no sense to me There were no morals They would have a slow start, a nonsense of a middle, and an abrupt and usually violent end I thought to myself These are not stories for children But as I read on I realized that I have been reading it wrong They are meant for children I have read them as a child Except they were called Thakrumar Jhuli in this part of the world I remembered I used to enjoy them, but it has been so long that I had fo [...]

    6. Let me tell you a little story before we start with the review I am proud to say that when I was in my last year at university 2012 I launch a small campaign to bring back the course Children s Literature So many students promised me to be on the course We ended up 6 of us, but the course was back nevertheless One of the main reasons I wanted the course back was this magnificent book The Norton Anthology of Children s Literature The Traditions in English a 2470 pages mammoth book Along with this [...]

    7. Read this for the assignment on my Fantasy and Science Fiction course in Coursera This book contains most of the familiar Grimm Brothers fairy tales, and I also had been familiar with some of them There is a similar pattern which occurred through the stories, and it is a repetition of an act or things, which is quite annoying for me and could be boring at times The stories are dealing with themes like greed, ignorance, generosity, etc and they do have some moral lessons in them.

    8. Fairy tale as bloody as it comesForgive me for i am going to be all preachy and philosophical in my reviewOnce upon a time there were two brothers going by the name Grimm Brothers Over the period of time they chronicled stories emerging from all sorts of land and nature These stories were tainted with horrors of human evilness ranging from the ability to cut and bleed their own family to throwing away humanity for a piece of gold These stories were ironically grim as the name of the authors itse [...]

    9. As, it seems, for many others, I read this book for an online course in Fantasy and Science Fiction literature Although I ve read Grimm s fairy tales before, as a child, it was always the sanitized version that had been modified to be children s literature instead of the original adult tales Fascinating differences and a completely different perspective Interesting introduction to this course.

    10. Yeah, like the darker aspect of the fairy tales, some of them were pretty good Common themes in the stories were Violence, deceit, cannibalism, greed, just to name a few Not meant for children Disagree, I think children are over protected and not given an accurate view of the way the world works While cannibalism isn t popular in today s societal norms, violence, deceit, and greed are I think these are things children should be aware of, the good guy does not always win and the sanitized, watere [...]

    11. I have read this book for the Fantasy and SF course at Coursera, not only because it was a requirement for the course, but also by extension because I, someone who profoundly hates fairy tales, decided to give them a second chance And what a huge disappointment and a load of unimaginative, repetitive, redundant, ungainly crap it s turned out to be Most of these stories seem to be made up on the spot, by people who are awful at it The rest are their rip offs with cosmetic alterations oh, oh, so t [...]

    12. I m troubled about giving this book a 4 instead of 3.5 It s indeed because I did learnt a lot from this book, about moral, the old English grammar but also I did learnt that this book contains a lot of immoral stories, adulthood stories and probably isn t suitable for children at all If you did want to tell your children a fairy tale, I presume you should go with the Disney s story retelling about these fairy tales and keep this book with you for yourselfThis book consist of 53 stories from the [...]

    13. The key takeaway I have garnered from reading the stories is the apparent asymmetry between the consequences of committing sins and leading a virtuous life Of the two, the downside to life appears to be unambiguous We can probably use the seven deadly sins, envy and greed most of all, as a guideline to what not to do in life, lest you end up unhappy or dead The fate that awaits the envious stepsisters is a reminder of this The upside, in contrast, is subtle For example, in the story The Brother [...]

    14. An enjoyable assortment of the Grimms fairy tales with really wonderful illustrations If you ve never read the Grimms, their stories are often shockingly violent The heavily bowdlerized form in which they are currently found in today s culture are faint shadows of their vicious antecedents For example Cinderella s Aschenputtel s stepsisters hack pieces off of their feet to try to fit the slipper, and are given away by the blood flowing out of the shoe Try reading that one to your kid before you [...]

    15. If it wasn t for the Grimm s collection of fairy tales Disney would be short quite a few princesses Of course, if you only know the Disneyized version you are in for quite a surprise.Reading the collection of tales really allowed me to see the similarities in themes among many of the stories Many of the stories, such as Clever Else and Fred and Kate , really seemed to be variations of the same tale In the tale Roland it was interesting to see the idea of the evil step mother s death brought abou [...]

    16. I am never going to finish this wholly, but I was than 64% into it I will make it up with the next volume of short stories I hope I never do this again, but who knows Some fairy tales were interesting, some weird So that s make it an average book I am really not that into short stories I recommend some of them or all of them They are fairy tales after all At least try a few.I ve been reading this for the last 3 years It was time to be done with it.

    17. I am actually reading this book off of a web site, since I cannot find a copy of it and the website contains of the brothers grimm stories than this book does The website is here csu spok grimmtmp and the stories are public domain.I love the classical renditions of Grimms fairy tales I was raised on the watered down Disney versions, which are nice in their own right, but I have always wanted to see these They are much violent and most get their point across quite neatly.So far, I have read The [...]

    18. Children s and Household Tales Kinder und Hausm rchen by the Brothers Grimm contains a treasury of fairy tales with titles familiar to many the world over For instance, we have Aschenputtel Cinderella , Little Red Cap Little Red Riding Hood , Schneewittchen Snow White , Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Rumpelstilzchen Rumpelstiltskin to name just a few That said, the versions adapted by Disney for their animated children s movies are strikingly different from the original tales as recounted by t [...]

    19. I read this for the Fantasy and Science Fiction The Human Mind, Our Modern World course at couseraBest word for it is interesting It is not the original version of the fairytales, but it is not the pretty version Disney gives us today either Studing it was very cool Just don t fool yourself, although interesting, it doesn t stop being weird.

    20. 5 starsTo be honest, I love fairy tales even though I m an adult for uwuite a long time And all the classic fairy tales are the best, in my opinion, everybody should read them and tell them to their kids These Grimms fairy tales are cool and awesome and not to forget THE BASIC ones And I LOVE them

    21. Reread some of this for a Fantasy lit course on Coursera that I m auditing and my childhood bad opinion about the Grimm Brothers was confirmed Most of the time, the moral of the stories are that if you are witty and cunning you will succeed in the end.

    22. I had to read this book for a Fantasy and SciFi class I m taking at Coursera I was dreading it at first but actually it flew by It is funny how many modern book and movie storylines can still be traced to these old tales.

    23. Essay for the Fantasy and Science Fiction The Human Mind, Our Modern World course offered by the University of Michigan at coursera In Household Stories, the brothers Grimm look to arm children with a realistic view of the world by presenting them with an array of tales with counterintuitive and sometimes conflicting moralities.In the dominant cultural narrative, children s stories have come to follow a predictable arc Good people are confronted by an unpleasant force, fall into oppression, dis [...]

    24. Of the hundreds of stories collected by the Grimms between 1806 and 1850, only a handful remain in the mainstream two hundred years on Some have attributed this to the disappearance of the oral story telling tradition in Europe, as society became industrialised Were it not for the Grimms extensive written records, perhaps much of their catalogue would now be lost forever So what has survived and why A review of ten random English language fairytale collections indicates today s top Grimm stories [...]

    25. My essay for the Fantasy and Science Fiction The Human Mind, Our Modern World course on Coursera The visual appearance of women plays an important part in Grimms tales filled with beautiful princesses and ugly witches It s almost always connected with personality traits like in The Three Little Men in the Wood where one step sister is pleasant and pretty and the other ugly and hateful , or Mother Hulda where the women are pretty and industrious and ugly and lazy It seems that good traits are con [...]

    26. Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales, and I thought I understood them Reading Children s and Household Tales taught me that I hadn t understood anything at all, and I m not sure what to believe any Happy endings aren t any certain in fairy tales than in real life The greedy hen chokes to death, and everyone else dies too The partnership between the cat and the mouse is fraught with deceit and ends in murder Faithful John is unable to influence the new king to heed the old king s warning [...]

    27. I fell in love with this story I think it s one of the few in the collection where the character feels real, with all her down to earth quirks and desires and her own practical reasoning and a very imaginative mind she uses to successfully solve her own problems She feels real and I was able to identify and to root for her.I didn t care if Clever Grethel was lying both to her master and to his guest they are, in fact, the victims of the story, they are the ones who have been defrauded of the two [...]

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