Theros Godsend Part I In the wake of a savage battle with minataur hordes menacing the countryside the Planeswalker Elspeth believes her job is done but the real test of her power awaits If she can overcome the many head

  • Title: Theros: Godsend, Part I
  • Author: Jenna Helland
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the wake of a savage battle with minataur hordes menacing the countryside, the Planeswalker Elspeth believes her job is done, but the real test of her power awaits If she can overcome the many headed hydra, Elspeth many indeed have the power to stand among the heroes of Theros Clash of the Titans meets The Hero s Journey in an adventure inspired by the ancient myths oIn the wake of a savage battle with minataur hordes menacing the countryside, the Planeswalker Elspeth believes her job is done, but the real test of her power awaits If she can overcome the many headed hydra, Elspeth many indeed have the power to stand among the heroes of Theros Clash of the Titans meets The Hero s Journey in an adventure inspired by the ancient myths of Greece.

    • [E-Book] ✓ Theros: Godsend, Part I | BY ↠ Jenna Helland
      282 Jenna Helland
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    1. Jenna Helland

      Jenna Helland is a writer and editor for Wizards of the Coast in Renton, Washington Before moving to the Northwest, she was a journalist in Missouri, Virginia, and California She has a history degree from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and a journalism degree from the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri She enjoys playing Magic The Gathering, reading books with pictures, and running.

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    1. I received this eBook for free when I pre ordered M15 A Magic The Gathering game on Steam Figured I d get my nerdy on, and give it a go, and was pleasantly surprised First off, if you have never played MTG, or are not familiar with the world, I feel like this may be a very difficult read for you The main characters are pretty big planeswalkers cards in the Theros block, and throughout the novel they make many other card references I loved how they tied in Elspeth s new card, Elspeth, Sun s Champ [...]

    2. This is the first half of the novel adaptation for the latest card set from Magic the Gathering.As a fan of the game, I really enjoyed the story However, it was only really good when considered as an extension of the game As a stand alone novel it falls a bit short There is a lot of cosmology and back story that is mentioned but not explained If you are familiar with all of the game s story lines, this book adds another level to the mythos If you are a newcomer to this series you will be quickly [...]

    3. Today Wizard is only able to create Plans beautiful for both mechanics and aesthetics, true, but filled with characters and stories without mordant or even coherence.Theros will also be Greek mythology dirty with high fantasy but the idea of Nyx how the realm of the gods works is pretty cute and stories that could potentially make very interesting, but the novel or rather a first half is definitely a forgettable one.The protagonists are trivial, they do not have any kind of evolution, they act a [...]

    4. Overall, the first half of the Magic the Gathering Theros story was enjoyable I believe there was an intentional choice by the author to mimic some of the descriptive style of the common translations of Greek myth I felt the writing was most resonant during those portions, primarily occurring in the description of the gods and their actions However, I felt it was poorly juxtaposed against a modern style when dealing with mortal characters Still, a good enough read to move on to the second part. [...]

    5. I still can t decide how I feel about this new ebook format for MTG novels On the one hand, it seems like the format would work well for getting out some fluff while relying on members of Wizards creative team, and not paying high dollar fantasy authors for books that just won t sell enough to bring to print On the other hand, trying to cram a complicated story like this into a necessarily restricted space can end up feeling incomplete Jenna Helland actually did a very good job of focusing the s [...]

    6. Seeing as the Theros Block itself drew from the great epics of the Classical world, I felt that the novella suffered from the limits of the short novella format I thoroughly support and enjoy such supplementary material brought out by Wizards, but would have preferred a longer tale that would have fit appropriately with the world of Theros.The characters were fleshed out in what little space they had and those familiar with the card game would love all the little easter eggs splattered througho [...]

    7. So this is the first novella in Wizard of the Coast s Magic the Gathering Theros block stories It s job is essentially setting up the conflicts of the block and putting the story into motion.It does that, I suppose There s unfortunately a large cast of characters and gods here, and the short form does not do them justice The whole thing is reasonably well written, but it still just feels like filling in the outline Which is true of most adventure stories, in truth I kind of wish Wizards would ju [...]

    8. Being available only as an eBook didn t bother me I ended up reading it on the Kindle iPhone app That was good for something to do on my phone, something substantial than playing simple games, rather than being an annoyance.Decent start to the storyI can t quite put my finger on it, but something about Part 1 was good but not great Maybe the story was trying to do too much at once.It was a lot better than most MTG literature, although that might not be saying much.The writing style didn t distr [...]

    9. Based on the Greek pantheon, the Theros plane has indeed many goods and of course that brings some trouble as they struggle for power and interact with the mortal real, but with a slight difference, there is a mayor God above the rest and it s not the Jupiter figure Everything starts with one of those struggles, between the God of Sun and the God of the Forge, as they fight some Hydra is loosened in the mortal realm and some other important item as well, so we get a champion And of course a dark [...]

    10. I loved the Book, it was focused on one of my favorite character from the Magic the Gathering universe, as well as one of the most enjoyable planes that Magic has in my opinion.The book although short was a page tuner for me, although if you don t know or care for the magic universe this book would both be confusing at times and very boring it doesn t stand well on its own as a book unlike some of the other Magic Books.However for those that enjoy or love the Magic universe I would recommend thi [...]

    11. I ve been playing MTG now for almost a year and am a regular at my local Friday night magic events When I found out the latest block, Theros, had a book about the story behind the cards I was eager to read it Finding part one and two on the kindle store for 1.50 I had to get them At finishing the first part I m impressed, the intensity of the story behind the game is well constructed and gives a new level of understanding and appreciation for the player Very enjoyable but perhaps has limited app [...]

    12. For those of you that play Magic The Gathering, it is no question that you will enjoy this novella However, if you aren t familiar with the popular card game, it might be a bit challenging to understand everything that s going on in the Multiverse At least a general concept is helpful before trying to dive into the books Unfortunately, this one is only available in digital format.Full review casualreadersbookclub

    13. Very nice fantasy tale for a short novella, BUT this is a book for Magic players, if you haven t played the Theros expansion then you ll find that there are a lot of details that are left out or explanations that are really short or unsatisfying if you are trying to understand the Theros universe or plane.

    14. I wasn t expecting much from this small e book just for it to be a fun read and hoping it would add life to some of the cards in the Theros block Well it accomplished both, and I have started the final book in the set.

    15. Good start to the series, does a capable job of incorporating the concepts of the Theros block while also developing characters and advancing plot I gave it 3 stars solely on the fact it is only part 1, and will give it a higher score if the serialization comes to a good conclusion.

    16. Decent story, nothing spectacular but it does a good job of breathing live to the plane of Theros The story feels aimless and without a clear focus.

    17. It s a decent read, but the necessity to call out the creative elements i.e cards and especially the callbacks to previous events past Elspeth s past drag the whole thing a bit.

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