From the Dark to the Dawn A Tale of Ancient Rome Decadent Rome Anno Domini The masters of the universe have crushed the Iceni rebellion with an iron hand slaughtering and enslaving her people For Philip his existence as a captive means living

  • Title: From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome
  • Author: Alicia A. Willis
  • ISBN: 9780692227428
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Decadent Rome, 61 Anno Domini The masters of the universe have crushed the Iceni rebellion with an iron hand, slaughtering and enslaving her people.For Philip, his existence as a captive means living to hatred He despises his rich, young master, resenting his life of servitude and the wrestling feats Marcus forces him to perform Bitterness engulfs his soul until he onlyDecadent Rome, 61 Anno Domini The masters of the universe have crushed the Iceni rebellion with an iron hand, slaughtering and enslaving her people.For Philip, his existence as a captive means living to hatred He despises his rich, young master, resenting his life of servitude and the wrestling feats Marcus forces him to perform Bitterness engulfs his soul until he only lives for the day when he will crush the might of Rome.Then Christianity enters the picture Taught by a Jewish breadmaker to know the man called Christus, Philip begins the struggle to forgive and honor his master But forgiveness is not easy towards one who lives for himself.Marcus Virginius knows nothing but power and pleasure Destined to a successful career serving Nero in the Praetorian Guard, he wants no part of Christianity And he is determined to crush Philip s newfound faith no matter what it takes.Join Philip and Marcus in their journey of redemption, faith, and forgiveness Is love enough to conquer hate And will the light of the gospel ever surmount the darkness of Rome Persecution abounds will the two young men survive its terrors and live to experience the bright hope of a new dawn Endorsement Alicia Willis sketches a stirring tale that delivers a powerful message of friendship, forgiveness, and God s grace An authentic period piece, it leaves you with a greater awareness that God s ways are higher than our ways and we are on this earth for His purposes Anyone with a bend for historical fiction will thoroughly enjoy this book Definitely a moving, worthwhile, and edifying read Josiah Jost, actor writer with Jostie Flicks.

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      165 Alicia A. Willis
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      Alicia Willis is a homeschool graduate and avid historian When not writing or doing endless historical research, she enjoys being a church pianist, teaching music, singing, and playing volleyball Her other passions include working in her church and spreading the love of Jesus Christ She also manages a monthly e newsletter entitled Little Corners Be sure to like her FB page for updates facebook pages AliciaTo visit her at her website or sign up to receive her newsletter, navigate over to aliciaannewillis

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    1. Ever since I first saw the cover of this book, I ve been dying to read this Probably about a year later I ve officially read it and while it was hard to wait, I m so glad I saved such a good book It is as good as I expected and First, I want to mention the spiritual aspect of this book It is just the type of Christian fiction I wish to have in every Christian book I read I believe authors should be striving to feel their books with God honoring lessons and characters I was extremely blessed by [...]

    2. Oh, this book was wonderful, exciting, amazing, inspiring, and beautiful, all wrapped up into one powerful story I ve just discovered a new favorite book as well as a new favorite author

    3. Where do I begin From this book s heart pounding beginning in first century Roman Britain through its conclusion in the heart of lavish and often cruel Rome, the story, characters, and life changing themes arrested me The author skillfully weaves a tale of heart rending redemption during a time of intense depravity without resorting to sentimentality, dwelling on gross graphic details, or engaging in tedious moralizing There are few books that move me to tears From the Dark to the Dawn A Tale of [...]

    4. Long story short You should read this book.From the Dark to the Dawn begins in 60 A.D just after the rebelling Britons under Queen Boudica are defeated by Roman legionaries Philip, the central character, is the young son of a chieftain who is sold into slavery with the remnants of his tribe His passionate nature utterly rejects his lot, but he finds his match in Marcus, his young Roman master who will brook no nonsense from his slaves.When Philip meets a Christian in Rome he learns of a powerful [...]

    5. This was one of the best books I ve read in awhile At first, I was not captured by the story, but quickly I got pulled in as Phillip had a struggle a tiny bit similar to something I ve dealt with finding a balance between submission to authority and not holding to your principles Marcus soon got me as well and I found myself having trouble putting the book down Every character was amazingly well rounded, the whole plot felt very believable, and so did the ending I loved how much this book really [...]

    6. This is the story of Phillip, a 13 year old Iceni warrior who has just seen his tribe wiped out by Suetonius in the battle against Boudicca He is taken to Rome and sold as a slave to the house of Marcus Virginius, a wealthy senators son who enjoys the decadent life that his status affords It is a battle of wills Phillip hates his life as a slave and struggles with his intense hatred of all Rome stands for Marcus is a hard, loyal and spoiled son who intends on teaching Phillip who is master.And t [...]

    7. Wow I loved this book I am not fond of stories about ancient Rome, so at first I had a slightly hard time getting into it but when Christianity entered the story, I was hooked It was beautiful the complex but fast moving plot, the interwoven journeys of Philip and Marcus and the others, the faith building prayers and teachings of the characters This is a glorious example of how fiction inspires people s lives Each time I picked it up to read, I was encouraged in my faith and in my desire to give [...]

    8. An amazing book Alicia A Willis has a warm, uplifting style coupled with an inspirational plot Many times I was encouraged and even admonished by the example her characters set of courage in the face of persecution in ancient Rome.The research is truly impressive, the characters feel as real as friends by the end of the book and although I feel the tone is slightly too descriptive and emotions maybe portrayed a little exaggeratedly from time to time, it certainly only added to the depth of the n [...]

    9. Since posting my original review, I ve come perhaps belatedly, for which I would like to offer sincere apologies to exercise a little restraint in how and when I review books by other Christian authors Accordingly, I m withdrawing this review Feel free to contact me personally if you would like my honest opinion on this story I d be happy to chat.

    10. Age Appropriate For 15 and up for violenceBest for Ages 15 and upMy Endorsement From Darkness to the Dawn encouraged me in my own walk with God and touched my heart deeply It is not easy to read, but hard to put down Emotionally difficult, yet inspiring It is a book the reaches down into the depths of pain and climbs to the heights of joy It is a book that pulls the reader closer to the heart of God.I regret it has taken me so long to write this review However, I didn t want to just throw this o [...]

    11. This is a remarkable tale of Christianity in the midst of oppressive Ancient Rome Fiery British slave Philip and his Roman master Marcus are catapulted into the perils of serving Christ in Nero s reign amidst much suspense and emotion.The story opens with young Philip being taken as a captive to Rome He is the son of a chieftain, with untamed British blood in his veins, and we sympathize with his indignation at being made a slave Then, as he goes through a change of heart and starts seeking to o [...]

    12. So glad I finally got to read this book It is an absolutely wonderful and powerful tale of redemption set in ancient Rome Once all the characters were set up I could barely put it down I will admit that I did not like Marcus at all until we got to some important events for him whereupon I think I might have liked him better than Phillip Blame my flip flopping on how well Willis wrote the story and all the characters I laughed I cried several times I was on the edge of my seat than a few time I [...]

    13. This is by far the most entertaining historical fiction by Alicia Willis I couldn t put it down I thoroughly enjoyed reading the multiple stories neatly woven through an incredible tale of God s grace and forgiveness The amount of historical study that went into this book becomes very evident and simply adds to the pleasure of reading it Readers will have no choice but to root for young Philip as he faces the brutal Roman persecution for his faith in Christ You can t go wrong with this gem of a [...]

    14. I was so sad to read the end of From the Dark to the Dawn If I had a choice, I would not have put it down from start to finish While a gripping tale, From the Dark to the Dawn is a very realistic story of Christian persecution and those who stayed faithful to God even when circumstances were tough and life threatening I appreciated the use of Scripture and the demonstration of how vital it is for our everyday life.Rome was a very adulterous, hedonistic society and Alicia did a very careful, tact [...]

    15. I love, love, love this book It s fantastically told A story of FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and GOD S POWER TO OVER COME It s fabulous, I enjoyed it so much, I can t give it to my brother for him to read It s like my new security book It s not the normal book pattern, when the story builds up to one climax No sir rey It goes up, then down, then simmers lower, than jumps up, and so on It s incredible I just can t wait to read her other books She s obviously a talented author, as well as a Christian I love [...]

    16. Two nationalities are caught in the war of race and power in this gripping story of redemption, grace, love, and forgiveness Join Roman master Marcus and British slave Philip on their gripping journey from darkness into morning Set in the battlefields of ancient Britain and turbulent Rome, this story is sure to linger in your heart long after you ve read it At least, it did in mine I hope you enjoy your experience with my characters as much as I did

    17. The first thing I can say about this book is WOW I am not usually a big fan of historical fiction, but this work blows that idea out of the water, drastically so.When first receiving From the Dark to the Dawn in the mail and noticing the size of the book 424 pages to be exact I was hopeful, but kinda daunted by its size Not that I do not like big books, truth of the matter is I LOVE bog books, but the fiction books I have read that are of substantial size over 200 pages, and some smaller books e [...]

    18. From the Dark to the Dawn A Tale of Ancient RomeMy praise for this book are not high enough This is one christen teenagers fiction which is worth reading, Actually it is also good for adults too I was so impressed with the writing style of this thriller This would be a great read for a home schooling family studying Rome I highly recommenced it for boys This will get your non reader to read This is not your normal christen fiction where God is just thrown in a few inappropriate parts The christe [...]

    19. If you love a good adventure that starts within the very first pages, then you ll enjoy From Dark to the Dawn After turning the first page, I had a hard time reading or turning the pages fast enough to get of the story As a reader, I want to relate to the characters, to feel for them, cry with them, cheer for them Alicia Willis was able to give me all of that and , leaving me extremely satisfied with the story Join a young Briton, Phillip, as he experiences a major event that will change his li [...]

    20. I didn t know what to expect when I started to read this book I had gotten it free on my Kindle, but I had never read anything by this author before To say that I have been left touched is an understatement I learned while reading this book There were some details I didn t know, or some I had never even considered As I got midway and beyond in the chapters and pages, I couldn t stop I needed to know what was going to happen to these people I needed to see the end of the beginning of the story I [...]

    21. I m way behind on writing reviews Yikes Anyway, here s the review seven months late.I d been wanting to read this book for a very long time before actually starting it It was well worth the wait, and well worth the price of a paperback Besides it s beautiful Who wouldn t want this on their shelf Plot Storyline 5 5Very complex, diverse, frightening, and almost too realistic This was no sugar coated rendition of life in the Roman empire, yet there was no access vulgarity or violence It was rough I [...]

    22. There are few books that actually drive me to tears From the Dark to the Dawn is one of them Twice I have read this book, and it is a story that deeply touches my heart It is a tale filled and overflowing with a message of redemption, unconditional love, and unending grace.From Philip, the Iceni slave, and Marcus, Philip s master, to Daniel, the wise mentor, and Moriah, Daniel s sweet spirited daughter, your heart will be touched by the various characters within the story.Alicia does a beautiful [...]

    23. This book gave me a lot to think about through its themes of friendship and forgiveness told through the story of a British slave and his Roman master Both of them are changed through their acceptance of the message of Christ They then act as shining examples of His love The Christian message was a bit heavy handed, but I felt the characters earnestness in accepting it and the author s sincere belief The author didn t always follow the Roman naming conventions that annoyed me A Roman father name [...]

    24. This is definitely a powerful story about grace and forgiveness as seen through the eyes of a fiery Briton slave Phillip, and noble but haughty Roman Marcus Told in the setting of ancient Rome, this narrative follows the struggles of being a Christian during a time of persecution and though the story is a bit slow at times, Miss Willis does a superbly accurate job focusing on human will and nature showing our desperate need for a Savior.The story is compelling and passionate, while the character [...]

    25. Poignant, realistic, tasteful, accurate.From the Dark to the Dawn is an excellent portrayal of early Christianity and the hope and freedom it brings to all be they slave or free Roman, Jew, or otherwise struggling with anger, fear, or pride This is a tale that drew me in, held me, and finally turned me loose at the end feeling encouraged than I ve ever felt reading a historical fiction novel The darkness of the dark is portrayed but discreetly, and even in the worst moments, the reader can sens [...]

    26. I loved this book It was one such book that I could not put down, I read it every chance I had The characters came to life and the plot was written very well If I could rate this book I would give it a 12 out of 10.

    27. From the Dark to the Dawn A Tale of Ancient RomeBy Alicia WillisRating 5 stars Ages 13 14 and upFrom the Dark to the Dawn reaches into the very depths of your heart and holds you captivate It gripped me, and was difficult to put down Reaching a length of around 450 pages, it was written in such a way that it never really seems that long.It is the most heart wrenching, touching book I have ever read How do I put that feeling into words Alicia Willis delivers a captivating story with incredibly re [...]

    28. From the Dark to the Dawn by Alicia A Willis is an intriguing novel that follows a well used premise It avoids clich s and delivers crisp life like characters And it stands as a sparkling fresh take on Roman history.The story opens with a young Britain Phillip being captured by the Roman Empire Phillip becomes a slave and is sold to a Roman named Marcus This story follows these two men as they endeavor to survive a turbulent time in brutal Rome For all its merit, the novel had some weaknesses It [...]

    29. Philip, a young British slave, knows only hatred and bitterness since becoming the personal attendant of Marcus Virginius Marcus is a proud Roman patrician, who is intent on breaking the will and fiery temper of his slave Philip s slavery is not only in the social realm, but his anger controls him than any human master Marcus is also imprisoned in darkness of his own, held captive by his own lusts and whims Seemingly by chance, Philip stumbles across a Jewish bread maker, who reveals to him a f [...]

    30. This book drew me in from the very first page I felt as though I knew the characters, felt their pain, hate, forgiveness and love Ms Willis did an incredible job at keeping me interested and on the edge of my seat at every turn of the page I cried, smiled and prayed We should all be like Philip Stumbling but always trying to serve the one true God, the one who sacrificed His Son, my Savior A must read

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