JLA Vol The Tenth Circle st print edition JLA Tenth Circle Trade Paperback published by DC Comics

  • Title: JLA, Vol. 15: The Tenth Circle
  • Author: John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway
  • ISBN: 9781401203467
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1st print edition 2004 JLA Tenth Circle Trade Paperback, published by DC Comics.

    • [EPUB] ✓ Free Read ê JLA, Vol. 15: The Tenth Circle : by John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway ¶
      258 John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway
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    About "John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway"

    1. John Byrne Chris Claremont Jerry Ordway

      John Lindley Byrne is a British born Canadian American author and artist of comic books Since the mid 1970s, Byrne has worked on nearly every major American superhero.Byrne s better known work has been on Marvel Comics X Men and Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics Superman franchise Coming into the comics profession exclusively as a penciler, Byrne began co plotting the X Men comics during his tenure on them, and launched his writing career in earnest with Fantastic Four where he also started inking his own pencils During the 1990s he produced a number of creator owned works, including Next Men and Danger Unlimited He also wrote the first issues of Mike Mignola s Hellboy series and produced a number of Star Trek comics for IDW Publishing.

    270 thoughts on “JLA, Vol. 15: The Tenth Circle”

    1. This book is a prime example of a once great writer who refuses to evolve Claremont may have been fantastic in the 80 s his X Men will always be classic but 20 years later he still uses Silver Age styled storytelling which comes off hokey and stillborn He s so strong And fast He s dodging all my blows really Chris We couldn t see that for ourselves in the art Let the art speak, you nitwit Let it tell it s part of the story This isn t 1977 any We don t need everything spelled out by the writer It [...]

    2. I am tempted to give this four stars only because of the closing line by Batman Hilarious Also, I found the numerous pop culture references amusing.

    3. Reprints JLA 94 99 May 2004 July 2004 Children are disappearing all over the United States, and the JLA have decided to investigate When Manitou Raven is attacked and Superman disappears, the danger seems greater than the JLA even suspected The JLA s only hope could be a girl named Nudge and a four armed gorilla named Grunt who hold the key to Crucifer and his army known as the Tenth Circle The JLA are about to discover that someone else is investigating the Tenth Circle as well and is the Doom [...]

    4. As a big fan of Claremont Byrne s XMEN, Iron Fist, Spider man Marvel Team up collaborations, i came into this with a lifetime of their work in my brain, most of it life changing Their Uncanny Xmen run is STILL everything to me, since i happened on it by accident as a child in the late 1970s After recent rereads, It still resonates for me So you can see i definetly wanted to love thisUh wasnt quite as bad as i feared, but not much beyond average fare really Claremont still over writes everything [...]

    5. I ll keep it short and sweet this graphic novel sucked.Ever read a comic book, and suddenly been embarrassed because you ve suddenly realized that the writer s obviously never got the memo released to the industry after Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns that comic books are supposed to actually be intelligent, and that they re now written for adults and not for particularly dim witted teens Ever suddenly felt ashamed and amazed that you were actually READING a piece of sophomoric trash Then y [...]

    6. This volume collects JLA 94 99 which featured an arc by the reunited comics team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne most famous for their joint run on the X Men in the late 70s Now, let me start by saying that if you are looking for a modern day, deconstructive or otherwise take on the superhero genre, move along, this one is probably not for you However, if you are open to read a very classic and old school superhero tale, this might just be the thing the doctor ordered It is a very good and wel [...]

    7. There was all kinds of excitement when Byrne Clarmont reteamed to do this story, then a bit of That it from the fanboy population.Which means a lot of people missed out on a good, old school style JLA story Which I was thrilled to get, because the regular JLA series was crap at the time this came out There s a big menace, lots of action and everybody on the team gets to do something.There are a few clunky bits, as it feels like they had a list of rules to follow from editorial and let s face it, [...]

    8. Claremont e Byrne si riuniscono per questa saga in sei parti che ha come scopo il semplice riportare in pista la Doom Patrol originale Lo fanno tramite la JLA e lo scontro con un vampiro letteralmente senza cuore.A livello di disegni Byrne, chinato da Ordway, veramnete molto godibile e certamente all altezza degli anni 80 La storia architettata da Claremont sta in piedi e si legge bene, ma l avversario e il modo di scrivere ad essere un poco fuori tempo.Da un lato, se la si confronta alle run ch [...]

    9. Other than a bit too much of the old style, Getting weaker must use random super power too kick bad guys ass quick Or Oh my, the building is falling on those people, need to hurry up and finish this sentence so I can rush to their aid This was pretty cool.Everytime I read JLA it always makes me think of how iconic the big three ww, batman, superman are and it makes me wonder if there will ever be new icons added It s kinda like bands, will any of these newer bands have the staying power of the c [...]

    10. This is easily the worst out of all the JLA book I ve read I didn t even like Vol 3 Rock of Ages but would rather read that again than this boring and predictable entry.Basically the JLA fight a vampire That s about it.

    11. This one was a good story and a nice chance to introduce the Doom Patrol The combination of Claremont and Byrne was quite good The inks by Ordway are quite beautiful, until you see the original pencils.

    12. A mish mosh story, but with enough exposition to establish the unfamiliar and new characters so that it is still enjoyable for a casual fan.

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