Omnilingual Omnilingual is a science fiction novella about Earth scientists investigating the remains of a Martian city by H Beam Piper

  • Title: Omnilingual
  • Author: H. Beam Piper
  • ISBN: 9781428073128
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Omnilingual is a science fiction novella about Earth scientists investigating the remains of a Martian city by H Beam Piper

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    About "H. Beam Piper"

    1. H. Beam Piper

      Henry Beam Piper was an American science fiction author He wrote many short stories and several novels He is best known for his extensive Terro Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of Paratime alternate history tales.

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    1. Oh The Golden Age of Science Fiction Oh the first humans on Mars will be archaeologists working with the military but genuinely respecting each other and the archaeologists needs actually come first oh such a wonderful Golden Age Oh a novella all about language and discovery writing that is clean and straightforward no battles no twist endings no nefarious villains no nonsense not that i have anything against nonsense Oh Gender Equality in the future no Golden Age chauvinism none of that nonsens [...]

    2. I m not familiar with the works of H Beam Piper, but when I saw this recommended as the best SF short story EVER , it made me curious Luckily, it is available from Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks, so it was easy to put it on my ereader.I liked it, and I understand the hyperbole it s about the message than actual writing or clever plot twists For me Omnilingual is part of the Golden Age in SF when everything seemed possible and science was trusted to provide all the answers Man needs in order to [...]

    3. Translating a completely unknown dead language is nearly impossible without the discovery of some bilingual text the Rosetta Stone being the most famous example What if humanity encountered an unknown text and attempts to decipher it failed but then a key was found but this key was in science, not language What if the key were the periodic table, for example Okay, that s a good after dinner thought experiment to have with your friends, I suppose.Piper s novella was a disastrous interpretation of [...]

    4. Somehow this quiet story remains a personal favourite, after many re reads years apart.Sure, it s got that 50 s feel with everybody smoking and cocktail hour before dinner, but despite that the characters are real and likeable, and the basic premise and it s conclusion stands Any communication with aliens past or present requires a starting point, and there s only one thing we all really share.Read this one freely available these days from gutenburg if you like.

    5. While H Beam Piper is probably famous for his Paratime series and his suicide , his Omnilingual is also highly regarded or at least much re printed although now it is out of copyright, so maybe it s just cheap i.e free Some of his works have fallen out of copyright, or rather, someone let copyright lapse on these works Omnilingual is an unusual story, concerned with translation from a dead language that is, the language of the extinct Martians The whole story is about this one expedition and th [...]

    6. Reviews of this book almost never get to the entire point of the story What does Piper mean by OMNILINGUAL Many reviews say the story is about linguistics It is really about the universality of science Or precisely the universality of how reality works and science is about understanding reality That is what makes cracking the language possible It is also somewhat similar to The Cold Equations in what it describes happening to the Martians It tells that reality does not care just like Tom Godwin [...]

    7. I loved the story as an engineer, this is right up my alley and makes perfect sense The writing, I didn t particularly like Seemed like it could have used a better editor and some expansion Nice quick read, and if we were to find dead civilizations that were at least as advanced as ours, this would be a plausible way of deciphering things without a Rosetta Stone.

    8. An interesting look at additional challenges with extra terrestrial life, and potential solutions Even though there wasn t a huge amount of action, I still enjoyed this story.

    9. Think of the Rosetta Stoneuld there be a Rosetta Stone for a long dead alien culture Read this short work by a master of SF It s free on Kindle.

    10. This was a short, interesting science fiction story It asks good questions such as what really matters about a civilization after it is long dead and what is the common universal language of the universe

    11. This is an intelligent story about trying to decipher the language on Mars, without the aid of having Earth languages to compare it to Piper brings up historical puzzles such as Linear B which turned out to be Mycenean Greek , Egyptian hieroglyphs with the Rosetta Stone , and Persian cuneiform Main character Martha has some realistic setbacks, such as assuming a word could be the name of a month when it instead could mean a copyright They also don t know the sounds for the language, but make up [...]

    12. I love the story lines around long dead Martian civilizations, reminds me of my early readings of Ray Bradbury The Martian world described in this short story is something I would really enjoy reading about, maybe Scalzi could take it further like he did with the little fuzzy.Piper s world still has everyone smoking and drinking liquor like their lives depended on it A weird reflection of the writer s own times.Big bonus is that this is the first of Piper s stories where the women are not backg [...]

    13. I am away from home and read this on my phone an old phone with a poor e text program downloaded from GUTENBERGtenberg etext 19445It is a short story set on Mars and discribes the work of Archeologists studying the remains of the Martians who have been gone for tens of thousands of years.I don t have access to other books right now and this passed the time satisfactorily Not special in itself, I now want to read other H Beam Piper books.I am now reading another book set on Mars, A Princess of Ma [...]

    14. Scientists excavate the ruins on mars to find the key to the missing language for a martian civilization dated to be 50,000 years missing The story provides the reader insight into what is the role of information to science What biases might a scientist have that will prohibit them from finding truth out of ruin What is the role of history to a modern society H Piper Beam was a progressive thinker who utilized science fiction to pose questions and state answers for the 21st century.

    15. The year is 1996 and the first expedition to Mars discovers a highly advanced technological civilisation The only problem is, the Martians have been dead for half a million years and all that is left are their crumbling cities buried under hundreds of feet of ever settling dust Martha Dane, is one of the expedition s tiny archaeology team and she s in trouble with her ambitious superior because she s spending too much time trying to decipher the Martian language.Read

    16. Omnilingual is a novella or even long ish short story But it s simply great The idea is that some archeologists are exploring the cities of the long dead Martians, trying to decipher the culture However, how do you ever figure out how to read Martian without even the possibility of some sort of Rosetta Stone That question powers the storyline and the conclusion is satisfying This one is a great read.I should note that Piper is notable heh for having strong female characters for the time, such a [...]

    17. Interesting novella Good ideas I m a little unclear on why the periodic table would be universal I mean, why exactly would they lay it out in exactly the same order Why couldn t it be organized by month of discovery or funny hats or something else inscrutably alien to our way of thinking Still an interesting idea Loved the library Loved the thought there would be breathable pockets of oxygen at extreme depths on Mars Such a wonderfully outlandish and outdated idea Well written Worth reading Shor [...]

    18. Henry Beam Poper tells the story of an archeological excavation on Mars He is simply describing the process, nothing much happening It is quite boring and repetitive What s worse too many premisses are based on the human world They devided the year into months and have monthly periodicals The peak is the fact that Martians used to count in a decimal system, which on earth was only established because humans happen to have ten fingers There is nothing which would make you feel the group is excava [...]

    19. On an Earth to Mars expedition, the scientific team find the remains of a civilization that s about 50,000 years old Among the ruins they find many books and other documents but are unable to decipher the contents However, after finding a periodic table in one of the rooms of what may have been a university, one of the team s archeologist Martha Dane decides to employ this as a guide to this puzzle

    20. Back in the pre Mariner era, Mars had former architectural residents, and civilization there must have had language s After Mariner and other probes shot down that classic SF scenario, it would need to be set elsewhere, so imagine this novella is not set on Mars, per se But the central problem would remain archaeologists would need clues about meaning to translate ancient texts we can t do it with the untranslated text alone And some things are the same regardless of language.

    21. A fairly short story, but longish for the idea it s built around The main character is an archaeologist on Mars, who maintains, in the face of her colleagues skepticism, that she will be able to translate the Martian language The author makes a point about science with the ultimate resolution, but given how un alien the Martian civilization seems to be, I think she would have been fine anyway.Everyone smokes, which to a modern reader is quaint.

    22. Nice short story about archeologists trying to unravel the mysteries of a long dead Martian civilization How do you translate a language that is completely dead, and has no referents at all I ll give you a hint science Neat story 3 stars only though because it was so dated Cigarettes and Pipes in a space habitat on Mars Written way before computers, so the space archeologists still did everything on paper 0 Golden Age Sci Fi

    23. Science fiction, of a short story or novella than a book Very well written, hard science, with a philosophical question how do you find a Rosetta Stone for an extinct alien civilization What was really strange for back when it was written was that the main character was a female scientist, and nobody in the story thought anything odd about a female being a scientist, or a Space Force officer for that matter.

    24. One of the things that I like about H Beam Piper is that he often had strong female characters in his books, characters that are both educated, brave, or strong willed Omnilingual is a short story that focuses on a group of scientists trying to unravel the mystery of an ancient alien civilization It s a little bit slower than some of his other works, but decidedly less political.

    25. I m not much for Science Fiction these days, but I have to admit, I enjoy H Beam Piper s stories I enjoyed the anthropological expedition to Mars aspect, too, although I expected action I really like listening to Mark Nelson read this on his SciPodBooks Podcast He is a delight to listen to.

    26. Interesting and enjoyable story Piper always has something good I found it really cute how smoking was still a big deal in this version of the future Oxygen is in short supply but as soon as they seal up an area and get the oxygen generators up and running, everyone breaks out their cigs LOL

    27. More a short story than a book being a linguist by training, I really enjoyed the premise of a young researcher determined to translate the Martian language The plot didn t really do much, but it was a fun and quick read.

    28. This is the second H.B Piper story I have read, the other being The Mercenaries.Both have been absorbing SF stories involving research scientists In this one,academics explore ancient ruins on Mars As a chemist, I am gratified by the role my discipline plays in the story.

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