Shane and Trey Shane is a little bit screwed He has just started college and is stuck rooming with that bastard Trey His sister s boyfriend His sister s damn fine boyfriend Uh oh This so wasn t going to happen But t

  • Title: Shane and Trey
  • Author: Anyta Sunday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shane is a little bit screwed He has just started college and is stuck rooming with that bastard Trey His sister s boyfriend His sister s damn fine boyfriend Uh oh This so wasn t going to happen But try as he might, there s just a little too much to ignore between the two of them

    • BEST MOBI "✓ Shane and Trey" || READ (AZW) ☆
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      Hey guys,A bit about me I m a big, BIG fan of slow burn romances I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone Else Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy.If you d like to check out of my stories, check out my website Contact anytasunday page_id 386F r deutsche Leser anytasunday In italiano anytasunday I m a member of Romance Writers of America Sign up for my newsletter receive a free e copy of my M M slow burn romance nest anytasunday page_id 977 I accept Friend Requests for anyone over 18.

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    1. A story about two college bound guys Shane and Trey were not enemies per se, acquaintances who had some not so nice history Both are 18 ish with Trey dating Shane s twin sister Having known he was gay all his life, Shane was outed in the most embarrassing manner, this incident also impacted Trey, who never acknowledged his bi sexual side Subsequently, and with them being roommates at college, they fall ever so slowly in love Would I consider this a love of my life kind of story No, like first [...]

    2. Very enjoyable, happy, college based romance I found the slow burn simply delicious, as Shane and Trey went from bullied bully to lovers Once they got together there was enough interest in filling in the back stories and uncovering each characters broken ness to keep me engaged There was some sexual content without being at all sexually explicit, which would make this a very good YA m m romance I found Sunday depicts families particularly well Usually in m m there s the dysfunctional family play [...]

    3. I can t believe I forgot to write my full ish review I adored Shane and Trey s beautiful story It reminded me of those young, embarrassing moments I had as a 16 year old, where I d do something so embarrassing, that I thought my life would end that very instant Reading this book, I had that feeling a lot that mortifying tug on my heart where I d say out loud, Noooo I loved the slow build up and the sweet burn between these two boys They faced some very real, quite common problems of people their [...]

    4. Creo que es uno de los primeros libros publicados de la autora y se nota en la ejecuci n Es un New Adult con un toque tierno, f cil y ligero que recuerda mucho a otras obras de Anyta, pero le falta profundizar algunos aspectos, finiquitar otros, queda un poco deslabazado y algunas situaciones con una salida demasiado f cil.No es de lo mejor que he le do, pero he pasado un rato agradable.

    5. DNF at 55%.Can t do it No I tried, but there s just so much a girl can endure from a book by an author she d never read before I might be persuaded to continue if I had read anything by Sunday prior to this and liked it, but I only have this to go on and I figure than half of a painful novel is enough I m not fucking up my weekend any than I already have.The book started out okay but the lack of chemistry between the two MCs got and undeniable that reading about the book s insistence that t [...]

    6. A ight book Let s just cut to chase, shall we Sometimes I really liked you.Sometimes I really didn t like you.In the end Yeah, I think I like you The whole bit with Shane dating Trey s sister for 6 months wasweird.The whole bit with Shane deliberating picking on Trey wasicky.The whole bit with Shane s secret wasd.The whole bit with the boys screwing around and spending the night together at their parent s house when they were roomies at college wasay cray.Regardless, both Trey and Shane were cha [...]

    7. Charming and engaging characters with a narrator whom I really enjoyed following through his journey.Check out the unicorn chat coming up in July

    8. 3.5A sweet story, but an inconsistent read for me It may have just been that I wasn t up for YA, but I didn t really connect with the characters until the second half of the story Although realistic for YA, some of their behavior irritated me in the first half.For someone who was supposed to be shy and worried about being a victim, Shane was kind of a brat at first And for a long time, I wasn t happy with Trey, either Even though he was a sweet guy, and I sympathized with his struggle, I didn t [...]

    9. Really cute adorable Shane was hysterical and I thought the story was paced nicely That being said, the author really needs beta readers Numerous misspelled words, missing words, grammar errors If its small things or rare, I can ignore it, but in this case it was distracting Overall, I still really enjoyed this story.

    10. I couldn t give this higher than a one The plot is pretty flat, the characters aren t very they are very cliche The relationship between June and Shane doesn t feel like a twin sibling relationship there s something lacking in it There are a thousand little grammatical errors and a lot of the sentences are broken down when they could be joined to help the flow of the reading There is also a very strange manner of sentence formation that makes it at times very distracting to read I couldn t make [...]

    11. This is a sweet story, Shane is gay and sort of outed himself to his sister, her boyfriend and his best friend.This had unforeseen repercussions for Shane, Trey and June.I really liked this story, nobody was perfect, no family was all evil or all perfect There was very little sex in it, which was fine.My only complaint would be the editing, there were a few mistakes that threw me a bit view spoiler there is no on page m f , and really no cheating, despite what the blurb might make you think spoi [...]

    12. YAY for book chat books with the unicorns This was another winner that I really enjoyed and honestly had steered clear of because I was afraid of view spoiler what may have been cheating which I just cannot read hide spoiler While technically there wasn t any, the meet up and get together did give me a smidge of the squinchy sads for June But, I m glad we picked this one, because otherwise I would have missed out on a couple of great characters and all the awkward and sweet moments between the t [...]

    13. Enjoyable coming of age story that covers about one year in the life of Shane It starts when he is accidentally outed at a family party and his long time friend deserts him Soon after he starts college but ends up rooming with his sister s boyfriend who he s always detested.The whole book has a laid back, easy to read style and Shane is a likeable character We follow him as he makes new friends, faces old demons, and most of all falls in love with the very wonderful Trey I was concerned when I f [...]

    14. 3 3.5 stars.Not a bad read I wouldn t necessarily call it an enemies to lovers story, but still enjoyable The only issues I had with the story were some editing issues and I kept getting confused between the European American slang word usage, but it didn t take away from the story since I m somewhat familiar with them from previous books Just had to do a couple rereads of sentences when they popped up This is just a pet peeve of mine but who in the world sends a text and signs their name at the [...]

    15. First off I wouldn t necessarily categorize this as two MC s as mortal enemies perhaps of one instance of bullying that took place 2 yrs prior This was my first Anyta Sunday book and I wasn t disappointed There were issues about coming out, dealing with your past, new love Some say this was YA and both are virgins, but I thought there was plenty of heat and angst If you want something sweet and tender with a healthy dose of dealing with relevant issues, then you cannot beat the price that this [...]

    16. The best part of this book was when it unexpectedly ended at 83% I never saw Trey as Shane s enemy one little incident doesn t make an enemy There was zero chemistry between Shane and Trey I was bored pretty much the entire book and I did major skimming to get to the end I did like that kid Paul and I found Syd and his relationship with his guy somewhat interesting The random British words phrases and editing issues were annoying.

    17. 4 StarsTwo book themes I m loving at the moment 1 Enemies to lovers stories, and 2 College based stories Why Who knows But, they seem to be a common reoccurrence in many of the books I ve enjoyed this year and this book focused on both, to my utter delight Shane was a really likeable narrator, in a total what a muppet sort of way He had me constantly chuckling and or cringing over some of the awkward things he said and did, but I found it endearing, as did Trey, apparently And Trey from the get [...]

    18. Would have been 5 stars if there s no Big Misunderstanding Why, oh why Is it a requirement element in creative writing class for m m romance

    19. DNF 60% I will maybe, possibly go back MaybeThe book was making me laugh but after the sucking of toes it just went downhill.

    20. Less than 3 stars This book was a big mehh to me The story didn t interest me much and the characters were a bit bland The sexy times were boring.

    21. The was a really sweet romance The series is titled Enemies to Lovers, but they never felt like enemies to me One incident a while ago, but they seemed to mostly avoid each other, considering Trey was dating Shane s sister.I was expecting drama on that front, but happily, that never happened Frankly, June was way nicer than I d have been in her situation.Now, why was this rated 3.5 stars I found the writing just a bit clunky and in need of an edit, and I thought the guys were a bit too sappy fo [...]

    22. This is like 3.5.The few Anyta Sunday books I have read have been good, I find her writing to be very good Shane and Trey s story started off really strong The story is narrated by Shane It starts with his coming out in an embarrassing and humiliating way Then he finds out he is rooming with Trey who is his sister s girlfriend and that s how they get together.The story lost me with how easily Shane s sister forgave and I was had a bit of an issue with the fact that Julia was sleeping with Shane [...]

    23. Well written cute story of first true love Not as good as the others Anyta Sunday s books I ve read so far, but overall a good read.SeeEmmaSea amazing review for further information.

    24. Awwwww 3 The book was SO CUTE LOVED IT DI like the way the author has written it, totally for the new generation types PThe book revolved around so many topics, it was beautifully written

    25. Liked it at first especially at the set price but noted my progress bar to be at 56% when I d thought I was nearing the end it s long It reads like something I d expect to find online updating in sections, could do with a big edit and being condensed.Ryan is Shane s best friend and crush, he causes the sudden coming out Powerful and yet forgettable, because that s the last we hear of him until a brief scene at the mid point view spoiler Shane immediately switches his attentions to Trey his twin [...]

    26. Ho letto in disordine i tre libri finora tradotti di questa saga e questo mi permette di dire che sono tutti e tre delle buone letture, che migliorano man mano, tanto che ho grandi aspettative per il quarto quando uscir.L autrice ci regala tanti clich ben mescolati e ben gestiti, per tutti quelli che li amano Trey un ragazzo d oro e anche Shane, peccato che innamorarsi del ragazzo della sua gemella non sia l idea migliore del mondo, ma ehi al cuore non si comanda.Mi piace com stata sviluppata la [...]

    27. I am glad I read this because it is Anyta Sunday and while I nit pick I think she is quite good I have given much lesser books higher ratings But her writing is good enough to be held to a higher standard And that is what I kept feeling all the way through this book, that it could be so much I liked Shane and I liked Trey I generally liked them together But oddly it was not the best drawn relationship in the book I had a much better understanding of Syd and Shane Even Lucas, Syd and Shane I fel [...]

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